Among its comprehensive portfolio of sensors,

Turck Banner offers pressure sensors designed to withstand the harshest of environments, including the new and robust PS+ range. Rachael Morling finds out more

hroughout the process industry there are numerous applications that require the

use of pressure or flow sensors. Such sensors, however, must be suitable for use in a range of environments where they may be subjected to high temperatures, hazardous areas, or need to meet the hygiene demands of food processing environments, for example. One company which has the ability to provide sensors capable of meeting these requirements is Turck Banner, which offers solutions designed for use in even the harshest of environments. For use in hydraulic and pneumatic

applications, the company’s pressure sensors are designed to capture relative or absolute pressures in liquids and gases. Utilising the latest ceramic and piezo-resistive measuring technology, these offer measuring ranges from 1-600 bar at 0.5% accuracy of the full scale. Not only are these suitable for use in hazardous areas, but they have food industry housings, enabling their use in a wide range of process applications. Among the products available from Turck Banner are the PT series, which includes pressure sensors with analogue output for media temperatures up to 125˚C, and the PS series of pressure sensors which feature a display, output variants (switching and analogue output) and communication via I/O link.

A NEW SOLUTION Recently, however, the company launched the PS+ range of pressure sensors at the Hannover Fair. This sensor is operated using a capacitive touchpad and enables the reliable and reproducible measurement of process pressure in industrial applications. According to the company, the large number of different pressure ranges and process connections results in a wide range of variants, by which most applications can be implemented. Sensors in the PS+ range can be installed and commissioned easily as the sensor head can be rotated by 340˚, plus the display can be inverted to 180˚, simplifying the positioning of the electrical connection and user interface after mounting. The display is also sloped at an angle of 45˚, making operating and reading even easier. Process values can be shown on the display in either red or green, meaning it is possible to adapt the device to suit the lighting conditions of the application. On initial connection, the sensor automatically


determines whether the controller or the bus module requires a PNP or NPN, current or voltage signal. A compatibility mode is also provided for integration in IO-Link systems; and the hermetically sealed keypad ensures greater resistance to dirt and liquids, meeting the requirements of ISO protection to IP6K7K, IP6K7 and IP6K9K.

The PS+ range features a stainless steel

housing with a single-piece cover and, as there are no mechanical operating elements, it offers high wear resistance. In addition to this, the reduced number of sealing surfaces offers maximum protection from humidity and dust, whether used indoors our out. A further benefit is resistance to vibration and shock. According to the company, the

measuring cells of the PS+ range have a burst pressure of at least

four times the maximum nominal pressure. Added to this, the advanced functions enable the sensor to be reset to its previous settings, as well as to factory settings;

to ensure precision machining of workpieces with minimal wear on the tool. Shocks, however, are a regular occurrence in this application, so Turck has taken these stresses into considerations when developing the range, offering the pressure sensors in the PS510 series with a fully welded metal measuring cell as well as an optional pressure peak aperture. The range can also be used to measure process

pressures on hydraulic scissor lifts. Pressures up to 400 bar can occur at the beginning of the lift, placing high demands on the pressure sensors used. The PS+ sensors therefore come with a metal measuring cell – PS510 model – providing an overpressure resistance of up to seven times the nominal pressure. They also offer protection from accidental operating errors, which is implemented with the locking mechanism and password function provided.

WIRELESS SOLUTIONS Wireless pressure sensors are also available which make it easy to monitor critical pressure levels on systems and equipment in remote locations, without the expense and hassle of installing or expanding the wiring infrastructure. All-in-One pressure sensors combine a

media isolated pressure sensor with reliable, field-proven, Sure Cross wireless architecture in one package. These battery-powered devices can be used to wirelessly transmit pressure levels to a controller/gateway for remote monitoring of critical systems. Models are available with either the sensor directly attached to the wireless head or with a 1m cable between the head and the sensor. Turck Banner, however, offers a wide range

One application for the new PS+ range is controlling hydraulic pressure in pressing plants

and the switching behaviour of the outputs can be set to Normally Open (NO) or Normally Closed (NC). Additional hysteresis and filter functions enable the optimum adaptation of the sensor, even with complex applications. Typical applications for the new PS+ range

include controlling hydraulic pressure in pressing plants (see image, above). In presses, the pressure sensors are used to monitor the hydraulic pressure and, if an overpressure occurs due to a forming defect, this can be immediately detected. The PS+ sensor not only features overpressure resistance but it can withstand the vibrations in such an application. In another application, pressure sensors are used to monitor the supply of cooling lubricant

of sensors for other applications, including flow monitoring, flow rate measurement, valve monitoring and so on. In fact, the company also has a comprehensive range of temperature, level and humidity sensors. And, to further meet application demands, the complexities of linking individual parts of a system are met by the company’s wide range of process wiring. Contact Turck Banner to find out more.

Turck Banner

Among its wireless solutions, Turck Banner offers sensors for wireless tank level monitoring


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