Reusable industrial wipes from MEWA now available online


he world’s leading reusable industrial wipes are now available online at in the company’s

first e-commerce store. MEWA, the global leader in textile management, has launched a simple and easy way for customers to access the company’s reusable industrial wipes and mats online. The addition of the e-shop gives the company’s UK customers additional flexibility and accessibility to choose the best MEWA industrial wipes for each application. The online shop offers all the company’s products including three types of wipes: the Mewatex, the MewatexPlus and the MewtexUltra, as well as the oil- trapping mat, the Multitex. MEWA’s reusable industrial wipes are so absorbent, they are proven to considerably reduce cleaning times for businesses. Unlike paper rolls, they can be washed and re-used up to 50 times. For first- time customers, the company offers a, one-month payable trial for all products to allow businesses to see the benefits for themselves.

MEWA  0121 7525850

foundry, casting and heat treatment, IPS Ceramics ( is now supplying ceramic casting plugs in a range of sizes, shapes and materials. The investment casting technique – also known as the lost wax or precision casting process – offers excellent tolerances and surface finish alongside great design flexibility for complex geometries. It is widely used across the advanced engineering scene and is particularly important in supplying a number of industries, including aerospace, defence, power generation, automotive, oil and gas, space exploration, medical/orthopaedics, and jewellery.

IPS Ceramics records success with new casting plug designs A

s part of its growing portfolio of specially designed products for

Stability, as well as high temperature resistance, is an important element of the investment casting process and IPS casting plugs ensure that pattern assembly vent holes are effectively covered. They are also used as a mechanical means of closing core supports within the assembly.

The casting plugs can be manufactured in different grades of ceramic material. For instance, where a very smooth, clean finish is required, then typically a 95% alumina material is used (99% alumina is also available). If this feature is less important, then a corundum/mullite mix may be preferred. Either way, IPS Ceramics can supply the necessary components and with the invaluable support of its technical and in-house engineering team can custom design and manufacture a variety of components for the investment casting sector.

Casting plugs are a single-use product, part of the expendable ceramic shell, and so in addition to superior finish

and effectiveness in operation, they need to be made available at a competitive cost. IPS Ceramics is meeting the brief in all respects and has already supplied these products in the UK to one of the best known aero engine and industrial gas turbine component manufacturers, and also an internationally renowned producer of nickel-chromium steel alloys.

IPS Ceramics will be exhibiting these and other ranges for advanced manufacturing at the Ceramics UK exhibition

(Telford International Centre, England, 10-11 July 2019) on stand 1412. IPS Ceramics  01782 711 511  

Wilson Process Systems are at SUBCON 2019

W TIJ printers streak through coding tasks at molls

controlled TIJ (thermal ink jet) coding solution. The capital cost was a third less than the indexing thermal transfer systems that are usually specified for these on- thermoformer applications, and the bacon producer is enjoying low running costs thanks to exceptional ink economy, reduced set-up times and zero servicing. “I’m very impressed that the only upkeep I have to do on these printers is clean the heads twice a day. The unit is very efficient in regards to ink consumption there is still 40% ink left and we haven’t yet replaced the cartridges since they were installed in March. If I’d known then what I know now about TIJ technology, I would have had these printers on our other thermoformer,” enthuses Matthew Oswell, engineering manager at Molls Bacon. From its Birmingham slicing and packaging facility,


Molls Bacon supplies the food service and retail markets in the UK and overseas with vacuum and MAP packed bacon, sold under its Cole Valley brand as well as under customers’ own labels. Molls was already buying coding


n the first UK installation of its kind, Rotech has supplied Molls Bacon with a five head, centrally-

consumables from Rotech, so when it needed a new automated system for applying date codes and batch numbers to the film lids of thermoformed packs, it sought advice from the Hertfordshire coding specialist. Up until this point, Molls Bacon had been overprinting labels with coding data, then using a label applicator to apply the labels across the web path. A move from labels to pre-printed film prompted the bacon processor to look at direct coding options. The industry standard solution for coding film on a thermoformer is to use a TT (thermal transfer) printer in conjunction with an indexing unit. However, these large systems are not only expensive to buy, but also to operate. Ribbon is often wasted and the disposal of the ribbon and cores is an added expense. Even when using continuous inkjet (CIJ) for such an installation, this brings with it unnecessary costs, both in terms of initial investment, running costs and waste disposal.

Rotech  


ilson Process Systems will once again be attending this year's SUBCON after a successful 2018 show

where interest was high. WPS’ team will be on hand to promote a range of assembly

service from SMT, automated through-hole, selective solder, automated conformal coating and encapsulation through to full box build and test whilst offering typical end-to-end solutions including NPI, DFM, development and engineering support plus distribution services. With nearly 40 years in business servicing the

electronics industry, WPS prides itself on offering an agile and responsive CEM operation which promotes an ethos focused on excellence plus a philosophy of delivering a competitive service and customer satisfaction. With a partnership approach and a wealth of expertise,

WPS continues to be successful across a broad range of industries providing a mix of low and high volume products. WPS also believes in a vison of making its easy and simple to do business with, whatever the product or customer.

Wilson Process Systems - stand B13  01424 722222 

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