CO-LOCATION & CONFERENCES Maximising the value of the event, Subcon is once again co-locating with The Engineer Expo and Advanced Manufacturing Show. The Engineer Expo is said to deliver the innovation, inspiration and

insight businesses need to optimise future engineering and manufacturing strategies. From an exhibition of next generation design and technology solutions from ground-breaking UK suppliers, to a conference programme featuring industry leaders responsible for some of the UK’s most inspiring engineering and manufacturing projects, The Engineer Expo will keep visitors abreast of the biggest issues around, from Brexit and Industry 4.0 to the challenges of diversity and skills. The Advanced Manufacturing Show

“For 2019, Subcon has

unveiled the ‘Launchpad’ to showcase cutting-edge

innovations from across the industry. The aim is to help

will showcase live demos and the latest efficiency-boosting innovations from hundreds of world class suppliers. This will provide the opportunity to review outsourcing and procurement decisions and bring tools and technology up to speed, to reduce costs, cut lead times and increase productivity to stay competitive in a global market. Of further interest to visitors, Ian Warhurst, the man behind the rescue of

the Bloodhound land speed record (LSR) project, will be speaking at The Engineer Conference. The project was rescued from administration late last year and Bloodhound LSR is now preparing for high speed testing in excess of 400mph in South Africa, ahead of an attempt at the world land speed record and then an attempt to break 1,000 mph. The Engineer Conference will also include 34 sessions from some of the biggest names in engineering and manufacturing including: Brian Holliday,

managing director, Siemens Digital Industries; Mark Ireland, chief engineer, MTC; Stephen Phipson, CEO, Make UK; Riona Armesmith, chief project engineer, Hybrid Electric Propulsion, Rolls Royce talking about the development of electric/hybrid aircraft and the E-Fan X project; and Lina Huertas, head of technology strategy, Digital Manufacturing at the MTC; plus many more.

manufacturing and engineering based start-ups by giving them a platform to share their innovations”

WOMEN IN ENGINEERING Another area of focus this year follows on from research in which Subcon discovered that more than half of UK engineering businesses think enough has been done to get women into industry and no more efforts need to be made. This is despite women making up just 14.4% of the STEM workforce and persistent skills shortages frustrating growth ambitions of many UK engineering and manufacturing businesses. In 2018, just 7% of respondents thought businesses were doing enough, so this is a massive increase and shift in opinion. And it correlates with equally big shifts in awareness around pay transparency.

As part of Subcon’s response to this pressing issue, there is a dedicated track of Women’s Engineering Society (WES) content at

the event. This year, Subcon is celebrating 100 years of the WES and, as part of the celebration, WES will be exhibiting at the event, with the morning of the 6th dedicated to the need to improve UK engineering’s gender balance. The content will be curated by WES, with speakers including WES CEO Elizabeth Donnelly, and Jan Peters, MD of Katalytik. According to WES, there are approximately 20,000 qualified female

engineers that could be enticed to return to the sector.




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