SOUTHERN MANUFACTURING 2019 ADVERTORIAL Hitaltech brings added value to the Southern Manufacturing and Electronics Exhibition

ODU - a different kind of connector company


nce again, ODU Connectors will be exhibiting at the Southern Manufacturing and Electronics Expo at the

Farnborough Exhibition Centre 5th-7th February and will be introducing several new products.

Sealing the deal Increasingly, this is not just about preventing water and dirt ingress, but about hermetic sealing – such as in critical purity situations, as when a vacuum must be created within a closed-off room. The ODU MINI-SNAP® series now offers glass potting, meeting not only the high demands on interfaces for ultra-high vacuum conditions – it also enables high-performance data transmission, with up to 14.4 Gbit/s.

High-voltage ODU MEDI-SNAP® also has a new high-voltage connector, with a special pin layout design and new retarded contacts in tiny spaces of around 20 mm – in addition to reliable transmission of up to 1,000 V (AC), compliant with IEC 60664 1.

The new IEC 60601-1 medical standard It demands the highest contact security of medical devices and component parts to protect both patients and operators from electric shock. Thanks to the integration of a dual protective measure, ODU MEDI-SNAP® solutions already comply with this new top security standard.

Newcomers to the ODU-MAC® rectangular family The new ODU-MAC® RAPID can cut assembly and service time in half thanks to a novel half-shell principle, with high contact density, coding, and spindle locking. The ODU-MAC® Blue-Line performance class has a new module which achieves the highest packing density available on the market in a width of merely 14.4 mm.

High-performance contacts The ODU-LAMTAC® HTC has a new high-performance contact that excels through its maximum current-carrying capacity and temperature resistance of up to 200°C. Also, the ODU DOCKING MATE self-finding contact system

is setting new standards with a brand-new development for autonomous driving and automated production.

Facing a design or packaging conundrum? Why not stop by Stand G140 for a chat about how ODU specialists can help.

ODU  0330 002 0640 

addition to showcasing the latest connecting technologies and enclosures, the company will also be focusing on the Value Added Services that make production more efficient. The Southern Manufacturing and Electronics Exhibition is the UK's largest regional manufacturing technology, electronics and subcontracting exhibition. The 19th edition of the exhibition takes place on 5-7 February 2019 at the brand new Farnborough International Exhibition and Conference Centre, and Hitaltech will once again be there.


Building Automation & Industrial Control On display at Stand J75 will be Hitaltech’s latest components designed for building automation and industrial control products. These components help make managing buildings easier, or are designed to

italtech is returning to The Southern Manufacturing and Electronics Exhibition in February, and in

support evolving cloud computing, cyber-physical and Internet-of-Things applications. They include high power terminal blocks to meet the demands of high power interface and energy metering applications; miniature terminal blocks and board to board connectors that enable manufacturers to pack large volumes of inputs and outputs into small spaces; and modular jacks and USB style connectors for building management data and communications applications.

Conex-It Hitaltech’s own Conex-It range of screw and screwless terminal blocks will also be on display. These enable manufacturers to benefit from reliable connections, fast and accurate wiring and/or increased vibration resistance.

Hitaltech  01253 899910 

Permabond will be exhibiting at Southern Manufacturing again and can be found right by the entrance on stand A165!


e’ll be showcasing our most recent adhesive developments such as our CA Flex range (highly flexible instant adhesives), our stainless steel bonding epoxies, adhesives for low surface energy plastics such as

polypropylene and polyethylene, fast cure structural acrylics in new handy packaging and a 2K primer to improve bond strength and long term durability.

Crystal clear and pink & green fast cure adhesives - NEW SYRINGE PACKAGING - NO GUN REQUIRED! Permabond TA4202 and TA4204 are ideal for the structural bonding of a wide range of plastics, composites, metals, glass and wood. They cure quickly, offering ultra-high bond strength and due to toughening, offer high resistance to peel, cracking, vibration, impact, thermal shock & differential expansion & contraction when used on dissimilar materials. TA4202 is the classic pink & green, while TA4204 is crystal clear offering exceptional finished appearance on clear plastics and glass. An excellent alternative to solvent welding for items such as Perspex acrylic displays and point of sale items. They eliminate harmful solvents such as dichloromethane from the workplace, they also provide an aesthetically pleasing finish. NEW FOR 2019 - Handy syringe packaging, meaning that they can be dispensed without using a hand gun! They can also be dispensed bead on bead, without a nozzle, resulting in reduced adhesive and nozzle wastage.

Permabond 2K Primer Unsure of whether enough surface preparation has been done? Want to improve the long term durability of your bonded components without having to change the adhesive you’re using? Permabond 2K primer is ideal for preparing substrates for bonding, providing a clear visual indication of whether the surface is wetting out properly or if additional surface preparation is needed. It also contains an adhesion promotor to increase bond strength. It is ideal for preparing metal, glass, plastic, and composite for bonding. When bonding metal, it offers the added advantage of protecting against corrosion which increases the long term durability of the bond.

If you can’t make it to the show but need

advice on your particular application, simply email us on and one of us will be in touch.


Permabond 


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