Food manufacturer adds ABB drive to the mix B

axters Food Group is using an ABB variable speed drive (VSD) to help ensure consistent mixing of its range of

sauces, dressing and marinades. The drive is used to adjust the mixer motor’s speed based on requirements for a particular product. Installed on a 750 kg capacity holding vessel,

BOGE launches SOLIDscrew B

– a value 4 to 15kW screw compressor with outstanding technology

OGE Compressors has launched SOLIDscrew, a new generation of oil lubricated compressor aimed at

automotive and light industrial operations requiring flow rates between 21 to 89 (cfm). SOLIDscrew is priced very competitively and, yet still offering BOGE’s ‘Made in Germany’ reliability, competitive servicing costs and UK stock availability with next day delivery. With only one frame size, there are five models with

motor ratings of 4, 5.5, 7.5, 11 and 15kW, all available in 8,10 & 13 bar pressure options: B(standard compressor floor mounted), BR (standard compressor with 250L air receiver- complete with drain valve) and BDR – standard compressor with 250L air receiver - complete with drain valve) and refrigerated air dryer (complete with pre and after filters). The compressors have many standard design features, including BOGE Airend made in Großenhain, Germany, V- belt drive system with tensioning device, WEG IE3 ElectricMotors, BOGE SOLIDcontrol microprocessor with an option to connect to a Master Controls System, combined oil/air aftercooler and sound enclosure hood.

BOGE Compressors  01484 719 921 

the VSD is used to mix sauces and other products at an elevated temperature – a process known as hot fill. This process pasteurises the product, preventing spoilage and prolonging shelf life. Baxters Food Group produces a wide range of

soups, sauces, condiments, dressings, preserves, pies and meal accompaniments in the UK and Poland. Previously, it had only produced cold fill products at its Colchester site, but wanted to expand production by manufacturing hot fill sauces and marinades. The tank, which had not been used for several

years, was re-located to Colchester from one of the other manufacturing sites in the group. It featured a steam-heated jacket that made it suitable for the hot fill process, but had no controls or electrical supply. Baxters needed a power and control solution that would turn the vessel into a fully usable asset and contacted ABB authorised value provider, Gibbons Engineering Group, for advice. “The holding vessel is vital to the production

of our hot fill sauces. Without its agitation and heating capability, we would struggle to meet the required levels of product consistency and thermal process. This would potentially compromise the high-quality standards of the product range,” says Tony Bellian, European Technical Director for Baxters.

ABB  01925 741517 

Southern Manufacturing & Electronics 2019 Show Preview: Broanmain Plastics, Stand E145

Broanmain launches new plastics mass manufacturing facility O

Fisnar launches F4000 Advance

series of benchtop dispensing robots offering users the ultimate in flexibility

next generation F4000 Advance Series of benchtop dispensing robots. This new robotics collection significantly upgrades


Fisnar’s existing F4000N range with enhanced product features and the addition of three completely new models, plus multiple size variations to accommodate customers’ diverse spectrum of dispensing requirements. The core function of all F4000 Advance benchtop dispensing robots is to ensure precise fluid placement and positioning. When configured with a syringe, cartridge or valve system, F4000 Advance robots achieve the highest level of positional accuracy and repeatability. Additional features include a USB port for data transfer and back-up, program selector switch and fluid purge button. The F4000 Advance supporting software is user friendly and enables the creation of complex dispensing routines - such as dots, lines, circles, arcs and fills – that can be set up and operational using the included teach pendant.

Fisnar  01355 577223 38 DECEMBER/JANUARY 2019 | DESIGN SOLUTIONS

isnar, leading manufacturer of dispensing equipment solutions, is excited to announce the launch of its

n stand E145 at this year’s Southern Manufacturing & Electronics Show, Broanmain Plastics will unveil a

wide range of mass produced electronic, automotive, aerospace, medical device and industrial plastic components, all moulded at the company’s brand new manufacturing facility. Located between the Gatwick triangle and M25

Leatherhead junction, easy motorway access provides fast connection to the UK road networks, enabling Broanmain to continue fulfilling customers short, just- in-time component production and shipment lead times. The extensive high-volume, purpose-built moulding

facility, comprising a fleet of precision injection moulding machines and a dedicated in-house tooling maintenance and assembly workshop, has the capacity to produce in excess of 200,000 components a week.

Serving tier 1 to tier 4 suppliers from the automotive

sector, aerospace, industry, and medical market, as well customers in the packaging, consumer, and construction space, Broanmain has scaled up its moulding business in preparation for Brexit and the trend towards reshoring of plastic production. Broanmain operations director Jo Davis explains:

“Given that just-in-time production can be the difference between securing or losing a manufacturing order, customers are moving production of their moulded components from Asia and EMEA back to the UK. “Overseas manufacturers usually require a minimum

order of 5,000 units to guarantee the best price. In addition to the upfront financial commitment this incurs, there are shipping costs, import duties, shipping delays, taxes, VAT and storage fees to take into account,” cautions Jo. “Suddenly a cheap deal seems far less attractive.” Broanmain remains one of the few trade moulders in

the UK to offer all types of thermoplastic and thermosetting moulding. The company also offers RFI electronic device shielding, pad printing, chrome or coloured plating, serial laser marking, drilling and high quality reaming. If shipping delays and quality issues are putting

your manufacturing projects and reputation in danger, visit stand E145 and meet with production manager Thomas Catinat and team to discuss the logistics of moving to a moulder that can meet your delivery and mass moulding timescales.

Reshoring manufacturing of plastic components to Broanmain’s new mass-moulding facility speeds up production and helps to reduce transport, export and storage costs.

Broanmain Plastics 

CONNECTINGINDUSTRY.COM/DESIGNSOLUTIONS ABB drive and control package helps Baxters Food Group to increase production capabilities at its Colchester site

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