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Make-to-Order Production Benefits with Infor


nfor, a global leader in business cloud software for Enterprise and SMB companies, has announced that air distribution product manufacturer, Gilberts (Blackpool) Ltd. has deployed Infor Configure Price Quote (CPQ) in an effort to help boost capacity, enhance production and improve customer service. Integrated with Infor CloudSuite Industrial, Gilberts expects to use the application to help support its initiatives to speed up the customer estimation process, expedite production, and reduce inventory. With a complex product mix, and hundreds of thousands

of variable components earmarked for a just in time (JIT) production model generating volumes of around 100,000 per annum, Gilberts required new capabilities to help drive greater efficiency and service to its customers. A long standing user of Infor CloudSuite Industrial, the air product specialist selected Infor CPQ based on its ability to process a greater number of quote enquiries with fewer resources. It also hoped to reduce training, and to obtain the ability to more efficiently process orders regardless of whether they are make-to-stock or make-to-order.

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Motor and drives from ABB bring farm history to life for stately home visitors

State-of-the-art drives and motor power 200 year old farm machinery used to explain innovation in food production over the centuries.

energy-efficient variable speed drives (VSDs). ABB and its authorised value provider, Central Electrical,


supported the Tatton Hall estate’s £1.3 million Field to Fork project by supplying an ABB motor and eight VSDs to run original farm machinery. They also overhauled and rewound existing motors from the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s, while providing motor and drive selection, installation and commissioning services. Tatton Hall is an historic country estate, incorporating

gardens, woodland and a working farm. A major part of Tatton Hall’s Field to Fork project is the restoration of the farm’s Victorian mill, which produced feed for the farm’s livestock using machinery such as grinders and crushers. Previously run by water power, then steam and, finally,

electricity, the grinders and crushers are now powered by eight ABB general purpose drives, rated from 2 kilowatt (kW) to 18.5 kW. The VSDs provide a ‘soft start’ which, together with running the mill machinery at lower speed, reduces excessive wear and extends the operating life of the machines. The farm’s miller can use a mobile phone or iPad,

connected remotely to the VSDs, to control the grinder and crusher motors to enable them to talk through the demonstrations at different speeds. On the ground floor of the feed mill, a VSD is used to

operate a hammer mill which crushes barley, wheat and oats into pig meal. On the first floor is a crushing and grinding machine for preparing cattle feed. Other VSDs run a winnower, a mixer and a sack hoist used to take heavy sacks up to the first floor storage room


farm in Cheshire, UK, is bringing 200 years of agricultural history to life for visitors using a 21st century motor and

ith the introduction of its SES and SEM absolute encoders, SICK has delivered a motor feedback

system with the standard HIPERFACE® interface that takes precision and reliability to the next level for hollow shaft motors and direct drives. The compact SICK SES70/90 singleturn and SEM70/90 multiturn encoders can be mounted directly on a hollow drive shaft without the need for additional mounting tools, enabling rapid installation and making transmission components, such as timing belts or couplings, unnecessary. Available in 25mm, SES/SEM70 and 50mm, SES/SEM90

hollow shaft diameters, their low installation depth helps machine builders to save space and weight across a diverse range of direct drive applications such as

robotics, extrusion and moulding machines and revolving transfer machines in semiconductor manufacture.

Using capacitive sensing technology, all of the

information necessary for the operation of a motor including commutation, speed and absolute position measurement even over a number of rotations, is provided. The robust technology enables use in geared or ungeared drives working at very low speeds up to high maximum speeds – 6,000 rpm for the SES/M90 and 8,500 rpm for the SES/M70 – and it is immune to interference from electromagnetic fields or humidity. Multiturn variants feature an innovative new mechanical design that can capture up to 4,096 revolutions without the need to use the external buffer batteries normally required for encoders with large hollow shafts, avoiding the consequent risks of data loss and maintenance downtime. SICK SES/SEM 70/90 bearing-less encoders are rugged, shock and vibration resistant and achieve high axial tolerances to avoid misalignment. Once installed, it is possible to read out the position of the rotor using the PGT-11-S programming device, providing a reliable way of identifying and rectifying installation errors during the mounting process “SICK has responded to the increasing preference for

compact and rugged direct drive motors, with the development of the SES/SEM motor feedback encoders to provide the necessary precision and reliability,” explains Darren Pratt SICK UK’s National Product Manager for Encoders.

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ABB’s new ceiling-mounted SCARA robot delivers maximum flexibility

fast and accurate small parts assembly applications. By mounting the IRB 910INV robot on the ceiling,


manufacturers can increase the space efficiency and flexibility of each cell and handle more complex tasks. The inverted mounting also allows the IRB 910INV to collaborate with other robots and machines simultaneously in the same footprint, further boosting productivity. Utilising ABB’s superior motion control technology, the

IRB 910INV offers class-leading repeatable accuracy for applications including picking and placing, testing, electronics small parts assembly tasks such as inserting or mounting components and automated inspections for quality control. “Since we introduced our SCARA robot line, customers

have been interested in a ceiling-mounted version that would allow them to make more efficient use of available space,” says Per Vegard Nerseth, Managing Director of ABB Robotics. “The IRB 910INV satisfies this need, as well as offering the same superior speed and accuracy they’ve come to expect from ABB.”

ABB  01908 350300 


BB has expanded its SCARA robot family with the launch of a compact invert-mounted model aimed at

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