PREMO launches the KGEA-AF (LR&ULR)-Series of magnetic emitter antennas to answer the need of increase magnetic performance in its Long-Range and Ultra-Long-Range versions for automotive applications (car side)

Premo Nanotech Magnetic Materials allow Long Flexible Emitter Antennae for

Automotive Electronics. The Alma™ Core Technology for Car Keyless Entry Systems saves installation, cables,

electronic drivers and reduce component count with savings per vehicle over 100 USD. The product is designed to be flexible and unbreakable thanks to a combination of Solid Echelons, Polymer Bonded magnetics and High Magnetic Permeability nanowires. These flexible core antennas typically meet the AEC-Q200 (specific automotive quality

standard) and waterproof specs from IP54 to IP69K. A wide range of values in catalogue of KGEA-AF-Series and under demand, from 100uH

to 500uH, for 20kHz, 125kHz and 134.2kHz (with or without capacitor and resistors inside, under demand). Samples available in our web page and ready to deliver by end of Q4.



his innovation count with several patents (for product design and process manufacturing) and has been designed for access (passive keyless entry), general

RFID-LF access, RTLS applications and Car2Car communications. PREMO, the leading manufacturer of inductive components, has announced the KGEA-

AF-Series of long-range and ultra-long-range flexible antennas, providing up to 5 time more H-field than standard antennas up to 2.5 times the mid-range one. Most of the LF antennas in the market has a length 70-80mm for standard range, 150-

170mm for mid-range, 250-350mm for long-range and 500-700mm for Ultra-Long-Range (AlmaTM core).

A research team led by expert in Magnetism PhDr Manuel Vazquez Head of the Group on “Nano-Magnetism and Magnetization Processes” in Madrid (CSIC: Superior Council of Scientific Investigations), join with UC3M (Carlos III Madrid University) and Málaga PREMO Innovation Center, have developed a Technology intended for LF emitter antennas in the range of 20KHz to 134KHz that overcome the limits of conventional ferrite cores that are fragile and brittle and cannot be manufactured reliably in long forms. After 3 years of work and more than 1M¤ in private and public funding, CDTI: Center for Industrial Technological Development) the team is announcing the first industrial solutions of the new tech.

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