visual signal will not be enough. So if, for example, the environment within the building or the lighting situation make it difficult to discern things visually, audible signalling will then be essential.

In order to keep downtime to a minimum, visual and sometimes audible signals are necessary to ensure operators are aware of the status of machinery at all times. To help, Murrelektronik has introduced a new range of signal towers, as Alexander Hornauer, corporate

marketing, and Bastian Baier, senior product manager Interface, explain

Machine operators will recognise that a green signal status means the machines are running normally, while red represents a potentially hazardous situation


achine downtime can have a huge impact on production levels.

As idle and downtime periods don’t contribute towards economic success, production schedulers need to keep it to a minimum – but in order to intervene as quickly as necessary, it’s important to signal process statuses clearly. Whether for routine maintenance or

unforeseen events, including dangerous situations, the signals must be clear enough to be detected easily and quickly. Signal towers are of benefit here, as all machine operators will recognise that a green signal status means the machines are running normally, while red represents a potentially hazardous situation.

A VISUAL AND AUDIBLE SOLUTION Murrelektronik’s Modlight Pro series of signal towers can be used for the signalling of process statuses, in accordance with the specifications of machinery standard IEC 60204-1, for example. These are offered in diameters of 50 or 70mm, and are available in yellow, blue and white, as well as red and green. The different colour elements can be clicked together without the use of tools, and feature practical connection terminals which are colour coded to reduce the risk of assembly errors. Pre-assembled Modlight Pro signal towers in the most commonly used colour combinations are, however, also available. The towers use energy-saving LED technology – LEDs have a very long service life and can usually shine for at least 40,000 hours at full illumination. Even after that, lighting intensity is only slightly reduced, meaning the towers remain maintenance-free over the entire service life of a machine. The optimum arrangement of the signalling system ensures that process statuses can also be identified across long distances. For audible signalling purposes, a

buzzer – which is designed to be clearly audible in all directions – can be fitted to the Modlight Pro as a terminal component, thus replacing the cover of the basic element. One of four tones can be selected for each signal tower,


AUTOMATED EGG PROCESSING As a manufacturer of automated egg processing machinery, Damtech Egg-Handling has developed a new egg weighing, sorting and packaging system that is capable of grading 28,800 eggs each hour. Weighing, however, was not an area that the

company had previously encountered. So Damtech and Zemic (which is represented in the UK by Variohm EuroSensor) combined their expertise to develop the E-Grader 40. The machine is aimed at farmers that sell their commercial egg produce straight from the farm but are still subject to the rigorous quality and legislative regulations required of large producers. As the machine can handle five different grade classes between 43 and

73 grams, the design brief included not only accuracy, reliability and straightforward integration in the machines’ architecture, but also ease of


The different colour elements can be clicked together without the use of tools

meaning that a clear distinction can be made whenever there are several machines in the same building. With these, the volume level can be adjusted to a maximum of 90dB, ensuring that the acoustic signals can still be heard clearly, even in a loud environment. Meeting IP65 protection requirements and with vibration resistance, the Modlight Pro signal towers can be used all around the world. Of further benefit, they are easy to clean, are available with a plug-in M12 connector, and have a magnetic base which enables each tower to be mounted quickly and removed temporarily for transportation.


maintenance and competitive cost. To meet requirements, the machine uses Zemic’s L6N series single-point load cells in combination with its Top-Sensors T1 weight transmitter to provide high-speed processing at the rate of one measurement per 300ms. Zemic’s L6N load cell and the T1 weight transmitter provided best fit

components for the machine, with the anodised aluminium-alloy and IP65 rated single point load cell with OIML approval offering a maximum platform size of 350 x 400mm. Often used in medical weighing applications,

the load cell offers measurement ranges spanning 0…3kg up to 100kg, and has a combined error of less than 0.02% FS. The T1 weight transmitter is DIN rail mounted, has an integral six-segment semi alphanumeric display and takes care of set-up and calibration. For use with one, four or eight load cells, it provides excitation voltage and load cell signal conversion, making integration with the customers’

control system straightforward as well as scalable. Variohm EuroSensor


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