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Cooling curve monitoring in glass annealing lehrs


hermalert 4.0 spot pyrometers from Fluke Process Instruments enable precise monitoring of critical glass

manufacturing processes such as annealing of glass bottles and containers. The noncontact infrared sensors measure product as well as belt temperatures. That way, operators can ensure that the lehr is set correctly for products with different glass thicknesses and sizes, and that the transportation belt is heated correctly. The latter is especially important for glass containers with a thick bottom, to prevent uneven cooling and breakage. Continuous monitoring helps operators improve quality and uniformity and reduce reject rates. It also supports troubleshooting by detecting faulty burners under the transportation belt. The annealing process is designed to remove residual

stress in formed containers. Obtaining the correct temperature and cooling curve is essential to achieve the required strength in the finished product.

Fluke Process Instruments  marcom2.emea@

nterroll will showcase their proven space-saving, energy-efficient solutions for both the handling of pallets and cartons on stand 512, at IntraLogisteX – 26th - 27th

February 2019 in the Ricoh Arena, Coventry. Interroll Dynamic Storage solutions save up to 50% space and reduce

travel distances by up to 80%. For different warehouse sizes and turnover rates, flow storage solutions are a very cost-effective option in the long term. Thanks to their efficiency and robustness, they also ensure long-term availability and greater flexibility for short-term order peaks. Interroll Pallet Roller Flow solution optimises on available space and offers maximum flexibility and efficiencies

to store fast turnover stock, with accurate FIFO (First-In-First-Out) and LIFO (Last-In-Last-Out) flow of products. These decisive advantages offer many tangible benefits that result in a quick return on investments and are proven in many storage applications and distribution centres, including ambient, chilled and cold store environments down to -28°C. The Pallet Roller Flow storage will feature the unique safety separator with time plus functionality that significantly reduces the risk of damaging goods conveyed on gravity roller conveyor sections and is maintenance free, easy to install and highly efficient.

Interroll Ltd.  01536 312770  

For company achievement award with CAST Metals Federation Best Of British Casting Awards 2018

Casting Awards 2018. The Group Marketing department has worked extremely close with MDL


over the last 18 months in re-branding the business and assisting Managing Director Mark Fisher in his vision of the future. With the combination of a uniquely skilled team, a true ‘can-do’ attitude and commitment to their core values, the vision is well on the way to being realised.

This award win has successfully steered MDL to be seen as best manufacturer in the UK for high quality, hand finished die casting components for the home, medical and leisure sectors. MDL’s purpose is believing in enhancing the human interaction with every product made, which is done by paying meticulous attention to every detail of manufacture and process ensuring the highest quality finish its customers expect to see and touch.

McDonald Diecasting  0121 520 1177

Stainless steel fittings from Eiseles INOXLINE Preferred for use in filling machines

cDonald Diecasting (MDL) has successfully won the coveted ‘Company Achievement’ award with Cast Metals Federation, Best of British


oods nowadays have to fulfil requirements for both efficient production and ease of handling. That is

why stand-up pouches are widely used, especially in the beverage and pet food industries. Modern pouch filling machines from a well-known German manufacturer enable the fast and efficient production of foods sold in these practical packages. To ensure a smooth-running production process, stainless steel push-in fittings from Eisele are used in the wet areas of the filling machines, where they have withstood the test of time especially due to their corrosion resistance and ease of handling. The market leader for high-speed pouch filling machines develops and implements processing facilities and pouching machines that are used primarily in the food, beverage and pet food industries. These industries have extremely stringent hygiene standards, which necessitates efficient cleaning of the systems. The components used in the systems therefore have to withstand not only harsh production environments, but also chemical cleaners and splashing water. That also applies to the pneumatic fittings used in the wet areas of the filling machines: Even if these components do not


come into direct contact with the products, they are used in processes with high requirements for hygiene and are subjected to rigorous cleaning procedures.

Hygienic and corrosion resistant Among other things, this has consequences for the material used: Nickel-plated components provide sufficient protection against corrosion as long as the nickel coating remains undamaged. But they cannot withstand the environmental influences to which filling machines are exposed – which soon becomes evident in the occurrence of pitting corrosion. Stainless steel fittings are less sensitive in such

environments, since they feature high resistance to corrosive influences, even without a coating. That is why the manufacturer chose stainless steel fittings from Series 17 of the Eisele INOXLINE.

Eisele  +49 7151 1719-0 

Proximity switch for Ex zone 0/20 for direct connection to 24 V


ntroducing the IGEX20a inductive proximity switch, EGE provides a very compact sensor for zone 0/20 hazardous

areas that can be used without additional amplifiers. IGEX20a is certified according to ATEX and IECEx. The IECEx certification simplifies worldwide use of the sensors. Certified for use in Ex zones 0 and 20, the proximity switches can be employed in hazardous areas with gas or dust atmospheres, for example in gas stations and facilities with gas-conveying parts. The switching function is indicated by an LED on the back of the device. The sensors are available in an M12, M18, or M30 design. Flush installation provided, the nominal switching distances are 2 mm, 5 mm, and 10 mm, depending on the design. The proximity switches are connected via a 2 m PUR cable. EGE supplies the sensors with different cable lengths on request.

EGE Elektronik  


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