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colmore has added new Twin Sockets with Outboard Rockers to its Click Deco Plus range of premium, decorative metal wiring accessories. They are designed to meet the growing demand for products that come under the assisted living bracket and come in response to feedback from customers. The 13A 2G Outboard Switched Socket

features ingot rockers that are a standard feature on the Deco Plus range, double pole switching and twin earth, and it is designed to fit a 25mm BS4662 back box. The base of the socket has been modified to allow it to fit more easily into the back box. Launched in 2017, the Click Deco Plus range comprises more than 800 decorative metal

wiring accessory products, which feature smooth, contemporary curves that are having wideranging appeal with contractors, specifiers and end users alike. As with the rest of the Deco Plus

range, the new twin socket with outboard rockers will be available in seven finishes  Antique Brass, Satin Brass, Polished Brass, Satin Chrome, Black Nickel, Stainless Steel and Polished Chrome – and are available with black or white inserts, to maximise the choice and offer suitability across an array of furnishing styles and tastes.

Free technical support – pipework installation and innovation

WHAT’S NEW SPONSORED BY Scolmore expands Click Deco Plus range

Rinnai hot water delivery – pay as you go heating

For further information, contact Scolmore on 01827 63454, or visit:

in particular for applications with small ceiling voids. Offered in 2 outputs; 6W at 600Llm and 8W at 800Llm, Element has an efficient heat sink design for optimum performance and increased spring height for fitting into ceiling thicknesses of up to 40mm. Installation is made easy with a Plug and


there is a significant risk of poor quality, noncompliant or inferior products getting into your projects. Further risks may also be seen if mixed metal


pipework systems are also being used, especially if your building specifications have not fully considered the risk of galvanic corrosion. BISPA (Building and Industrial Services Pipework

Academy) is here to help, and offers a Free Pipework Specification Review Service to ensure that the correct standards and materials are being referenced within your projects. We can also provide a range of additional CIBSE

accredited training courses and workshops covering pipework installation issues and innovations, such as BIM and VR. It’s easy to access BISPA experts, and our CPDs

can be done at one of our many UK locations or alternatively, our experts can come directly to your offices or sites. Visit our website to learn more about BISPA and

how we can reduce your project risk.

s the majority of building services specifications are still making reference to old, withdrawn, legacy pipework standards,

Play connector, specifically designed with a remote driver with a wirein connector for first and second fix electrical installations, made possible by a loop in/loop out clip and fit terminal. Variants include standard output or dimmable in either 3000K warm white or 4000K, all with an efficacy 100Llm/cW. Element is available with a selection of interchangeable bezels including flat and

“Element”ary my dear Luceco!

lement from Luceco is a fire rated downlight suitable for residential and commercial industry sectors,

beveled in matt and gloss white, polished chrome, brushed steel, black and black nickel. Other luminaires in the Element family include a 7W recessed downlight and adjustable 6W and 8W downlight versions, all benefitting from Plug and Play connectors for ease of installation. Element often refers to a pure substance of one type of atom, as well as something characteristic or essential. Element from Luceco definitely lives up to its name! A Fire resisting ductwork maintenance

fter two years of extensive testing, with the cooperation of the Association for Specialist Fire

Protection (ASFP) & NAADUK, a team lead by Professor Balvinder Singh and Mark Chaplyn, has given guidelines to manufacturers on the cleaning and maintenance of their fire resisting duct systems. Tests were undertaken using anonymised samples supplied by the ASFP to ensure that the testing was not compromised or influenced by outside parties. The team spent two years testing the

intumescent and other materials used in the duct systems, applying all major cleaning agents and caustic solutions. The results from this extensive testing has

led to the following statement being released to all fire resisting ducting manufacturers. Recommended Cleaning Regime for Fire Resisting Ducting Systems

Kingspan Koolduct achieves O lasting results at National Library

ver two decades after it was first installed, The

Kingspan KoolDuct System is still delivering excellent thermal comfort, humidity control and ventilation performance at Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru (the National Library of Wales). The Kingspan KoolDuct

System was fitted during the building’s construction in 1995. The HVAC specification took full advantage of the system’s slimline design, concealing it beneath corridor floors. In addition, the same system was also used within the main ground floor plant room and as part of four risers, traveling from the lower ground floor to the fourth floor. No issues and no relevant maintenance have ever been recorded with the ductwork and a recent inspection showed that the system was in good condition and performing as expected.

“When cleaning fire resisting ductwork,

we would recommend that on fire resisting ductwork, that a strong detergent based cleaner is used from installation onwards to comply with cleaning regulations EC582:2004. This approach may require an increased frequency of cleaning. In cases where a caustic based cleaner is

required, a solution with a maximum of 8% caustic solution should be used followed by a thorough rinse with cold water to protect the galvanised surface. For further technical guidance please call NAADUK direct 01404 891539 or email:

Innovave hinged LED bulkhead from ESP

Its preinsulated design

eliminates the need for a separate lagging stage and allows ductwork to be fabricated in lightweight sections up to 2.95 metres in length. This ensures greater ease of handling whilst minimising the need for supports. Ductwork fabricated from The Kingspan KoolDuct System is also well suited to projects targeting high standards in energy efficiency. The system panels have been assigned a highest possible BRE Green Guide Summary Rating of A+. For further information, please visit:

bulkhead, which features a hinged lid to facilitate quicker and easier installation, leading to an overall reduction in installation time. Designed inhouse by ESP, the new 3W LED Hinged Bulkhead boasts a sleek and compact design and includes large 20mm cable access points to assist the install process. It features an SMD 2835 LED lamp and produces a mains light output of 151 lumens, and emergency light output of 107 lumens  with a 5500k colour temperature. The bulkhead is designed for a variety of applications including lighting for escape routes, stairwells, exit doors and external requirements. It offers three hours emergency


duration, with charge and discharge protection, and features a green LED charge indicator. It is fitted with a 3.6V 900mAh NiCD battery, and has been tested to


ew to ESP’s Duceri emergency lighting range is a cleverly designed mini LED


innai hot water delivery  pay as you go heating Jennifer Williams looks at

how continuous flow hot water delivery systems are fast overtaking the old technology of heating and storing water ready use. Reports from the market on

hot water heating system delivery in the commercial sector are showing a transition away from older technologies, which commonly use large volumes of cylinder stored and reheated hot water, are reaching a ‘tipping point’ with continuous flow units vastly outperform them in terms of capital costing, economy of fuel, plant room space and lifetime efficiency. Each family is said to use 80

litres of hot water daily and the older technologies employed by traditional means of stored hot water heating systems are increasingly unable to economically and sustainably meet these market demands. Stored types of systems

feature an insulated cylinder or container that keeps large quantities of water heated by either a boiler or immersion heater, and reheated when temperatures drop below a useable temperature. Thus, when there is demand, stored water is released and used, and then the cylinder refilled and reheated to remain at optimum temperatures (above 60°C) until next use.

The market today requires and

expects instant access to hot water, and in most domestic and light commercial applications there is no need for an ineffi cient system that can have a signifi cant lag in recovery time to fully reheated water reserves. The major claimed benefi ts of

storage systems lie in large commercial applications, such as a gyms or hotels, which need very large volumes of water at peak times – however, this can be easily accommodated by

meet BS EN 60598222 Standards. It measures 225 x 105 x 50mm and weighs 0.5kg. With its compact styling, it can

be wall or ceiling mounted and its IP65 rating means it will also be suitable for external applications. It comes with an adhesive

emergency light legend kit to cover all options to direct occupants to a safe building exit. For further information contact

ESP on 01527 515150, email or visit: VISIT OUR WEBSITE:

using a cascade system of continuous flow units. According to an AECOM independent study (AECOM is the largest building services consultancy in the world) the life cycle costings of continuous fl ow systems in comparison to equivalent storage systems, on average a ‘continuous flow water heating system can be up to 7% more economical’. At 89% effi ciency on average, a storage system will encounter heat loss and wasted energy  reheating at times when there is no demand, for example. A continuous fl ow unit will maintain an efficiency level of 96%, increasing the returns on investment; or in other words, major savings on ongoing costs. Continuous flow hot water

delivery is disrupting the old ways with new ways of doing it better, faster and more economically. The continuous flow units and

systems offer heating efficiency, reliability, space saving, Legionella prevention and environmentally conscious Low NoX outputs – plus a Limescale Check system which ensures optimum performance throughout the life of the unit by constant monitoring and alerts for any buildup of limescale residue. Limescale can build exponentially if left and ignored, where a 1.6mm depth of limescale on a heat exchanger means a drop in effi ciency of at least 12%  and a cut in the effi ciency of any system means higher running costs. ‘The payback investment over

the 10 yearsplus life of a single Rinnai unit can be measured and shown to outperform cheaper and much less effi cient water heaters in a matter of months’, adds Chris Goggin, Operations Director. For more details on RINNAI

products visit:

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