Do you want a way to increase customer numbers? Head to the toilets..! That’s the message from Closomat – a leading Brish provider of disabled toileng soluons – resulng from feedback from brands such as Alton Towers and JD Wetherspoon.

Household name brands are among a growing number to use Closomat’s expertise to upgrade their accessible toilets to include more space and a greater range of equipment – specifically a hoist, adult-sized changing bench and privacy screen, aka Changing Places, Space to Change.

Alton Towers opened its Changing Places and Space to Change at the start of the 2017 season, and is seeing the facilities used on average 20 times/day, every day. Cornwall Services on the busy A30 trunk road opened its facility a year ago, and is seeing it used on average 10 times/day, with visitors reporting stopping there specifically because of the toilet. “We are so pleased with the positive response we continue to have; one of the best projects I think I’ve been involved with in terms of the effect it has directly had on guests,” says Justine Locker, Resort Excellence Manager at Alton Towers.

Alex Lawson, Manager at Cornwall Services, comments: “Customers are returning time and time again, and planning trips with a stop scheduled here, because they need these toilet facilities. We’re the only Services in the region, to our knowledge, to have them.” Adds Rebecca White, Manager at JD Wetherspoon’s showcase venue Velvet Coaster: “It’s used daily – definitely worth putting in. Customers tell us they came because they knew we have the Changing Places.” Under Building Regulations and British Standards, it is desirable in buildings to which the public have access to include, in addition to a conventional wheelchair-accessible toilet, a 3m x 4m wheelchair-accessible WC facility with a ceiling track hoist, adult-sized changing bench and privacy screen: a Changing Places toilet.


Advertorial BSEE Accessible toilets prove they open doors to more customers

uBig brands are among those using Closomat’s experse to upgrade their accessible toilets to include more space and a greater range of equipment.

MarshallTuex Wire Basket fits pace and looks at presge oce refurb

The £multi-million Edinburgh House Project, in Kennington’s conservation area, has seen the complete refurbishment of a 1960s’ office block into a spacious, contemporary workspace complete with a south-facing central atrium, café, seating areas and a conference suite. Thousands of metres of Marshall-Tufflex 65mm Fast-Coupling Wire Basket have been installed at the three-storey site, along with 700 bespoke floor boxes and accessories. All wire basket and floor boxes are exposed so needed to match the look of the high specification interior.

uThousands of metres of Marshall Tuex 65mm FastCoupling Wire Basket have been installed at Edinburgh House.

Electrical contractor Andrew Aird of Sapphire Mechanical & Electrical Services, Forest Row, said: “Our specification was for a good value product from a market-leading manufacturer. Marshall-Tufflex’s products fitted the bill. “In particular the floor boxes were unique as we used a grey powder coated steel option that fitted the bespoke look on this project. Fitting went very smoothly. I was also really pleased

with the Wire Basket’s connection system, which made it quick and easy to install.”

Made from steel, with an electro-zinc finish, the basket system is strong but lightweight with a unique rippled design to enhance strength. It offers easy threading of cables and increased load capacity with resistance to flexing, as well as an excellent aesthetic finish.

Most importantly the baskets assemble in just two steps using integral couplers. Couplers are pre-fabricated so there is no need to screw and bolt lengths together. This super-fast installation improves efficiency on site and reduces labour intensity, which was of huge value to the electrical contractors working on the re-fit. Supplied by BEW Electrical Distributors in Gatwick, the Fast-Coupling Wire Basket system can be manipulated to overcome complicated changes in direction and is corrosion and fire resistant (class E90 compliant).


A new Mitsubishi Electric eseries chiller system has been chosen for Jaguar Land Rover’s principal design facility in Worcestershire. The new system was brought in as part of a major refurbishment aimed at improving energy eciency.

Jaguar Land Rover partners with Mitsubishi Electric

Chiller systems have been used to deliver controlled cooling to buildings for decades, but with an increasing focus on energy efficiency and running costs, Mitsubishi Electric developed its e-series modular chiller to provide a low-carbon, cost- effective option.

Its unique modular approach allows up to six individual units to be connected, providing a system capacity from 90kW to 540kW. This approach reduces space requirements and simplifies lifting and installation.

Mel Baynham at Jaguar Land Rover said the Mitsubishi Electric system was the clear frontrunner: “We looked at a number of chillers, but the Mitsubishi Electric system met all of our requirements including next day delivery.”

The system comprises two inverter driven compressors that allow it to operate between 8%- 100% of capacity.

“We pushed for modular due to the fact that if a unit went down we would be able to keep the system

running while that module was being repaired. It also needed to be a highly efficient system capable of looking after a design office containing 2,000 people,” added Mel Baynham.

The new system provides a more comfortable working environment in the Research and Design building. By having a broad operating range, advanced inverters and sophisticated controls, the e-series can deliver exceptional part-load efficiencies, which is where it will primarily operate. The balance of comfort and cooling performance will allow the car manufacturer to focus its efforts on refining automotive technologies at a significantly reduced energy cost.

Jaguar Land Rover’s new cooling system was designed by Norvent Pipework and the installation was carried out by IDS Electrical. More information can be found at: book/JLR__Chillers_2018#page1

uMitsubishi Electric’s eseries modular chillers provide a lowcarbon, costeecve opon at Jaguar Land Rover.

MarshallTuex’s FastCoupling Wire Basket ensured a quick installaon at a presgious South London oce redevelopment.

Securiton specified for fire detecon at new naonal cold store

The new 68-truck bay, 30,000sq m hub in Pineham, near Milton Keynes, is providing a state-of-the-art facility and has been built alongside an existing 58,000sq m distribution centre to which it will be linked via interconnecting yards.

Located next to Junction 15a of the M1 – at the heart of the UK motorway network – it will operate as a dedicated national frozen food distribution point.

As a pivotal new cog in the multiple retailer’s distribution operation, it is vital that the fire detection for the new facility is fast and reliable.

uCold stores present their own challenges in terms of fire protecon. VISIT OUR WEBSITE:

Patol is the UK distributor for the Securiton range of ASD systems and has extensive experience in meeting the specific challenges presented by cold stores. This knowledge and expertise proved invaluable in this particular project, with the

company extensively involved in developing a solution.

A prime challenge was to ensure that the ASD system could cope with temperatures as low as -30°C. The design involved the inclusion of heated sampling points to prevent any ice build-up.

When forklift trucks enter and leave a refrigerated storage area, warm air enters which contains more moisture than the refrigerated air is able to absorb. This results in condensation and the formation of ice, which can cover the sampling points of the ASD and prevent air samples from being drawn in. In the event of this occurring, the heated sampling points are automatically activated to keep them free from ice and therefore operating at optimum performance. BUILDING SERVICES & ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEER SEPTEMBER 2018 43

The Securiton aspirang smoke detecon (ASD) system has been selected as the fire protecon method for a new cold store to be operated by one of the UK’s major supermarket retailers.

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