Carrier is supplying two high performance, high eciency aircooled AquaSnap chillers for a new research and development centre at one of the UK’s leading engineering companies.

The AquaSnap 30RBP 430 liquid chillers, equipped with Greenspeed intelligence and based on Carrier scroll compressors, will augment existing Carrier chillers at the engineering company’s headquarters, providing 2000kW of cooling for the new R&D facility, administrative offices, and catering and communal areas.

The chillers are equipped with two refrigerant circuits, with three compressors in each circuit, giving excellent resilience and reliability – key factors in the specification. Russ Tyrrell, Carrier’s Senior Sales Engineer, who headed up the project, said: “The client’s business depends on continuity of cooling to ensure the quality of industrial processes and to maintain the comfort of staff.

“The Carrier chillers already on site have proven themselves over many years of reliable, efficient operation. This track record, coupled with the outstanding performance of the new units, provided a compelling solution to its requirements for expanding capacity at the site.”

Carrier 30RBP 430 chillers are designed to deliver the

best value for commercial and industrial applications in which installers, consultants and building owners require reduced installation costs, optimal performance and maximum reliability. The chillers feature:

uReduced refrigerant charge of non-ozone depleting refrigerant R-410A uGreenspeed variable-speed fans uNovation micro-channel all-aluminium condenser heat exchanger for high efficiency and low charge uBrazed plate heat exchangers with reduced water pressure drop uAuto-adaptive control algorithm and automatic compressor unloading for increased and efficiency optimization

AquaSnap liquid chillers are designed to meet current and future Ecodesign requirements relating to energy efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions. For more information, visit: Gilberts brings modern twist to Grade II refurbishment

The 98,000sq ft Arkwright House has undergone a £16m upgrade by Catalyst Capital, to create seven floors and a basement of premium quality open office space.

One of the major issues being faced at the Manchester city centre building of national interest has been how to deliver adequate quantities of fresh air throughout the building without draughts – bearing in mind that the finished soffits are over 3m high.

uGilberts Blackpool met the brief for fresh air without draughts at Arkwright House, using more than 700 of its patented GZL linear diusers.

Gilberts, a leading UK air movement specialist, solved the problem, using over 700 of its patented GZL linear diffusers. Catalyst and its M&E consultant Crookes Walker Consulting worked with Gilberts to prove the design using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modelling, before specifying the diffusers. The collaborative approach was instrumental in winning the order. “The aim at Arkwright House has been to deliver Grade A office space in the heart of Manchester,” explained Gilberts’ Sales Director

Ian Rogers. “One of the main architectural features is the inclusion of a rafted ceiling system, to expose the original beams yet conceal the building services- including the ventilation ducting- and give a sense of space that a conventional suspended ceiling would not be able to match.

“The GZL could deliver the high air volumes required. With our technical expertise and in- house R&D and engineering capabilities, we were able to further refine our technologically- advanced design to ensure it could be seamlessly integrated into a non-standard ceiling system.”

Gilberts’ GZL high induction (Zipp Air) diffuser uses a unique cross-flow high induction jet to create semi-circular air distribution. This accelerates mixing with the room air, whilst causing rapid deceleration in air discharge.

A new retrofit LED lamping installaon has been completed along Minehead seafront in Somerset, with lamps supplied by Light Ecienct Design.

Light Ecient Design brightens Minehead seafront

A total of 67 Light Efficient Design LED 8045M 50W retrofit lamps have replaced the 80watt corn lamps previously used in the lamp posts lining Minehead seafront. The existing custom caps used with the corn lamps were also replaced with E40 base fittings to suit the new LED retrofit solutions.

Taunton Council had for some time been looking for a more efficient lighting solution offering enhanced light quality and energy savings. However, the replacement of the complete fittings in each lamp post was cost prohibitive. As these were clear of corrosion the Council decided a retrofit LED re-lamping approach was the most viable solution. Following a thorough market evaluation and a final public opinion poll, Light Efficient Design’s 8045 50watt recessed LED retrofit solution was selected by the

Council. The overall decision was based on lamp compatibility, quality, light output, energy performance and an industry leading 5-year warranty. Wholesaler Devondale Electrical Taunton Branch supplied the products which were subsequently fitted by the Council. Commented Tony Woollard, Electrical Qualifying Supervisor, Property Services, Taunton Deane Borough Council and West Somerset Council: “We are very pleased with the new improved lighting along Minehead’s seafront which still allows us to retain the existing post top look and feel. The ease of retrofitting Light Efficient Design’s lamps was a further advantage and for future lamping requirements we are now carrying them as standard in our stores.”

www.led REHAU is natural choice for lochside resort pipework

Six years ago, Piperdam’s owners collaborated with a local installation company – Hydroscot Energies – on an energy strategy for the resort. Piperdam is off the mains gas grid and was reliant on expensive alternative fuels, so the owners wanted to find more sustainable, cost-efficient methods of heating.

uREHAU’s preinsulated pipe range provided the ideal soluon as part of the renewable heang system at Piperdam resort.

Scott Gaffney, owner of Hydroscot Energies, said: “Piperdam has over 80 holiday lodges, all with a requirement for space heating. The most suited renewable energy system for the project was a series of district heating networks powered by several large biomass boilers in conjunction with a Biogas Combined Heat and Power Plant (CHP).” A phased programme of installations was recommended and to transfer the heat from the plant rooms to the lodges, Scott required pre- insulated pipework.

He contacted REHAU about its pre-insulated pipe range. REHAU was the only supplier based in the UK which Scott felt was critical to the installation.


After consulting with REHAU, RAUTHERMEX and RAUVITHERM pipework was used for the job. RAUTHERMEX is a PE-Xa pipe suitable for a variety of low carbon heat installations and featuring high performance PU foam – ideal for large district heating installations over long distances where minimising heat losses is critical. RAUTHERMEX was specified on for the spine of the district heating installation at Piperdam. RAUVITHERM pipework was then used to transfer the heat from the RAUTHERMEX pipe to individual lodges. RAUVITHERM is also suitable for use in district heating, biomass, biogas and heat pump applications, and is currently the only PE-Xa district heating pipe manufactured in the UK, which saves an estimated 29% on CO2 emissions annually. Scott also specified REHAU for an underfloor heating project also carried out under the energy strategy works.en BUILDING SERVICES & ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEER SEPTEMBER 2018 45

REHAU has provided a porolio of pipework soluons to deliver a district heang programme at Piperdam – a luxury resort near Dundee.

The ability to refine state of the art technology has enabled Gilberts to play a key role in helping take a Grade II listed building into the 21st century.

Advertorial BSEE Carrier chillers cool new R&D centre at UK engineering company

uCarrier’s AquaSnap 30RBP 430 liquid chiller with Greenspeed intelligence oers outstanding reliability and energy eciency.

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