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ffective and efficient cooling and air conditioning are subjects that are much in focus after the record summer we have

all experienced. This has put pumps, as they lie at the heart of any circulation system, very much in focus. When it comes to air conditioning, Grundfos have a long history of supplying reliable and intelligent pumps that guarantee the performance and effectiveness of a range of applications, that includes delivering the ideal ambient temperature. Pumps also have a major influence on how

efficiently other individual components in a circulation system work, as they exert a major influence on the overall system performance.

WHAT’S NEW SPONSORED BY Grundfos have a cool soluon for you

That’s why it is important to focus on pump selection when designing in a new or a retrofit airconditioning system. With Grundfos, you have access to the expertise and experience to help you find the best selection and our controls and integrated frequency converters will ensure maximum system intelligence, flexibility and the lowest life cycle costs. By choosing Grundfos’ electronic speed

control pumps you can be assured of intelligent pump operation that will always match the system loads. Plus, these operating profiles can be adjusted to meet both seasonal and climatic changes, so we can make sure you are ahead of the game and that you are ready

W ErP – we are ready

arm air, radiant and heating products are now affected by European regulations.

Our ErP compliant range includes, RTU

(packaged heat pump air handlers), the RTU series is a range of packaged direct expansion (DX) Air Source Heat Pumps and Air Conditioning units showing compelling performance under EN 14511:2013 and EN 14825:2016 standards. There are equipped with EC Plug fan technology and free cooling as standard. Reznor's range of high efficiency packaged

rooftop units are available in cooling and heat pump modes. Both are available with energy recovery functions (with heat wheel, or with thermodynamic active or passive) as an option. Tandem scroll, Multiscroll technology combined with electronic expansion valves (EEV) are also available as


future proof options likely to be compliant with the ErP 2021 round. Thanks to the width of the RTU line, the

flexible configurability and its record nominal COP and EER, spaces with a variable occupancy rate and changing conditions during the day, such as shopping centres, retail parks, can benefit from energy savings up to 30% For more information please email or visit:

www.nortek Sporting spotlight is back on Glasgow

ith the sporting spotlight on Glasgow for the second time in recent years, this historic city is once again acting as a major sports event

host, this time for the European Championships. These Euros, that will see 4,500 people compete for medals, are being split between two cities – Glasgow and Berlin, with Berlin hosting the athletes and Glasgow the aquatics, rowing, gymnastics, cycling, triathlon and golf. Two of the major focal points will be Tollcross Park, the only 50m pool in Glasgow, that has already played host to swimming and aquatic events four years ago and underwent a major refurbishment preCommonwealth Games. This saw the addition of a six lane 50m second pool that can be used for a variety of purposes, plus the moveable floor means that this pool is now the ideal place for a range of aquatic activities. Grundfos Pumps were involved from the earliest stages and supplied all the pumps required for the upgrade. The Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome in the East End of Glasgow will be the focus for the cycling during the championships. The pump solutions supplied by Grundfos will deliver the HVAC needs to these venues, as well as ensuring that the all water boosting requirements are met, regardless of demand. Additionally, Grundfos also supplied the fire suppression system that will keep this site safe and secure. For more information on how Grundfos could give your venue an added sporting chance: C

modern, environmentallyconscious building design – a fact evidenced by the increasing strictness of regulations and voluntary schemes such as the BREEAM New Construction Scheme. One of the key technologies employed to reduce overall emissions is Combined Heat and Power (CHP), which additionally helps to increase the efficiency of suitable heating and hot water systems.


arlo Gavazzi has launched the DEA71 and DEB71 range of earth leakage monitoring relays, used to detect earth

leakage current which can be potentially dangerous when undetected in electrical networks. These devices ensure the protection of installations against fire and persons against electrocution, by interrupting the mains on a faulty load when used with a CTG core balance transformer. The setpoint on the DEA71 is factory set to 30mA or 300mA and it is not adjustable speeding up installation time, sets a reliable tripping level and protects against tampering whilst the DEB71 is fully adjustable and is

available from 30mA to 5A or 300mA to 30A. Both devices are equipped with two changeover relay outputs providing the alarm signal and an additional warning output. One output triggers at 60% of setpoint value providing an early warning to user, the other output is used to shut down the supply to prevent electrocution or fire. Each of the DEA71 and the DEB71 have a

supply voltage from 24 to 240Vac, local and remote test/reset function in case of tripping or for regular test and both can be used on three phase or single phase, which not necessarily needs to be earthed. Sales enquiries: tel: +44 (0) 1276 854110,

fax: +44 (0) 1276 682140, email: or visit:

he emission of harmful nitrogen oxides (NOX

Adveco TOTEM mCHP: ultralow NOX The recent 2018 revision to the

) remains a concern at the forefront of

BREEAM scheme made significant improvements to the POL02 category, now known as Local Air Quality. For designers seeking a high BREEAM credit score – and a lowemission building – the careful selection of CHP appliances has never been more important. With CO and NOX


below 12 mg/kWh, the Adveco TOTEM range of 10 to 25 kWe


CHP remains one of the greenest CHP solutions available on the U.K. market today. Such low


emission levels means that the TOTEM range is still eligible for full credits under the revised POL02 criteria, even within strict Air Quality Management Areas. Since its launch in 2015, the

TOTEM has been installed in many projects across the country, helping clients meet building regulations and reduce energy costs with its marketleading efficiencies of up to 107.4%. Find out more by visiting: 46 BUILDING SERVICES & ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEER SEPTEMBER 2018 S Who is SANHA

ANHA’s new company video provides an upto date overview of how the firm works and of their way of doing things  of their employees,

their products, their comprehensive services and their factories in Belgium, Germany and Poland. SANHA piping systems are a part of everyone’s

daily life. They are used for applications ranging from drinking water and drains, to fire protection systems and medical gases. Today, SANHA successfully provides pipes and fittings to customers in over 40 countries.

The label ‘Made In Germany’ is one that evokes

perceptions of quality, efficiency and reliability. SANHA strives every day to ensure that their pipes, fittings and tools live up to this standard. As Bernd Kaimer, CEO of SANHA, explains: “You can rely on the technical knowhow and

dedicated experience of our employees. This is the basis of our success.” Whether the customer needs stainless steels,

carbon steel, copper, brass, plastic or leadfree silicon bronze, SANHA are piping systems specialists. And with two fullyequipped logistics centres, they can cover every requirement just in time, relying on stateoftheart logistics technology. But SANHA offers much more than ‘just’ premium

systems  they support customers right from the start with their tailormade service. SANHA: Always a perfect fit. Earth leakage monitoring relays DEA71 and DEB71 T

itan Products has unveiled the latest additions to their popular CO2, Temperature and Humidity sensor range  a wireless Zigbee 3.0 variant and a Smart BACnet variant which includes Modbus communications. Providing combined CO2,

Temperature and Humidity monitoring, both options offer considerable reductions in installation costs and timing, whether a wired communications setup or a completely wireless battery powered solution is required.

The Zigbee Z3 wireless sensors

are fully interoperable with third party Zigbee 3.0 and Zigbee HA1.2 devices opening up the opportunity to add wireless CO2, Temperature and Humidity monitoring to your Zigbee ecosystem. Providing an excellent five year battery life, the sensors provide increased flexibility in mounting location and ease of install as no cable runs are required. Other features include strong signal penetration of up to 60m internally and 200m line of sight along with over the air (OTA) upgrade functionality. The Smart BACnet/Modbus

versions also benefit from native communications providing complete interoperability with

third party BACnet MS/TP and Modbus RTU products. Powered from a 24V supply, the Smart sensors allow for cost savings with all CO2, Temperature and Humidity readings exposed via one communications cable to be monitored via the building BMS or a network controller. All Smart BACnet/Modbus

sensors are provided with 1 x digital input and 1 x digital output allowing for activation of devices such as fans and lights upon the digital input being enabled via PIR occupancy sensors or local switches and push buttons. All products are UK designed,

developed and manufactured by Titan Products with their onsite R&D team always striving to improve products to provide customers with more options in terms of product selection and flexibility. These new sensors offer an exciting new development which now allow Titan Products to offer a sensing solution for traditional 010V wired, Zigbee wireless or BACnet/Modbus networks. Please contact Titan Products on +44 (0)161 406 6480 or email for more information and prices on the product ranges. VISIT OUR WEBSITE:

if we get another summer to rival 2018. Find your cool solution by visiting:

solution for multiple Modbus network applications, extending the number of RS485 and RS232 ports available to the SIP+ platform. Designed for receiving


and transmitting data via the Modbus protocol, SIP Serial Slice works seamlessly with the SIP+ platform and via the RS485 port permits connection to a network of up to 32 devices. The SIP+ platform has been

developed to unlock potential and lies at the heart of your building, accessing and integrating your building’s data to enable building optimisation, energy reduction and connection to the Internet of Things. It supports up to 16 SIP Slice devices, depending on slice variants used, such as SIP Serial Slice which further extends the

number of RS485 and RS232 ports available to the SIP+ platform for use with multiple Modbus network applications. SIP Serial Slice has a small

footprint and thanks to an innovative DIN rail mounting system, is simple to use and install. Andy Thorn, Product Sales

Director for Synapsys Solutions said: “The SIP+ multiprotocol platform has the ability to turn ordinary buildings into Smart buildings and opens up a world of energy saving potential.”


Titan Products release their next generation of CO2

and temperature sensors

Increase your building’s potential with SIP Serial Slice

ynapsys Solutions’ new SIP Serial Slice is the costeffective

, humidity

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