SPONSORS WHAT’S NEW SAV adds value with AirMaster AM 150

as offices with up to 34 occupants. The units are also fitted with adjustable inlet louvres to accommodate the room layout. The AirMaster AM 150 features contemporary styling, facilitated by the ability to combine the ventilation unit and cooling module in a single unit and the option to recess the unit into the ceiling void by up to 147mm. The allinone fitting comprises a wall and ceiling frame combination to make correct fitting very straightforward. The AirMaster AM 150 also shares the popular features of other


AirMaster models, including very low noise levels (even when the optional cooling module is operating). It can deliver 147m³/hr at 100% throughput or up to 215m³/hr in boost mode, thus accommodating up to 4 adults easily. Comfort heating can be provided by an optional electric heating surface.

Fusing the options

approach pioneered by Gilberts. Britain’s leading air movement specialist


is the first to develop a stock, singleunit hybrid solution focussed on natural ventilation with heat recovery its Mistrale Fusion System (MFS). The company’s pioneering approach has continued, with the evolution of the system that now enables simple addition of extra elements. Thus, the core MFS is manufactured as a

standard product, with ‘addon’ items to meet the varying specifications of each project. Elements such as heating coils, filters, silencers, duct connection outlets and louvre transformation, plus a range of air volumes for warm up or purge ventilation, to supplement the standard airflow rates,

entilation design and specification for multioccupancy buildings is now as simple as A,B,C through an innovative

ensure the MFS brings a comprehensive hybrid solution to the extensive, variable building demands for ventilation.

“Using this modular

approach makes it as simple as possible for the precise needs of each room to be met, in line with the latest F.O.S and BB101 requirements,” explains Gilberts’ Technical Director Roy Jones. “It means the MFS is retained as a standard, individual module to which bespoke parts are added in compliance with the architectural requirements, simplifying and accelerating the whole building services design, supply and installation process. New air handling unit (AHU) range M

itsubishi Electric has announced the launch of its

new Air Handling Unit (AHU) range, the Wizard, perfect for those looking for a costeffective ventilation solution that promotes wellbeing by improving indoor air quality. The Wizard is a fresh air

system that brings in fresh air from outside, tempers it to the correct temperature and removes the stale air from inside the building. With buildings accounting for around half of UK greenhouse gas emissions, the Wizard is also designed to meet or exceed European Ecodesign 2018 regulations, with a heat recovery efficiency of over 73%.

“Building and facilities managers are

steam trap that incorporates the flange into the main casting. The EFKF and EFGF versions are both cast in one piece, using CF8 Stainless Steel, which provide the traps with consistent strength, resilience and dimensional accuracy. The new trap’s body comprises of a modular


design to incorporate low and high flow in the same housing. Due to a unique and innovative Venturi concept, the new design extends the trap’s performance over variable condensate loads. Welding has been eliminated, resulting in a totally homogenous design that makes the

continuing to look for ways to provide a comfortable working environment at minimal cost and environmental impact. Health and increased productivity are amongst the known benefits associated with well ventilated spaces,” says Janvi Patel, Ventilation

Product Manager, Mitsubishi Electric. The Wizard also works with Mitsubishi

Electric’s Mr Slim Power Inverter to incorporate thermal wheel technology to aid in heat recovery and an integrated control system, making it ideal for a variety of applications and installations, including universities, offices, retail and leisure centres.

BE Engineering, a leading developer and supplier of Venturi orifice steam traps, has launched ECOFLOW, a marketleading

trap physically stronger and safer. It also simplifies certification; thereby speeding up production and ensuring consistently high quality. The streamlined manufacturing process enables EBE Engineering to pass on the benefits of economies of scale to its customers. “We are now able to assemble and supply multiple units very easily,” said Nigel Egginton, Managing Director of EBE Engineering. “The enhanced scalability offered by the new design, gives us far more scope to offer volume discounts to our customers”. Prior to launching ECOFLOW, EBE Engineering reevaluated every aspect of the Venturi trap design. Then, working with

he new AirMaster AM 150 Smart Ventilation Unit (SVU) from SAV Systems has been specially designed to provide efficient, draught free, demandcontrolled ventilation in relatively small spaces such

To prevent either the CO or PIR sensor being tampered with, both devices have been incorporated within the ventilation unit. Whilst the CO sensor is positioned within the air return pathway, the PIR sensor is fitted behind the inlet grille.

www.sav Colt goes on the defensive

eckhoff is leading the way in the next generation of Human Machine Interface (HMI) solutions with TwinCAT HMI. A good HMI must be simple, and achieving this simplicity begins with the engineering process. Through the integration of TwinCAT HMI in Microsoft’s Visual Studio, the graphical What YouSeeisWhatYouGet (WYSIWYG) editor enables you to use simple controls from a toolbox, arrange them on the design interface and link them to variables. In addition, it is possible to assemble and parameterise user controls from the variety of simple controls, making the HMI design kit easy to expand. As simple as the configuration is, the handling is equally adaptable. This webbased solution, which is HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, acts ‘responsively’, irrespective of the operating system and device. The powerful basic architecture makes numerous application scenarios possible, from the local panel display solution to multiclient,


multiserver and multiruntime concepts. Custom extensions can be implemented quickly via defined templates; the mix of standard controls and custom design elements facilitates individualisation and differentiation. TwinCAT HMI also meets the demand for maximum flexibility as a webbased and platform independent user interface with maximum adaptability. Whatever device or operating system you use, TwinCAT HMI automatically adapts to the technology at hand, supporting scenarios for BYOD. Simple to use, Beckhoff’s

TwinCAT HMI offers you the quickest route to the solution. B

uilding services manufacturer and contractor Colt International has launched a highly versatile single bank extruded weather louvre

designed to provide robust rain defence in tandem with natural ventilation. The EWL louvre system provides comparable

weather protection to a double bank louvre, but at considerably lower cost. It achieves Class A rain defence up to 3 m/s and has been independently tested to EN 13030:2001. The EWL louvre is extremely aerodynamically

efficient with a pitch of 50mm at 45°to maximise rain defence and, because this reduces air resistance, the size of the plant and the ventilation aperture can be minimised to reduce lifecycle running costs. The louvres are made from corrosion resistant

extruded aluminium; so are hard wearing and very low maintenance. They are clipped – rather than riveted or screwed – to structural supporting mullions, which allows for thermal expansion without distorting the pitch of the louvre blades. Colt has designed the EWL system for ease of

installation and they can be preassembled off site or delivered to site in kit form. EWL louvres are available in mill finish aluminium or polyester powder coating and can also be supplied with either internal or external flange frames. EBE Engineering launches improved Venturi Orifice seam traps I

NovaCast, a nonferrous foundry, it developed and refined the casting geometry using 3D modelling and casting simulation software. A 3D printed prototype was then produced prior to full Stainless Steel production samples being commissioned.

www.ebe New booster sets launched by Armstrong Fluid Technology

the plantroom, and offer outstanding energy efficient performance across a wider operating range than ever before. Combining Armstrong’s Design Envelope control technology and highefficiency IE5 rated motors, the new 6800G packaged booster range offers the contractor major advantages in installation savings and reduced commissioning time. In addition, the integrated variable speed intelligence embedded in the controller optimises energy efficiency throughout the booster’s lifetime, delivering the building owner/occupier the best return on investment. The new Armstrong Design Envelope 6800G


rmstrong Fluid Technology has launched the new Design Envelope 6800G Boosters which are easier to install and commission, save space in

Boosters address the water delivery challenges of high rise buildings by combining Vertical Multistage pumps with advanced variable speed controls. Supplied fullyassembled and integrated, Armstrong 6800G packaged booster sets can be configured with 2, 3, 4 or 5 pumps to suit the application. Offsite manufacture means that the packaged

booster sets are fullytested prior to delivery, for faster installation and commissioning. And if design iterations occur, reasonable changes in operational demands can be accommodated, without the expense of replacement, or inefficiency, due to Armstrong industryleading Design Envelope approach.

Titon adds powerful new compact HRV 1.6 Q Plus unit to its range


iton has extended its range of MVHR units with the introduction of the new,

ultracompact HRV 1.6 Q Plus. Designed specifically for the modular construction market, the new highperformance unit measures just 600mm wide, enabling it to fit into tight spaces for easy installation and access. The new HRV 1.6 Q Plus

combines low power consumption with a heat exchanger offering efficiencies up to 89%, which enhances SAP performance via Appendix Q. Furthermore, despite its compact size, the lightweight HRV 1.6 Q Plus can achieve excellent flow rates of up to 100 l/s or 359 m3

/h, while the unit has

also been independently tested by the BRE.

Other benefits of the new unit include an extremely low specific fan power (SFP) of 0.49 W/l/s, as well as intelligent frost protection, with a stepped reduction of supply rates preventing freezing.

Advertorial BSEE Beckhoff rethinks the HMI: engineering integrated in Visual Studio

The HRV1.6 Q Plus also has a fully adjustable boost overrun timer and ‘Summer Mode’ facility built in as standard. The HRV 1.6 Q Plus Eco

version is available in ‘Eco HMB’ and ‘Eco B’ models – each offering a 100% airflow diverting Summer Bypass, as recognised and listed in the UK Product Characteristics Database. Units in the UK also come complete with a 3year guarantee period. For more information about

Titon and its range of ventilation systems, please visit:

IDEAL Networks launches online shop for UK customers

DEAL Networks’ UK customers now have a new way to purchase a wide range of data

cable, network and CCTV testers with the launch of a dedicated online shop.

With the newly launched online

store, Network Technicians, Systems Integrators and Cable Installers across the UK are now able to purchase testers and accessories directly from IDEAL Networks, as well as their preferred distributors. It offers the total range of products from IDEAL Networks, from network testers and troubleshooters, to IP CCTV testers and cable certifiers. The new IDEAL Networks online

shop is available at: “The new online shop includes

helpful tools such as product comparisons and filters as well as comprehensive product information,” says Tim Widdershoven, Global Marketing Manager for IDEAL Networks. “It has been designed to ensure that buyers can identify and purchase the best product for their specific requirements as easily as possible.” IDEAL Networks will continue

to work closely with its global network of trusted distributors. However, the new online shop provides users with more options, ensuring that they can purchase quality testing equipment whenever and wherever needed. The hasslefree checkout

system allows users to make purchases without having to register an account and all major cards, including Visa, Mastercard and American Express, are accepted. Free next day delivery is provided for all orders, with products in stock sent directly from the IDEAL Networks UK distribution centre. For more information on IDEAL

Networks range of solutions for installing and troubleshooting data cable and networks with proof of performance, visit: BUILDING SERVICES & ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEER SEPTEMBER 2018 47

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