WHAT’S NEW Adveco AD: Tough, Highly Efficient Commercial Water Heating

modulating commercial floorstanding gas condensing water heaters. When used in conjunction with a buffer, the AD addresses the high demand, semiinstantaneous needs of domestic hot water (DHW) applications typically seen in sports & leisure centres, hotels, spas, schools, stadia, and other large commercial buildings. With each water heater composed of


one to four 70 kW heat exchangers, the AD range offers appliances from 70kW up to 280 kW. This approach optimises the supplied output (up to 160 litres/minute) ensuring maximum efficiency when providing DHW. Models with multiple integrated heat exchangers offer load balancing for optimal longlife operation and inbuilt redundancy guaranteeing continuity of service. Built from titanium stabilised stainless steel, the AD’s heat exchangers are also able to work in direct contact with soft, softened and chlorinated mains water. Bill Sinclair, technical director, Adveco

said, “The stainlesssteel construction of the AD range’s heat exchangers is the perfect response to counter the concerns of

ESP launches new Foot Operated Door Pull

he AD range from commercial hot water and heating specialist Adveco, is a new generation of sleekly designed,

corrosion in soft, or softened water applications. Compact, lightweight yet still powerful, the AD’s patented spacesaving design makes it equally applicable for both new projects or renovation work where a lack of space would traditionally stall or quickly drive up costs of a project.” Tough and efficient, AD water heaters are

equipped with premix burners made of Fecralloy metal fibre providing a large modulation range with excellent functionality at extremely high temperatures. Incorporating the premix burner enables the AD to operate with a combustion efficiency of 106%, requiring less gas, making it more costeffective, plus reducing harmful NOX and CO emissions. The AD range can be configured to

operate in a cascade of up to eight water heaters. with controllers providing full temperature control and selfcheck maintenance functions. Each controller also accommodates 010 input, MODBUS communication, and alarm output for seamless system integration. The AD range is available for natural gas

or LPG and provided with a fiveyear warranty on AISI 316Ti heat exchangers. Ensure Project Success with ECA

membercompanies are rigorously assessed before membership is approved. Therefore, when choosing an electrical or


marketplace where infection control is high on the agenda. Hand hygiene is the single most important


measure for preventing the spread of infection. With door handles and touch plates having one of the highest touch rates in any environment, they are likely to hold a significant number of microbes on their surfaces. With a foot operated door pull, users are able to

open the door in a more hygienic way with their foot, thus eliminating the need to use their hands and avoiding the problem of handle to hand germ transfer. Made from brushed stainless steel and supplied

with rubber stoppers, the new foot pull will work on latchless wooden or metal doors. They are simple to install with the fixing bolt and screws included, and completed with an operation sticker to be positioned at eye level. The foot pull can be a fast solution for contactless applications, suiting new and retro fit installations.

Tel:01527 515150 Email:

SP has added a Foot Operated Door Pull to its Aperta access control range, following increasing enquiries and demand from a

electrotechnical contractor, you can minimise your risk by selecting an ECA Member. ECA Members: • Represent the best in electrotechnical engineering • Are thoroughly assessed for technical ability • Are supported by the ECA warranty & bond • Have access to industryleading technical and business support

• Have access to the latest industry information, advice and updates ECA’s 2,500 members cover the full range of electrical

and electrotechnical disciplines. No matter the size of your project, make sure you appoint an ECA Member to deliver it, helping you to minimise risk and maximise success. SBS works towards a greener future

in recent months as SBS continues to work towards a safer and greener future. A major focus of the department is to


reduce the emissions of the business, aligning with the government’s aim to reduce carbon emissions to zero by 2050. Smith Brothers have acted by beginning

to transition away from petrol/diesel to hybrid and fully electric cars, which will significantly decrease the company’s carbon emissions. In September, the business took delivery of eighteen Model 3 Tesla’s, with more to follow. Over the coming months, charging points will be installed across the branch network to accommodate the increase of electric cars. In total, the business now possesses approximately 200 cars and commercial

vehicles, which service our 16 depot network across England, Wales and now Scotland with SBS Glasgow officially opening in September. Smith Brothers continue to ensure our

FORS (Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme) status is maintained and are even putting the foundations in place to upgrade to Gold membership, having held Silver status for the past 5 years.

residential applications. Cavalier water heaters are available in seven models all of


which meet the requirements of the EcoDesign (ErP) directive and can operate at working pressures of up to 8 bar. These fully packaged water heaters represent a significant

advance for this type of technology because they feature factoryfitted multiple immersion elements for rapid hot water production. This ranges from three 3kW elements in the lowest output model (9Kw) up to nine 6kW elements powering the highest output (54kW) water heater, which is capable of providing up to 929 litres of continuous hot water per hour at a temperature rise of 50ºC.

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stablished water heater manufacturer Lochinvar has launched a range of high performance electric floor standing storage water heaters for commercial and large

Lochinvar launches advanced electric water heating range The immersion elements operate in sequence

to provide fast recovery of hot water and better efficiency, especially during offpeak demand periods. The independent operation of each element provides standby in the unlikely event of any individual element failure. Cavalier water heaters also work seamlessly

with Lochinvar’s Amicus range of heat pumps when installed as part of a ‘hybrid’ system, making them ideal for projects requiring a hot water solution with zero onsite emissions. As they produce no onsite carbon or NOx emissions, they are BREEAM and ‘London Plan’ compliant.

espite the Covid19 pandemic, the Smith Brothers Transport Department has made great strides

CA, the UK’s trade association representing electrotechnical and engineering services organisations, at regional and national level. ECA


s we become more aware of the importance

of ventilation in making sure airborne viral loads are properly extracted, AVT is proud of its many years’ experience in supplying ventilation units to the healthcare sector. AHUs with or without heat recovery can be manufactured to full HTM

requirements for critical areas (operating theatres and isolation wards, and more general ventilation to noncritical areas.). AVT designed and manufactured a heat recovery unit to ventilate a new isolation unit at the Royal United Hospital in Bristol. This was done within a four week turnaround period  from initial enquiry, design of a suitable unit, quotation (and gaining approval), production and finally delivery. The custom built STR630/HR complied with HTMO301 requirements for ventilation of healthcare premises. This fully weatherproof heat recovery unit for external is energy efficient, complete with fitted door guards and a metal heat exchanger with up to 75% thermal efficiency.

It has metal

framed filters, and treated coils to comply with HTM requirements. There are easy access sections for cleaning and maintenance, with lights and viewports to all major components. AVT’s technical, design, sales and production teams can prioritise healthcare ventilation projects to ensure the quickest possible equipment lead times to site. Solutions can be tailored to meet specifications and site requirements.

Fujitsu General Air Conditioning UK launch new generation IV Airstage™ VRF

that covers a capacity range of 12 to 135 kW. Certified by Eurovent independent testing, the heat pump and heat recovery models offer an improved specification potential with new innovative technologies and design. From the compact, lightweight, single fan JIVS to the powerful,


unique 50 kW JIVL, the demands for mini VRF in today’s market is considered throughout the Jseries range. Redesigned heat exchangers and refrigerant control techniques provide to up 8% improvements in operating efficiencies over previous models and results in achievable longest pipe lengths of up to 120 meters. The Airstage™ VRIV, a heat recovery system of 22 to 135 kW, offers

simultaneous cooling and heating operation with energy efficiency ratios of up to 9.0. Intelligent refrigerant control optimises capacity and efficiency while improving comfort levels by reducing the effects of overheating or over cooling. The application of a Blue Fin heat exchanger, to resist against corrosion allows specification to projects in the most extreme environments with the utmost confidence. Phil Deverick, commercial manager, Fujitsu General Air Conditioning

UK said: “We are constantly striving to improve our applied ranges, highlighting our capabilities for innovation and improving on our award winning products.”

Delivering an effective learning environment for the next

generation of physics students A

new generation of high performance ventilation is helping University of Liverpool

reopen its doors to students under its new hybrid teaching model. As part of a £1billion Masterplan

Estate Strategy, the University’s Facilities, Residential and Commercial Services (FRCS) department has commissioned remodelling of its primary physics lecture and teaching spaces in the Chadwick Building. To deliver a smooth yet high volume air flow and air change (thus

enabling sociallydistanced teaching to continue), into the new, 400 seat Rotblat Lecture Theatre, high induction multinozzle diffusers designed, developed and manufactured by Gilberts Blackpool have been installed. The 32no Series MN diffusers, with insulating plenum boxes to

balance the airflow, form part of a complete upgrade of the building’s M&E services, designed by Pick Everard and executed by Lockwood Technical Services. In designing and developing the Series MN diffusers, Gilberts has

combined modern styling with high performance, to provide a lower cost air distribution solution compared to traditional diffuser designs. The array of unique induction nozzles in each MN diffuser provide a

smooth, quiet, rapidly entrained airflow, delivering a high air flow quickly and effectively. Each nozzle can be separately rotated to accommodate the individual air distribution pattern required. BUILDING SERVICES & ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEER NOVEMBER 2020 41

ujitsu General have introduced the new Airstage™ Generation IV VRF

Advertorial BSEE AVT’s Ventilation Units

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