of Daniel Kirk, based out of West Yorkshire. Daniel is an extremely experienced HVAC


technician having worked on both humidifiers and dehumidifiers at SPIE UK, AMS and Newsome. Tony Tullett, service manager at Condair,

commented, “We are delighted to welcome such an experienced service engineer to our Condair team. Particularly as Daniel is not only skilled in service and maintenance of our product technologies but he also brings with him valuable installation knowledge. He is a great addition to what is already the UK’s largest specialist humidity control engineering team.

Staying Connected – Casella Supports Site Boundary

Monitoring with Free Data Offer

ondair has expanded its service team and further strengthened its support for customers in the North of England with the appointment

Condair expands service team in the North His appointment takes the number of Condair

service engineers to 18, spread strategically across the UK. No matter where our clients are controlling their humidity, Condair is well positioned to support them and deliver the manufacturer’s engineering knowledge onsite.” The Condair Group is the world’s leading specialist

in humidification, dehumidification and evaporative cooling, with energy efficient, hygienic and innovative technologies for commercial, industrial and heritage applications. Condair is represented in the UK by Condair plc, which offers system design, manufacture, supply, installation, commissioning, maintenance and spares.

commercial and industrial buildings. Wall or frame mounted boilers are well established as an efficient and economical solution; they can help to reduce fuel consumption, resulting in lower running costs and lower carbon emissions. Installations of 2, 3 or 4 boiler


purchasing its award winning Guardian2 site boundary monitoring solution. Combined site boundary monitoring solutions


bring together individual hazard monitoring devices in one enclosure, which is easily installed at the edge of a site. Reporting can be entirely customised to suit the needs of the end user; automated reports can be sent directly to an email inbox in graphical or tablature formats. Consistent monitoring for hazards including

excess levels of dust, noise or vibration is key to ensuring that construction and demolition sites are compliant with local authority regulations and good relationships are kept with site neighbours. Text or email alerts can be configured for any

measured parameter, allowing operators to react quickly to exceeded hazard levels. Customisable Access levels allow users to specify who receives and can configure reports, and different Guardian2 units on multiple sites can be connected to remotely using Casella’s secure online access point. To find out more about the Casella range of

monitoring solutions, visit the website. Terms and conditions can be found on the Casella website.

or a limited time worldleading environmental monitoring expert Casella is offering one year of free data* connectivity to customers

installations are extremely popular and in addition to the efficiency benefits, this type of installation provides builtin redundancy in the event of component failure. Lochinvar provide two wallhung boiler ranges as follows:

CPM Available in 6 models, the CPM range provides outputs from 53 to 160kW based upon 80º/60ºC system design; a compact 4boiler installation can therefore provide up to 640kW output. Image (4 x CPM installation) Key features of the CPM range include:

• Stainless steel heat exchanger • Burner modulation with 4:1 turndown • Integral Arated pump • Integral controls including cascade management For further information on the CPM wall

hung boiler range, see hereboilers/

Lochinvar wallhung gasfired boilers provide retrofit solutions

e are approaching the time of year when boiler plant upgrades are carried out in wide range of

while delivering ultimate efficiency LG Electronics (LG) has launched the


industry’s first 4, 5 and 6 HP R32 refrigerantfueled variable refrigerant flow (VRF) solution, Multi V S. From residential buildings and apartment buildings  that include small balconies with limited installation areas  to small and medium sized stores and offices, Multi V S is the smallest and lightest amongst all R32 refrigerantfueled compact VRF solutions with enhanced efficiency. As the first singlefan R32fueled VRF solution to enter the market,

the volume of LG’s Multi V S has been reduced by approximately 40% and the weight by approximately 23%. With these upgrades, installations in smaller spaces are possible, allowing more flexibility in the building design and installation stages, saving time and cost. Another benefit is the reduction in refrigerant charge. The Multi V S only requires 4.3kg of R32 compared to the previously required 5.6kg. Taking into consideration the fact that VRFs are often installed on

balconies, the product’s aesthetic has also been enhanced with the new structure. Additionally, the new Multi V S operates at a noise level of approximately 5052dBs (A), which can be compared to the sound of normal conversation.

ost compact and light weight among compactsized VRF solutions with R32 refrigerant,


LG Electronics launches industryfirst compact R32 VRF solution, Multi V S

EFB EFB outputs range from 79 to 140kW based upon 80º/60ºC system design; NOx emissions are below 24mg/kWh on all 4 models, making EFB one of the few boilers on the market which qualify for BREEAM credits. Other key features include:

• Stainless steel heat exchanger • Burner modulation with 5:1 turndown • Can operate at Delta T (T) of up to 30ºC • Integral controls including cascade management Further details are available here

Boiler ancillary equipment In addition to frames and pipework header assemblies, Lochinvar can also provide a range of boiler ancillaries, including matched boiler pumps, low loss headers, heating plate separators, boiler expansion kits pressurisation units and a range of costeffective flue options

Availability CPM and EFB and ancillary items are usually exstock Banbury, Oxon and can be delivered to most areas of the UK within two working days Daikin launches first R32 air to water heat pump D

aikin Applied has launched the UK’s first air to water heat pump range using R32 refrigerant.

The new heat pump series features models

offering heating capacities from 80 kW right up to 670 kW completes the Daikin ‘Bluevolution’ range of products – all of which are available with R32 refrigerant in coolingonly and free cooling modes. R32 is an increasingly popular option for

specifiers as it has a very low Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 675, which is only one third of the commonly used refrigerant R410A. This is in line with Daikin Applied’s philosophy of working to continually reduce the environmental impact of cooling, heating and refrigeration products built on its expertise as a manufacturer of both refrigerants and equipment. Daikin Applied was the first company in the

world to introduce R32 into split air conditioners in 2012, and has since expanded the range to include commercial air conditioners and heat pumps. As of June last year, it had sold over 84 million R32 units in more than 70 countries. R32 falls into the refrigerant class A2L as it

also has low flammability characteristics making it safe for use in a wide range of applications including chilled water systems. As

Choice Daikin believes in offering the heating and cooling markets a wide choice of refrigerants to meet specific project needs and, therefore, continues to offer products optimised for fluorinated (HFC, HFO) gases as well as nonfluorinated alternatives (ammonia, carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons). This allows specifiers and engineers the freedom to design the most appropriate solution for each application. The new Daikin R32 heat pump series will

be available in two efficiency versions (Silver and Gold), which can be combined with three acoustic configurations (Standard, Low and Reduced) providing full customisation to meet projectspecific requirements. A key focus for the designers of the

Bluevolution heat pump units was reducing running costs by achieving an impressive coefficient of performance (COP) of up to 3.5 at nominal conditions along with a seasonal energy efficiency rating (SEER) of up to 4.7 in cooling mode and 3.9 for heating. The R32 series is also fully compatible with the Daikin on Site cloudbased platform, which

Read the latest at:

a single component refrigerant, R32 is also easier to reclaim and reuse, which is another environmental factor in its favour.


Luceco’s Gaurdian at The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao

uceco has recently supplied energy effieceint LED lighting to the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. When opened to the public in 1997, the Guggenheim Museum was immediately hailed as one of

the world's most spectacular and stylish buildings, clad in glass, titanium, and limestone. The principle luminiare installed was Luceco’s Guardian Pro

Luminaire. Guardian Pro,a horizontal commercial grade floodlight designed to replace HID fittings, was used to illuminate the architectural features of this historic site. Ranging from 50W to 245W, 6,800 to 30,000 lumens achieving up to 136 Llm/cW, Guardian Pro features 'fit and tilt' brackets for simple installation with tilt adjustment locks. 70,000 hours of maintenance free working life was also an interesting feature. Built alongside the Nervion River, the museum holds huge international importance, exhibiting works from international artists across many timeperiods. Designed by Canadian American architect Frank Gehry, the museum is architecturally stunning, particularly in the evening, due to its lighting.

Optimise your car park with Carlo Gavazzi

provides remote monitoring, system optimisation and preventive maintenance for the longterm benefit and peace of mind of the end user. It also comes with Master/Slave

functionality as standard, allowing the controls system to manage up to four units without the need for external control devices. For more complex installations, such as a

higher number of units, peripheral controls etc., Daikin can offer an Intelligent Chiller Manager option. This allows energy optimisation of the system and, when necessary, full customisation of the controls for a specific installation.

product offering by launching a new range of car park displays, designed to show numbers, symbols and scrolling text which provides drivers with clear and concise information to ensure the stress and time taken for users to find vacant space is reduced. Available in three sizes, small,


medium and large the installer can program the displays via the builtin webserver. The bright RGB LED matrix has 7 colour options and features adjustable brightness. Each display offers different combinations of digits and symbols and can easily be viewed up to 50 metres. The DISxRSE series of displays

are suitable for both indoor and outdoors applications. Manufactured in black aluminum and IP54 rated the units also offer an operating temperature range of 30° to +55°C.

ontrols and Automation specialist, Carlo Gavazzi has extended their

The displays are compatible

with Carlo Gavazzi’s car park system which delivers an innovative Car Park Guidance solution to reduce the stress and time taken for users to find vacant space; whilst other key features such as speed of installation, lighting and ventilation control can make significant cost savings. The robust, reliable and

completely scalable Car Park Guidance System is suitable to many applications such as hospitals, shopping centres, leisure facilities and hotels. BUILDING SERVICES & ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEER NOVEMBER 2020 39

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