SPONSORS INSTALLATION NEWS Hoval goes the extra few hundred miles

Hoval boilers are well known for their ease of installaon and commissioning but there are mes when the boiler design can do nothing to migate external factors.

Such was the case when Hoval engineer Phil James went to commission two Hoval UltraOil boilers at an energy centre serving a radar station on St Kilda – and what should have been a two-day journey took over a week.

St Kilda is a UNESCO World Heritage site in the northernmost part of the Outer Hebrides. It was evacuated in 1930 and is now home to a few contractors maintaining the radar station, as well as occasional visiting naturalists. Travel facilities to and from the islands are limited at the best of times but when the regular boat breaks down things get really challenging.

Rising to the challenge, Phil was able to hitch a lift to the island of Harris, with a passing diving boat, and then onwards to Skye in the same boat – journeys that took a few days in themselves. From Skye it was then a matter of using public transport and hitch-hiking for a further two days to get back to his car.

In all the journey took over a week but the radar station on St Kilda now has an energy-efficient boiler installation that will help to keep the cold out for the few people residing there. Mitsubishi Electric launch the UK’s first lower GWP R32 Air Curtain

Mitsubishi Electric has launched a new, R32 Air Curtain which is designed to improve energy eciency and minimise heat loss from a building while allowing businesses to benefit from an open door policy.

As the first manufacturer in the UK to launch an R32 Air Curtain, the new Mr Slim HP DX 2.0 Air Curtain completes the R32 offering across splits indoor units and allows customers to move to one sole refrigerant on site.

R32 has a much lower global warming potential (GWP) than R410A and is now the refrigerant of choice for split systems. By using R32 throughout the system, carbon emissions are reduced and installation, service and maintenance are all simplified. Air curtain technology minimises the amount of cold air entering a building and keeps the warm air

inside, ensuring a comfortable environment is provided to the occupants. Flexible and easier installation is achieved with the R32 indoor unit as it is available in a recessed or exposed design offering. In addition, the Mr Slim HP DX 2.0 air curtains can be used as twin systems, using two identical units to serve a wide or double entrance / exit, served by a single common Mr Slim outdoor unit.

Developed by Mitsubishi Electric in conjunction with air curtain manufacturer Thermoscreens in the UK, and currently available in 1m, 1.5m or 2m lengths as a dual refrigerant solution (R32 or R410A),

Advertorial BSEE

the units are ideal

for businesses looking to future proof their buildings by running completely on R32. They offer lower run costs and carbon emissions through the flagship Mr Slim Power Inverter high efficiency outdoor units.

Luceco supplies Wireless Lighng Controls to “The Birthplace of the NHS”

Trafford General Hospital in Greater Manchester, managed by Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, is known as "The Birthplace of the NHS". Luceco Wireless Lighting Controls have been specified by SI Sealy in association with the Estates and Facilities Energy Division of Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust. Luceco Wireless Lighting Controls were a flexible approach to introducing control into buildings that could be tailored to suit individual preferences whilst being remotely monitored. SI Sealy, one of the largest specialist building services engineering design consultancies in the North of England, also required TPa rated luminaires within the ceiling plane. Luceco worked with SI Sealy and the Lighting Design Council (LDC) to produce an excellent design that resulted in being put forward for an architectural award! The architects were Day Architects, the main contractor was Novus

Property Solutions and the electrical contractor was AC Electrical, Bredbury, near Stockport. This case study looks at a specific area - TGH Ward 15/16 Elderly Care where approximately 150 Luceco Wireless Lighting Controlled luminaires were installed including the LuxFrame, Epsilon, LuxPanel Extra, Contour, Platinum and Element downlighters.

Richard Horton, Business Development Manager from Luceco said. “We have been advised when analysed, the reduction in energy consumed from standard fixtures to LED luminaires in TGH Ward 15/16 Elderly Care reduced consumption from 33KW/Hr to 14.85KW/Hr.” This has been further reduced by Luceco Wireless Lighting Controls to operate at 55% of output to 8.2KW, resulting in a huge and very welcomed energy saving! BSRIA test proves the speed of viega megapress

Independent testing with BSRIA has confirmed the installation speed advantage of the Viega Megapress press connection system for thick-walled steel tube. The study showed time savings when compared to every other method tested and an impressive 78% saving compared with welding. The time and motion study, carried out under controlled conditions in the BSRIA laboratory, compared threading, grooving, welding and Megapress press connections as an installation method for thick-walled steel tube in ½ inch to 4 inch diameters.

Each of the four installation methods were used to create a large pipework assembly that had been pre-designed and was identical for each test. It included a range of different types of fittings and tube sizes. The process was timed from start to finish

and included the set-up of any equipment, cutting of the tube, connecting the tube and final assembly.

In the test Megapress was shown to deliver a 35% time saving compared with grooving, a 60% saving compared with threading and a 78% reduction compared with welding. This meant that the assembly was completed using welding in 29 hours 59 minutes while it took just 6 hours 38 minutes to complete with Megapress.

This time saving is largely due to the simple and quick assembly process when using Megapress. There is minimal preparation of the pipe required and installers simply need to cut the tube to size, deburr the cut surface, slide the press fitting onto the tube and press the connection. Each press is completed in around seven seconds and creates a strong and reliable connection.

To read the full report on the BSRIA study visit or to find out more about Viega’s Megapress range visit Read the latest at: BUILDING SERVICES & ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEER NOVEMEBER 2020 37

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