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ot water and heating specialist Adveco, adds 10 new highefficiency wall

mounted models to its popular MD condensing boiler range, with rated heat outputs of 15, 24, 34 and 60 kW for light commercial applications. The wallmounted variants of

the MD offer the same high quality patented titanium stabilised stainlesssteel heat exchanger construction for exceptional strength and corrosion resistance, ensuring greater longevity. All the MD

REVIEW OF THE YEAR Adveco extends MD boiler range

boilers feature efficient premix burner technology to help control operational costs and significantly reduce NOX and CO emissions. The MD15, MD24 and MD34

have two variants to accommodate either central heating only or DHW via an indirect water heater. A third variant of the MD24 and MD34 includes an integrated Plate Heat Exchanger for instantaneous DHW. The 60kW heat output MD60, available with or without an integrated system pump, is designed to meet the demands of commercial central heating.

Check up on your pump’s health

Unlike many wallmounted

boilers, the compact MD offers integrated run/fault signal for connection to a BMS system. With 010 V input on the MD, a BMS system incorporating interior/exterior sensors can deliver automated heating control. The range is supported by a

sevenyear parts and labour warranty when boilers are commissioned by Adveco.

Architect embraces the health benefits of Titon’s NO2

filters T

affect your business as well as your maintenance budget. By replacing them with new, energyefficient pumps, you get reliable, lowcost pump operation. This is what a large office building in central


London did when they replaced obsolete pumps with new, energyefficient models following a Grundfos onsite checkup. The pumps now operate to meet the actual demand, and the new pumps are delivering a saving 318,000 kWh per year after the estate’s personnel followed through on recommendations they received having undertaken a Grundfos energy check. This has amounted to a massive saving of £30k p.a., a large reduction in CO2 emissions and a short payback period. Grundfos are typically able to achieve energy

savings of 3060% for customers. By checking up on your pumps and pump solution, this will point the way towards the optimal pump replacement that will deliver the greatest energy savings. In return, you will get reliable operation, less downtime and reduced repair costs. The result: greatly improved system reliability. To learn more visit:

t Grundfos, we know that older pumps not only consume too much energy, but that they are also prone to failure that can adversely

wo Titon HRV10 Q Plus units with Trimbox NO2 Filters® have been installed as part of unique selfbuild project in East Dulwich,

London. When architect Jake Edgley began building his

own sixbedroom house, he included a mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) system as part of the design, alongside other ‘green’, environmentallyfriendly measures, including nontoxic paint and flooring. The 400m2 house was constructed in two

halves, each built around a tree, with one MVHR system covering each half of the property. As Jake designs and specifies homes as part of his job, he often experiments with different products on his own property. Having included Titon’s ventilation systems on a number of projects during the last ten years, he was already fully aware of the company’s product offering.

The bedroom area had the Trimbox

NO2 Filter® added first, and the Edgley family were so impressed with the results, a second unit was installed to the other half of the house six months later. Jake now practices what he preaches, as

his positive firsthand experience has led him to include the Trimbox NO2 Filter® as part of every new build domestic ventilation system specified by his company, Edgley Design.

New high definition occupancy switches from DANLERS

ventilation. The products are suitable for building into high bay luminaires up to an impressive 17m mounting height with a potential 24m diameter detection range. They can also be wall mounted into a suitable Eurodata plate with excellent high definition detection up to 10m. Each control has adjustable photocell


override (151000 lux) and adjustable time lag settings (from 10 seconds to 40 minutes) and is suitable for switching up to 6 amps most loads or 2 amps LED. These grid modules are suitable for indoor use in a range of applications including: offices, factories, warehouses, corridors and washrooms etc.

Lighting Control Made Easy B

ased around the “Humancentric” control concept, TF8050 provides simple, programless configuration of complex lighting systems. With

features such as colour temperature control, daylight control, constant light regulation and scheduler/holiday setting, a web browser is all that’s required to configure, define functionality and commission the system. Alternatively, configuration can be achieved via an Excel spreadsheet which provides a secure way of backing up and restoring lighting projects. To simplify the maintenance and management of

lighting systems, information such as hours run, power consumption, readdressing of ballasts and fittings, and error and status monitoring is instantly available to facilities managers. This information can also be displayed on any device with a web browser or via one of Beckhoff’s panelmounted or inwall display panels. TF8050 supports the latest generation of DALI2

sensors, including motion and Lux sensors from the likes of Steinel and B.E.G. Regular pushbutton and retractive switches can be simply incorporated into the system using Beckhoff’s standard digital input terminals. BACnet/IP connectivity also enables the lighting

solution to be incorporated into a wider building management system, giving it an advantage over typical standalone lighting control systems.


For more details please contact DANLERS. Tel: 01249 443377, Fax: 01249 443388, or visit:

ANLERS Limited have launched two new Grid PIR Occupancy switches for the automatic control of lighting and

biggest has given us a lot of new opportunities to learn. One key route for satisfying this thirst for knowledge, has been the development of a wide range of Grundfos webinars that have all been designed to appeal to any professional that has an interest in pump solutions. Today there are 32 different webinar topics available and almost


5000 people have taken the opportunity to gain access to the wide range of topics, each of which is delivered by selected members of our experienced staff. Every tailored course offers an indepth insight into a range of subjects whether you are involved in building services, industrial applications or the water industry. Plus, as you would expect from a pump solutions innovator such as Grundfos, there are many new themes in the pipeline. As things will hopefully get back to normal in 2021, we do hope to be

back on track with our classroom Pump School courses and of course our ECADEMY remains open for business 24/7. All of which is great news and we hope it is reassuring to know that there are still multiple ways to get access to pump knowledge. If you would like to catch up on any of these webinars you can, as

recordings are available ondemand. Simply visit and click on the training tab, where they are ready for you to watch, as and when it suits you.

ELYSATOR water treatment units now in stock, exclusively at SBS

ELYSATOR, market leaders in corrosion protection of recirculation water systems. ELYSATOR’s range of products


combine to ensure the operational reliability and efficiency of your systems, protecting and extending the operational life of expensive assets, increasing energy efficiency whilst reducing running costs and avoiding unnecessary maintenance costs and system downtime. Using sacrificial magnesium

anodes to extract oxygen, acid and aggressive salts from the water, ELYSATOR addresses both the symptoms and root causes of corrosion within recirculation heating and cooling systems. ELYSATOR’S proven technology engineers optimum environments for these systems so corrosion can't occur, and bacteria can't survive.

ELYSATOR’s corrosion protection

systems are unique to the market, by which they separate gasses, absorb acids, and filter sludge particles  all at the same time. This ensures valuable components and recirculation water system problems can be protected. The electrochemical reaction

of the sacrificial magnesium anode is reliable, measurable and works WITHOUT chemical additives. Installation and service are easy and at a low cost. Visit your local branch or

contact your customer representative today for further information on the complete Elysator product range.

Grundfos booster sets are on track to deliver

Grundfos Pumps have now combined their years of expertise in developing precision booster sets, with their knowledge of market demands. When you add the fact that sets are built at the Grundfos site of engineering excellence in Sunderland, this culminates in a Booster FastTrack programme that offers a 5day despatch on over twenty of the most frequently requested 2 and 3 pump booster models. Available in 1ph and 3ph, these


booster models are from the Grundfos MicroE, MultiE and MPCE booster families that are known for their reliability and ease of use. Additionally, they deliver a wide range of features as standard, plus they are all fitted with Grundfos pumps whose motors surpass IE4

ith an extensive and reliable range of booster sets,

mith Brothers Stores are pleased to announce a distribution partnership with

Grundfos webinars put a new spin on learning

f all the changes that have come about to our working lives in 2020, one of the

benchmarks. All of which means that there is no need for you to compromise between Grundfos quality and a speedy delivery So, what are you waiting for?

Get your boosting needs fast tracked today. Start by visiting the Grundfos Product Centre at and chose an option that will ensure that your business gets back on track and gets the boost it needs, when it needs it. Read the latest at:

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