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achieve an optimum balance of flexibility and comfort in sustainable facilities. SPACE Sensor EnOcean, SMARTSensor EnOcean Accesspoint, and EnOcean Transceiver devices from Reliable Controls support both 868 and 902 MHz frequencies and provide an aesthetically pleasing way to integrate EnOcean into your next build. The SPACESensor EnOcean delivers a


wireless temperature sensor solution and generates enough power through its large photovoltaic cell to adequately charge under most lighting conditions.

VentAxia Launches the

Multivent MEV Family to Help Housebuilders Meet the Future Homes Standard

EnOcean Transceiver, SPACESensor™ EnOcean, and SMART Sensor™ EnOcean Accesspoint devices from Reliable Controls

nOcean is an energyharvesting wireless technology used primarily in building automation systems that enables you to

The SMARTSensor EnOcean Accesspoint

allows you to integrate up to 18 wireless parameters related to your space from EnOcean devices. It communicates through the SMARTNet port on Reliable Controls controllers and does not require separate power. Connect up to eight SMARTSensor EnOcean Accesspoint devices using Reliable Controls SMARTNet technology. The EnOcean Transceiver connects to a

dedicated EnOcean port on the MACHProLight lighting controller and provides a means to connect up to 32 wireless parameters on a highspeed RS232 network.

Backed by a 5year warranty and a

worldwide network of factorycertified Authorised Dealers, Reliable Controls EnOcean devices seamlessly integrate into any facility and provide flexible solutions for intelligent green buildings. To learn more, visit

ELLIS Expands With Eyes On Growth

expansion of its North Yorkshire headquarters. The main element of the expansion is a


to provide a simple and effective solution to help housebuilders meet the Future Homes Standard. The Standard requires new build homes to have world leading levels of energy efficiency, including a further lowering of Dwelling Emission Rates (DER) as part of the drive towards carbon neutrality. The new Multivent MEV family is therefore the ideal solution for new build residential projects, helping housebuilders meet DER requirements through its marketleading energy efficiency and improving indoor air quality (IAQ) for homeowners. A reliable, highly efficient, quiet and easy to


operate ventilation system is key to unlocking a healthier, greener future. The VentAxia Multivent MEV family offers just that with this highly efficient range offering a choice of eight MEV and eight dMEV models to ensure housebuilders have exactly the right ventilation for a property. Both the MEV and dMEV units offer an easytooperate control platform and extremely low operating noise. Additional benefits include increased ventilation rates, compact design, easy installation, as well as simple and accurate commissioning. For further information on all products and

services offered by VentAxia call 0344 856 0590 www.vent

entAxia has launched the Multivent MEV family, a new range of mechanical extract ventilation (MEV) and decentralised MEV (dMEV) designed

new 10,000sq. ft. warehouse, which was built by local contractor, S Marshall. While the new facility will be used primarily for assembly and storage, its construction has freed up 7,000 sq. ft. of space in existing parts of Ellis’ premises. This will be used to expand the company’s manufacturing facilities – a development that is seen as vital for future growth and improved business efficiency Richard Shaw, managing director of Ellis

Patents, said: “We can claim the position of market leaders because we design, develop and manufacture products, which others simply try to emulate. Innovation has

he world’s leading cable cleat manufacturer, Ellis Patents has invested £½ million in a 25 per cent

well as being a key source for engineering specialists to learn more about specific complex issues, in a professional format. At Grundfos we have been continuously developing a portfolio of white papers, that are aimed at helping engineers – from a range of backgrounds  to better get to grips with a range of pumping challenges. Designed to be used as a handy reference document, each paper has


been carefully devised to get right to the heart of the chosen topic and to break it down into a logical format, so that it is easy to glean the information that interests you. The range of themes on offer covers such diverse topics as: water

supply in tall buildings, the digital impact on industry, proportional pressure control and refrigeration and cooling. All these and many more can be found at and are freely available once you have completed a simple registration. So, whenever you need to access an authoritative and accessible

pump reference, check it out with Grundfos first.

always been at the heart of the business, and through it we will continue to lead our sector forwards.” “The extended manufacturing space will

allow us to increase our range of manufacturing processes, bring even more new and unique products to market, and widen the range of markets we serve.”

Smith’s Caspian fan convectors are available with antibacterial paint

suitable for use in healthcare and medical applications as well as schools, where the antibacterial paint adds another layer of protection when hygiene is especially important. From schools, hospitals, care homes and other healthcare facilities the paint makes it easier to keep hygienically clean and reduces the risk of crosscontamination. Containing Biocote ® Antimicrobial Technology, which


repeatedly demonstrates broad spectrum antibacterial performance, Smith’s antibacterial paint provides additional protection in environments where minimising the risk and transmission of infection is crucial. Smith’s can paint their Caspian fan convectors, and other products, with the anti

bacterial paint to order in their paint booths at their Essex manufacturing facility. The anti bacterial paint retains the same durable finish associated with Smith’s standard paint.

Smith’s 01245 324900 Andreas Örje Wellstam appointed CEO of Swegon “The Board of Swegon is happy to announce

that Andreas Örje Wellstam is appointed to be the next CEO of Swegon. Andreas possesses all the qualities that has been on our list of requirements during the recruitment process. He is a respected and appreciated leader with a strong drive to build successful companies in an international environment, with a visionary approach and a strong focus on growth,” says Jan Hjertonsson, CEO Latour and Chairman of the Board of Swegon. “I am both excited and honored to take on the

role as CEO of Swegon. Swegon has, under the guidance of Hannu Saastamoinen, grown from a profitable Nordic ventilation company into a strong and successful international indoor environment solution provider with a turnover of 6 bn SEK. I am eager to take Swegon to the next level, strengthening our local presence, and continuing to build on our system approach to deliver solutions for healthy and comfortable indoor environments”, says Andreas Örje Wellstam. “Under the leadership of Hannu Saastamoinen,

Andreas Örje Wellstam, 45 years of age, came from Latour when he started at Swegon in 2012 and has since then held multiple executive positions including CFO and Vice


wegon’s Board of Directors has appointed Andreas Örje Wellstam new CEO of Swegon from September 1, 2020.

President Business Areas Commercial. Andreas will replace Hannu Saastamoinen as CEO. Hannu Saastamoinen, after leaving as CEO, will relocate to his native Finland, but he will remain within the Latour sphere, both as a board member for Bemsiq Group and as strategic project advisor.


Swegon has had a very strong development and is a highly successful company, with a great position for future growth. With Andreas track record for leadership that engages and inspires, I’m confident that Swegon will continue its successful journey”, says Johan Hjertonsson, CEO Latour. L

mith’s fan convectors are available with antibacterial paint. Proven to reduce the population of the most common and prevalent bacteria by up to 99.99% it is

Nottingham Medical Center benefits from Grundfos upgrade

hospital in the UK when it was opened by the Queen in 1977. Today it remains one of the biggest and busiest acute hospitals in England with its A&E department serving 2.5m local residents, as well as delivering specialist services to a further 24 million people in neighbouring areas. With so many demands on it, it


is of little surprise that it was recently the focus of a much needed NHS refurbishment, that included upgrading the M&E solution. This was required not only to improve the building standards, but also the experiences for visitors, patients as well as the 14,500 dedicated staff. Ensuring the system was ready

to meet all the demands placed upon it, Grundfos Pumps worked with consultants Service Design Associates from Sheffield and

he Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham, was the first purpose built teaching

WHAT’S NEW It’s all there in black and white

hite papers are an important reference point as

contractors VWG from Bradford to specify and supply the updated and more efficient boiler feed pumps via BSS. Today the 1300 bed hospital

has been given a clean bill of health to continue to deliver the excellent standards of care that have been synonymous with its reputation for over 40 years. For information on how Grundfos could help you with your new or refurbishment project, visit the website. Callisto stars with Luceco

uceco has recently launched a brandnew addition to their LED luminaire range.

Callisto is a contemporary and stylish linear LED surface mounted luminaire, offering over 100,000 hours of maintenance free, operational life with an efficacy of 135 Llm/cW, and lumen output variants ranging from 11,000lm up to 32,000lm. Callisto is a highlevel LED

luminaire designed as an alternative to traditional HID and T5 lamp luminaires. Environmentally friendly, with no warm up time to produce 100% light output and no maintenance over its lifetime, Callisto offers a costeffective alternative to traditional luminaires. Suitable for many commercial applications such as front of house and high street environments, Callisto also benefits from IK10 rating so can be used in semi industrial applications as well recreational and sports facilities, offering both wide and narrow optical light distribution.

Callisto is available as fixed

output, DALI dimmable, emergency backup variants, PIR and Luceco’s Wireless Lighting Controls and offers excellent photometric performance, as well as being a very visually pleasing energy saving luminaire. According to Ancient Greek

mythology, Callisto is the fourth Galilean moon of Jupiter. Callisto was also the daughter of King Lycaon and set among the stars as "the Great Bear". Callisto is definitely performing

a starring role in the LED luminaire offering from Luceco! Read the latest at:

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