reenBrook are delighted to present their new LED Fire Rated Downlight, the Vela Switch – a colour changing downlight that can be switched from 3,000k to 4,000k. The switch to change the colour temperature is conveniently placed on the side of the product (not the back of the can). This product has an integrated driver and loopin and loopout terminals to assist in a quick and easy installation. Supplied with either a frosted or a clear lens  this range is available in three different bezel colours; white, polished chrome & satin chrome. GreenBrook has tested this range to ensure they are suitably fire rated for use in 30, 60 & 90 minute ceilings and that they conform to EN 60598 and to Building Regulations Part B, C, E & L. For further information about these products and our other Vela products please see our website or call for a brochure.

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Swegon WISE creates simple, intelligent indoor climate

of the challenges. These preengineered solutions tick all the boxes in terms of the coordination of a range of elements from planning and design, through to fabrication, the actual assembly of components, plus all required testing. At Grundfos, we are increasingly seeing requests


coming in from a range of diverse areas such as: larger building projects, industrial solutions as well as from the water industry, all of which can benefit from having packaged sets arrive on site complete with all the necessary pumps, piping, valves, instrumentation and controls.

Selecting a partner who has the capacity, knowledge, expertise as well as all the necessary accreditations to deliver all the stages within the process is key. This is where the 12,000m2 Grundfos manufacturing plant in Sunderland adds value, as it is a recognised centre of manufacturing excellence that offers customers design, build, assembly, test and distribution from under one roof, making this a streamlined and very costeffective option. There is a real future for these systems that have

the flexibility to consistently produce a complete solution to a myriad of demands. If you could benefit from having your pumping demands delivered on a plate, visit: Delivered on a plate

ith the growth of increasingly complex projects, offsite build is providing a vital solution that is helping to overcome some

updated WISE system. Demand controlled ventilation (DCV)


saves up to 80% of the fan energy and 40% of the cooling and heating energy in a building, by supplying air, cooling and heating in just the right amounts, in the right places and at the right time. Swegon’s updated WISE system builds on

the experience gained from thousands of installations to simplify the delivery of DCV with a quick to install, highly flexible and simple to operate approach. WISE products, such as dampers and

diffusers, communicate via a ‘selfhealing’ wireless network to deliver complete climate control for entire buildings seamlessly linking software with the hardware used for both airborne and waterborne indoor climate. The network allows the installation to be

commissioned without communication cabling, which reduces time, cost and

Water jetting cleaning training update boosts safety

and maintenance will benefit from improved training following a review of the UK’s main water jetting safety course. The Water Jetting Association


(WJA) has significantly updated its Safety Awareness course, a mandatory course designed to support safe water jetting in all applications. Central to the course upgrade has been the updating of 50 questions used to create six test papers for the classbased one day course, which is City & Guilds accredited and delivered across the UK and internationally. The WJA is the UK’s leading

provider of water jetting training for pressurewashing, industrial cleaning and surface defouling across all commercial and industrial sectors, including manufacturing, oil and marine industries and water utilities. John Jones, VicePresident of the WJA and Chairman of the

Training and Safety Committee, said: “We’ve taken account of feedback from trainees, training providers and our approved instructors. “The changes will give trainee

water jetting operatives and their employers confidence that their knowledge is being assessed consistently and they are receiving highquality training.” The pressures achieved by the

most basic pressure washing equipment are high enough to cause serious, and potentially fatal, injuries, warns the WJA, so it is essential that training is as effective as possible.

uilding services specialists that use high pressure water jetting for cleaning

he internet of things and 15 years’ experience of demand control provides the foundation for Swegon’s

complexity while also making it very simple to operate and adapt to future changes in building layout or operation. The new generation WISE has been designed to make the entire building process as efficient as possible. The Swegon Early Stage Building Optimisation (ESBO) programme and the product selection software Indoor Climate Design (ICD) help the design team create a system from scratch that is tailored to the needs of the project. In order to ease commissioning, the ICD file is loaded into a handheld terminal, which can then be used to pair the products using their individual QR codes. The system dynamically adapts to match the exact needs of the building occupants in the most energy efficient manner. To top off WISE, the webbased SuperWISE has been updated with a clear visual overview and simple handling of system settings. For more information visit:

Titan Products Smart Room CO2, humidity and temperature sensor now with flexible control options

They are all now supplied with ON/OFF control options via a Digital Output (DO) as standard, which can be enabled/disabled via a number of methods to suit various application types. These range from environmental control, satisfying a temperature, humidity or CO2 setpoint to non environment control actions such as switching off lights. The flexibility of control options make the sensors the perfect choice for office and classroom environments to maintain comfort conditions, aiding the productivity of the occupants. The methods are set up via the BACnet communications of the Smart sensor. Flexible timer options are also available to manipulate the timing of the DO switching to suit the application. All products are UK designed, developed and manufactured by


itan Products has revealed the latest improvements to their Smart Room sensor.

THIS YEAR SO FAR SPONSORED BY Vela Switch – colour changing LED Fire Rated Downlight

Hidden extra’s in new ModuSat XR HIU’s  giving you more for less!


ith over 15 years of HIU supply under their belts, Evinox

has unveiled their latest range of ModuSat® XR ‘Smart’ Heat Interface Units, which provide M&E Contractors and Consulting Engineers with a “whole lot more” for a “whole lot less” due to the myriad of hidden extras. Smaller, more compact dimensions; the ability to deliver high performance at low primary flow temperatures; TCP/IP communications connectivity; and new, lower output models to allow costeffective compliance with the latest industry design standards are but a few of the ways Evinox ModuSat XR models offer more features, value and performance  but with less space requirements, lower heat network operating conditions, and less time on site to install, commission, support and maintain  than ever before.

Less space Building on Evinox’s BESAtested range of Smart Heat Interface Units, the latest ModuSat XR and XRECO Twin Plate HIU’s have been enhanced to provide the same great performance but in a package requiring 27% less space in the home than before*1. Units are extra compact, ideal for tight installation constraints and help to minimise the size of prefabricated cupboards. The new units have been “designed by engineers for engineers”, with a real focus on providing flexible pipework connection options, easy access to key components and simple installation and maintenance.

Lower outputs The range has also been extended to include smaller ModuSat XR & XRECO TP 30 units. These are perfectly placed to meet the recommendations in the soon to be released CIBSE ADE Code of Practice v1.2, which states that designers should specify a maximum of 25kW output for Studio apartments and 3035kW for 1 & 2 bed properties. This recommendation has been included to avoid the oversizing of Domestic Hot Water, which can lead to increased costs and network inefficiency, so the new ModuSat range is perfectly placed to satisfy these new industry requirements.

Titan Products with their onsite R&D team always striving to improve products to provide customers with more options in terms of product selection and flexibility. These new sensors offer an exciting new development which now allow Titan Products to offer a sensing solution for traditional 010V wired or BACnet/Modbus networks.

Low Carbon Heat Networks With the latest GLA planning guidance around carbon factors already causing a stir amongst consulting engineers and specifiers, there is already a clear incentive for heat networks to be designed around different heat generation technologies, such as heat pumps, which in turn require lower primary flow temperatures. The high efficiency ModuSat XRECO models continue to provide impressive heating and domestic hot water performance at primary flow temperatures of 60°C (or even lower), making them the ideal choice where heat pumps are deployed. For example, at a primary flow temperature of just 60°C, the popular ModuSat XRECO TP 5510 model can produce 34kW of instantaneous hot water at 55°C equating to a flow rate of around 11l/s; and higher thermal outputs and flow rates still where the hot water set point is dropped to 50°C.

Smart, Lower Cost Communication Network Connection Ethernet connectivity comes as a standard feature on all ModuSat units, allowing twoway

communications for diagnostics, commissioning and support – as well as metering data – to be accessed across shared building infrastructure. This allows the significant cost associated with dedicated MBus networks to designed out, by sharing a common, robust and reliable communication network with other services, such as CCTV, access control/door entry, and lifts. And as part of this updated

communications strategy, Evinox is also providing open protocol access to metering data through a new, customer configurable webaccess to the SmartTalk® data logger, meaning the building operator can future proof the system and will never be tied to a single vendor for resident billing services. Lower Defects Liability and

Aftercare Support Costs with ‘SmartTalk® Pro’ And if all that wasn’t enough, yet another hidden extra giving Contractors opportunity to reduce costs and risks associated with their heat network installations is Evinox’s new ‘SmartTalk® Pro’ monitoring and diagnostics web portal, which now comes bundled with every ModuSat installation. Providing Contractors with

remote access to each HIU on the site, any reported problems can be quickly and easily diagnosed – and often remedied – online, without the need for an engineer to attend site; saving time, increasing the firsttimefix rate and reducing defects liability costs related to the heat network. As well as providing access to

HIU operational parameters and settings, support engineers can even take control of the residents heating system, to update controller settings and overcome any reported resident issues without an engineer ever having to get in a van!

An Established Heat Interface Unit Range

The enhancements to Evinox’s ModuSat® XR and XRECO units contribute to the excellent features and benefits of the existing range, with quality, high efficiency and reliability at the core. This includes testing of every unit  hydraulically, electrically and electronically before leaving the factory. The ModuSat XRECO Twin Plate Unit is also independently tested to the UK Standard for HIUs from BESA, backingup performance and efficiency claims; units come complete with smart room controls with optional energy display upgrade; feature inbuilt prepay technology and they can be commissioned and maintained remotely over the internet – a combination resulting in a truly Smart HIU range. Don’t just take Evinox’s word for

it  units are currently in operation in hundreds of developments across the UK, including landmark projects such as Battersea Power Station, London City Island, and Wood Wharf at Canary Wharf. Find out more about Evinox’s

ModuSat® XR Twin Plate Heat Interface Unit range by contacting Evinox at for further information or visiting: Read the latest:

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