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uUp to 10 Panasonic Aquarea heat pumps (160kW) can be connected uEasytouse interface with integrated touch display for instant system information uSmart connectivity for BEMS with builtin Modbus Panasonic has introduced a new Aquarea Cascade

Controller, with a highly integrated interface, to deliver increased energyefficiency for large applications. The controller can operate up to 10 Aquarea airto

water heat pumps (160kW) simultaneously or in cascade mode, helping to meet the heating or cooling demand of commercial buildings more efficiently. For large projects, efficiency is the key to creating a more sustainable building and reducing heating

WHAT’S NEW SPONSORED BY New Aquarea Cascade Control for up to Ten Heat Pumps

and cooling costs. Cascade control is increasingly being utilised, making use of parallelconnected heat pumps and switching on the most efficient number of these as demand is increased or decreased. The new Aquarea Cascade Controller makes it possible to connect up to 10 Aquarea heat pumps in parallel, to suit the needs of largescale applications such as shops and hotels. Each heat pump within the cascade requires its own Modbus Interface (PAW AWMBSH) to allow it to communicate with the Aquarea Cascade Controller. For more information, please visit: Titan Products increase their Smart Sensor range with new products L Callisto stars with Luceco

uceco has recently launched a brandnew edition to their LED luminaire range. Callisto is a contemporary and stylish linear LED surface

mounted luminaire, offering over 100,000 hours of maintenance free, operational life with an efficacy of 135 Llm/cW, and lumen output variants ranging from 11,000lm up to 32,000lm. Callisto is a highlevel LED luminaire designed as an

alternative to traditional HID and T5 lamp luminaires. Environmentally friendly, with no warm up time to produce 100% light output and no maintenance over its lifetime, Callisto offers a costeffective alternative to traditional luminaires. Suitable for many commercial applications such as front of house and high street environments, Callisto also benefits from IK10 rating so can be used in semi industrial applications as well recreational and sports facilities, offering both wide and narrow optical light distribution. Callisto is available as fixed output, DALI dimmable, emergency backup variants, PIR and LiteIP and offers excellent photometric performance, as well as being a very visually pleasing energy saving luminaire. According to Ancient Greek mythology, Callisto is

the fourth Galilean moon of Jupiter. Callisto was also the daughter of King Lycaon and set among the stars as "the Great Bear". Callisto is definitely performing a starring role in the LED luminaire offering from Luceco!

and interoperability between devices along with the requirement to keep install costs to a minimum. Titan Products recognise these needs and have developed the next generation of HVAC sensors which provide interoperable connectivity by communicating directly onto a BACnet MS/TP or Modbus network. Already offering Smart Room CO2, Humidity and Temperature Sensors, Titan Products have increased their Smart Sensor range with a number of new assemblies. The series now includes outside, duct, immersion and strapon sensors, offering temperature only or combined temperature and humidity solutions. The Smart Sensors aid accurate control and network visibility by allowing multiple


ith the emergence of the Internet of Things, there is an ever growing need for improved connectivity

environmental conditions within a building to be reliably monitored over one network, reducing on site wiring, commissioning and installation costs. All sensors are supplied with a digital input and output to provide inbuilt control solutions freeing up network I/O. Easily addressed via the onboard DIP switches, the sensors are ideal for a wide range of applications which require accurate, networkable monitoring and control across open systems. Contact Titan Products to find out more about this exciting range on 0161 406 6480 or email Vision range

their tradition of manufacturing high efficiency heating equipment with their ErP compliant range, the Vision range of radiant tube heaters which delivers exceptional performance in terms of efficiency and the potential to reduce energy costs. The foundation of this development is a high efficiency advanced burner. The VS range is complete with stainless steel reflectors and end caps and the VSA range is complete with alumised reflector and end caps, both ranges are


eznor, part of Nortek Global HVAC (UK) Limited continue

Synapsys Solutions adds BACnet MSTP to its SIP+ hardware

its SIP+ hardware as standard. Synapsys Solutions continues to push the boundaries of integration, communication and data exchange features, from one device; with the introduction of the new BACnet MSTP driver to all SIP+ product ranges. BACnet MSTP is a BACnet


protocol communicating via RS485 and Synapsys’ new MSTP driver enables the SIP+ to discover BACnet devices and object types within the constraints of the BACnet MSTP network. These object types and devices can then be linked through to the SIP+ EMT (Energy Monitoring and Targeting) functions for data visualisation. The data from these objects can also be exported to SIPinsight – Billing/EBIS or other third party systems for remote monitoring, billing and analysis. SIP+ EMTIF also enables these BACnet MSTP object types to be

ynapsys Solutions has announced that BACnet MSTP is now available within

interfaced to a BACnetIP, Trend BMS or via Synapsys’ new MQTT driver to third party MQTT brokers for IoT compatibility. Synapsys Solutions’ SIP+ is at the

forefront of making buildings smarter by opening up the multiple systems and protocols found in today’s buildings to the wider world. Sean Samuel, Product Support

Manager for Synapsys Solutions, said: “We are continuously looking for ways to advance our products and make them as flexible as possible for our customers. The introduction of our MSTP driver to the SIP+ hardware adds another significant feature to the ever increasing capabilities of our SIP+ range of products.”


Is there a WISE way to deliver a quality indoor climate?

of HVAC systems with exciting implications for improving energy efficiency and comfort, says Dene Kent*. The current global market for


available in U tube, singular and double linear models. For more information please email or visit:


New touchscreen solutions from SyxthSense

interfaces, controllers and thermostats. Shipped direct from our production centre in Devon – UK all are fullcolour and can be used standalone and with Modbus or BACnet communications. The range has a very attractive design look and will flush mount onto standard UK single wall boxes for wiring ease. Tactile, easy to use, and feature rich they are not just for end users to enjoy. They give designers a one stop shop for user interfaces in a wide range of applications from simple domestic to advanced commercial buildings. A choice of protocols allows simple integration into the markets most popular BMS systems without extensive engineering considerations or cost. The attractive colour touchscreen


displays the essential information at glance. There is nothing to fear in touching them as they encourage adjustment to save energy or improve comfort. The units have security

yxthSense Limited is delighted to announce our latest inhouse design and built range touchscreen

features that allow them to be fully restricted or just limit range of use, for example, by landlords or energy managers wanting to return meetings rooms back to vacant mode when no longer in use. Additional connections on the

controllers allow more sensors or switches to be monitored. E.g. windows or floor temperatures for underfloor heating/cooling applications. Information is clear and precise. The screen can be dimmed or put to sleep. The sleek fresh design with black

front the Chrome edging makes the product adaptable for most taste and décor. They are resilient and covered by our twoyear warranty. Other feature variations are available and we are open to customer requirements – after all if we can’t change our own designs to make customers happy we aren’t SyxthSense. For more information on the

complete range please visit:


‘smart building systems’ was estimated at around £5bn in 2017 but is expected to grow to beyond £30bn by 2022, outstripping any other part of construction by some distance. Buildings are responsible for

around 40% of global energy consumption with HVAC systems the biggest contributor, with climate, location, insulation levels etc. determining energy usage. Digital technologies

connectivity is the crucial change that allows designers to more closely match the performance of heating, cooling and ventilation systems to user demand. Wireless networks systems can be more easily configured, commissioned and controlled. Engineers can tackle the individual pieces of equipment that consume the most energy, such as fans and chillers. Using demand control in

ventilation can reduce the amount of fan energy used by as much as 80% and the energy saving for cooling and heating can be up to 40%. This is because air, cooling and heating are supplied in just the right amounts, at the right places and at the right time based on the user’s demand patterns, cutting out unnecessary operating time.

Intelligence and Simplicity Swegon have made a breakthrough in wireless technology creating a fully digital, complete system solution for building ventilation, heating and cooling control.

The WISE demand controlled indoor climate system is designed to be simple and reliable. The wireless installation is commissioned without communication cabling, which reduces time, cost and complexity.

Communicating via wireless signal, if there is a break in the signal, the network simply re routes the messages via a different route so there is no drop in the system’s performance.

Wireless commissioning The simple commission approach radically reduces installation time, set up and cuts out many potential areas where faults can occur. It also means it is much easier to reconfigure the system when changes are made to room layouts or usage patterns. We continue to add individual

system components to the WISE network and have recently produced new WISE versions of our supply air diffusers, which are capable of adjusting the airflow as needed and optimising the throw of the air, even at low flow rates. Being able to deploy the very

latest in wireless technology underpinning a robust and reliable communication network opens up all sorts of possibilities for building services systems. The WISE network is already in use in over 100 projects worldwide – including a project in Stockholm that achieved a BREEAM ‘outstanding’ rating and is now in UK buildings. *Dene Kent is Ventilation Sales

Director for Swegon UK&I For more information:

*Dene Kent is Ventilation Sales Director for Swegon UK&I

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uildings can be greener if smart technologies are integrated into the design

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