Top tips for boosting efficiency in a commercial property

Modern lifestyles are increasing the demand for hot water services in the workplace, spas and hotels, which has led to businesses needing to rethink their approach to hot water provisions on their premises. Gemma Kilburn at Andrews Water Heaters provides her top ps for ensuring connuous ease of eciency


ifestyles of the modern worker are changing. For instance, 15 per cent of people now walk or cycle to work* while 12 per cent of people now use health and fitness clubs, with 52 per cent of those using leisure facilities three times per week.** As the

percentages begin to climb, so too does the demand placed on hot water provisions in the workplace, gyms and spas.

Read on for my top tips to keep your facility running efficiently...

Choose an efficient water heater

Sometimes the simplest tips are the most effective. Choosing a water heater with a high gross efficiency can lead to boosted energy-efficiency resulting in lower running costs and a reduced carbon footprint. For instance, Andrews’ ECOflo has up to 96 per cent energy efficiency, meaning that commercial premises can provide a continuous supply of hot water without running up substantial financial and environmental costs.

Go low NOx

Commercial properties could be keeping their efficiency standards low by continuing to use their existing non- ErP compliant water heaters. Investing in a newer model that complies with the latest NOx regulations could lead to a more efficient use of fuel while

lowering the harmful emissions emitted from the water heater.

Sizeit right

The biggest mistake commercial premises can make is installing a water heater that is either too large or too small for the needs of users. Should the chosen water heater be too large, a business could find that they are spending money on fuel to heat excess water that goes unused.

While a water heater that is too small will be unable to cope with the demands of the business, leaving showers running cold and customers and employees unhappy. It’s easy to prevent this, make use of manufacturer sizing advice and tools such as Andrews’ Size-it (, to help choose the right water heater for the task in hand.

Spend time wisely

Investing in an easy to maintain water heater with a single bottom drain and large inspection hatch could help speed up the time it takes to inspect and clean the appliance - providing in- house engineers with the time they need to focus on other necessary tasks. Boosting efficiency doesn’t have to be a challenge, savings on carbon

uLifestyles of the modern worker are changing, with 12 per cent of people now using health and fitness clubs, and 52 per cent of those using leisure facilies three mes per week

emissions, fuel costs and overall operational expenditure can all be achieved with just a few simple changes: uChoose an efficient water heater uGo low NOx uSize-it right uSpend time wisely

Commercial properties that

remember these four top tips could find that they make dramatic efficiency savings in no time!

* attachment_data/file/736909/walking-and-cycling-statistics-england-2017.pdf ** health-and-fitness-club-going-brits-forecast-to-grow-20-by-2020


uChoosing a water heater with a high gross eciency can help boost energyeciency

ndrews Water Heaters is a market-leading manufacturer of commercial gas fired water heaters.

Established in 1976, Andrews has a comprehensive range, offering products like MAXXflo and the high- performance SUPAflo EVO, which offers a solution for any commercial and industrial application, however large or small.

The company’s water heaters are energy efficient and fully compliant with water byelaws, Part L of the Building Regulations, the Low Carbon Buildings Programme, the Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme and will comply

uAndrews’ Sizeit online sizing tool can help you choose the right water heater for the task in hand

with the Energy-related Products directive when it is introduced in September 2015.

With a reputation for quality, reliability and high performance products, Andrews can provide hot water delivery to meet the requirements of the most demanding applications.

Part of Baxi Heating’s Commercial Team, Andrews Water Heaters’ is well placed to provide integrated solutions for any heating and hot water design. Its portfolio of commercial brands are some of the best known and most respected in the heating industry across the UK and Ireland.

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