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Luceco has supplied LED lighng to the iconic Northern & Shell building located at 10 Lower Thames Street, London

Concept M&E, based in Hemel Hempstead, took care of the electrical installation of the LED luminaires for Meyer Office Solutions, a commercial design and build company. Meyer Office Solutions specialise in the design of floor plates from large commercial buildings, subdividing spaces to meet the requirements of their clients.

The main entrance foyer has been lit with Contour from Luceco. Contour is the ideal LED luminaire where continuous runs of illumination are required in commercial environments. The LED lighting system consists of connectable modules offered in 600mm, 1200mm, 1500mm and 1800mm lengths that can be

INSTALLATION NEWS SPONSORED BY Luceco LED luminaire refit at The Northern & Shell Building

surface mounted, suspended or as at the Northern & Shell Building, recessed into the ceiling void. Seamless runs of energy saving cost effective LED lighting can be created with a full range of interconnecting illuminated modules including corner connectors, T-junction and cross pieces.

Contour has a five-year extended warranty available and offers over 50,000 hours operational life, with no maintenance over the lifetime of the luminaire, an important factor when considering applications such as commercial environments where 24 hours a day operation may be required. Luceco relit offices with an array of luminaires including 1200 x 300

Edgelit LuxPanels with a bespoke fixing bracket designed to meet the requirements of the existing ceiling. The classic LuxPanel design offers high efficacy performance and maximum energy savings and are available in standard fixed output or dimmable.

Luceco was delighted to provide LED lighting solutions that will benefit the energy efficiency and cost effectiveness of such an iconic building situated in the heart of the city of London.

Mikrofill at Basingstoke Fire Staon

The exisng Basingstoke Fire Staon building dang back to 1966 has made way for the construcon of a new £6m ultra modern facility

The new station will accommodate improved modern living quarters, a training tower and smoke training building. To maintain continuity of service during construction the existing training facilities were converted into the fire- fighters temporary home. Part of the new services package carried out by long established mechanical contractor J & B Hopkins Ltd was the installation of an indirect Wras approved Extreme 300 litre HWS ‘loading cylinder’. The Extreme is designed to maximise condensing boiler efficiency by operating at a

t of 30°C (80/50°C) via its integral stainless steel plate heat exchanger.

Capable of producing in excess of 2300 l/hr at 60°C the unvented cylinder comfortably accommodates the stations peak hot water demand in the changing rooms and kitchen area. The Extreme was supplied c/w an unvented kit and a factory fitted single phase 3kW immersion heater. For more information on these and other Mikrofill products please contact the sales team on 03452 606020 or visit: TROX PWX fancoils chosen for Two Chamberlain Square, Birmingham

TROX has been selected by BAM Construcon to supply PWX fancoils for the second building at Paradise, Birmingham  Two Chamberlain Square

The 183,000 sq ft office building, the vision of Glenn Howells Architects, will join the first building in offering a cumulative 350,000+ sq ft of Grade 1 office space as part of the Paradise masterplan. Inspired by the Victorian architecture of the city’s Grade 1 listed Town Hall and Council House, the building presents a strong facade with elegant, slender columns which run its full height, before stepping back at the sixth floor with a roof terrace. With this aesthetic philosophy in mind and elite technology in hand, the Paradise project, from developer-manager Argent, is set to reinstate Birmingham’s civic heart and bring the city into the future whilst celebrating some of the UK’s finest Victorian architecture and the legacy of Joseph Chamberlain.

The TROX PWX fancoil range was an ideal choice for the air conditioning system at Two Chamberlain Square, where comfort of building

occupants and energy efficiency are key priorities. Launched in 2017, the PWX fancoil was the result of an extensive research and development programme in which TROX rejected incremental product enhancements in favour of a comprehensive rethink of fancoil technology. When developing the PWX range, TROX put the new fancoils through thorough in- house testing, using their in-house test chamber (constructed to comply with ASHRAE 79, BS1397 and EUROVENT 6/3), in addition to extensive corroboration of results at an independent test facility.

As a result, specifiers of PWX fancoils are able to input exact performance criteria for an extremely wide range of thermal and acoustic scenarios when planning their air conditioning schemes, instead of having to rely on less reliable ‘anticipated’ or ‘expected’ data. The TROX PWX range is therefore able to speed up the

specification of projects significantly, streamline installation and commissioning, and provide valuable environmental and cost benefits whilst reducing levels of risk.

Luminaires manufactured by Zumtobel Lighng have been installed as part of a £600,000 makeover project at the Mintlaw Academy, giving their library a brand new space known as the ‘Learning Plaza’

Zumtobel makes Mintlaw Academy Learning Plaza a superb resource for pupils The luminaires were chosen to enhance the

overall appearance of the new state-of-the-art facility whilst increasing wellbeing and comfort for users, providing a low maintenance, energy efficient solution.

Mintlaw Academy is a secondary school located in Aberdeenshire, Scotland serving the rural communities of Central Buchan and has a capacity for 1,000 students. The new Learning Plaza includes new study areas for pupils, a library, a resource centre for teachers and an information technology suite. There are also ‘book hives’ where youngsters can sit among the library’s latest titles.

Zumtobel’s VAERO LED was chosen to cater for the need to adapt the lighting for different visual tasks and individual needs. VAERO LED is a purist direct/indirect pendant luminaire with a clear, minimalist and discreet design that can be successfully integrated into very different areas and almost any room architecture – whether a


classic working or learning environment or a creative zone. With the aid of special technology, the light is evenly spread from the luminaire centre to the edge, for a pleasant distribution of light and a pleasing visual ambience.

Caela pendants along with an Ondaria fitting were used for their flexibility and aesthetic qualities. The precisely processed diffuser material of Caela enables exact dispersion of the light emitted and the luminaires can also turn 355° and tilt 45° so several luminaires can form a curve. The Ondaria decorative round fitting provides a gentle lighting effect within a harmonious design. Lightfields, with its minimalist, unobtrusive design provides the perfect lighting quality for educational establishments thanks to a micro- pyramidal optic. Ideal for screen-based work, Lightfields has been wall mounted to provide an uplight of illumination against the turquoise walls in the Learning Plaza. To complete the perfect lighting environment for pupils and staff, Panos downlights have been utilised to provide maximum luminaire efficiency. Read the latest at:

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