Eland Cables has launched Veriflex®, its own brand of control and BUS cables for industrial applications

day delivery. uFull range of control and BUS cables for industrial automation applications uNext day delivery as standard, order before 5pm and take delivery the next day uBSI Kitemark tested for verified quality and compliance uExtended warranty across the range


SI Kitemark™ approved, extended warranties across the range, available for next

A new benchmark in cable compliance Eland Cables is the first company to achieve the BSI Cable Batch Verification Kitemark™. “The Cable Batch Verification

Kitemark is applied to products, including the Veriflex® SY, CY and YY range of PVC and LSZH control cables, under strict UKAS test parameters and subject to BSI’s rigorous surveillance programme. The range of tests provide third party assurance that cables meet

relevant British and international standards for key safety criteria, making them fit for use in appropriate installations,” says Paul Turner, BSI Certification Technical Expert. The extensive testing required

for the BSI Cable Batch Verification Kitemark allows Eland Cables to offer an extended warranty on the new Veriflex® range. Doubling that of anything else on the market. For more information visit:

Svantek launches SV307 noise monitoring terminal

esigned for permanent noise monitoring and featuring an integrated Class 1 sound level meter with GSM

modem in removable waterproof casing Svantek UK ( – one of the leading manufacturers of noise and vibration instrumentation for environmental and occupational health monitoring applications – has launched the SV 307 integrated Noise Monitoring Terminal (NMT) designed for permanent noise monitoring applications. The small, lightweight system features a new Class 1 MEMs microphone for major cost benefits and sleeve type case for easy mounting. Protected by an IP66rated waterproof,

removable casing, Svantek’s SV 307 integrates a Class 1 (IEC 61672) sound level meter with 3G modem for fast data transfer over the internet to PC with standard connectivity. Offering optional airport and community characteristics, a Class 1 MEMs microphone veriflex

Scolmore launches dual mode LED dimmer

with lifetime warranty enables wide frequency range up to 20 KHz with the measurement data stored on a microSD card. The energy efficient NMT incorporates an

innovative patented system check with an inbuilt reference sound source producing level of 100dB at 1 KHz. As an option, the SV 307 can perform realtime frequency analysis in 1/1 and 1/3 octave bands and save results with the time history data. Tel: 01234 639551 or visit:

refrigerant management and protection system, which provides peace of mind to building occupants in the unlikely event of a refrigerant leak. Toshiba’s LD2 system was


crowned ACR Ancillary Product of the Year in the National ACR Awards 2018. Toshiba Air Conditioning UK is a part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security, a unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX). The new Toshiba LD2 builds on the success of the company’s awardwinning RD6 refrigerant detection system, which has been redesigned to reduce cost, save space and be even more flexible in application.

newest product range for heating the outside areas, patios and terraces at all types of hospitality venue. lunaSchwank is an exciting new development that combines the latest advances in radiant heating technology with elegant cuttingedge design. Capable of being wall mounted or installed


on an overhead structure, lunaSchwank heaters, unlike conventional mushroom patio heaters, don’t take up valuable terrace space, enabling venues to create more covers and open areas.

Toshiba’s new refrigerant protection system wins 2018 National ACR Award

oshiba Air Conditioning has won a national UK award for its pioneering total

David Dunn, Managing

Director of Toshiba Air Conditioning and CIAT UK, said: “We are delighted the LD2 has been recognised by the independent industry judging panel. Toshiba has been a leading innovator in the field of refrigerant detection and

management systems for a number of years, and the LD2 is our most advanced solution to date. It gives end users and building occupants total confidence, delivering the same high level of protection and functionality as its predecessor for significantly less cost.”

chwank, a world market leader in the manufacture of gasfired infrared radiant heaters, has launched lunaSchwank, its

Now Scolmore has come up with an intelligent dimmer module that not only eliminates flickering, but is much easier to control than regular dimmers, and is essentially two dimmers in one – offering the installer maximum compatibility.

T With a choice of dimming modes – leading or

trailing edge – installers can choose the mode that works most effectively with the LED lights they are using. The electronics inside some LED lamps have better compatibility with trailing edge and some are better in leading edge. Flicker at the bottom end of the dimming range

is quite common when dimming LEDs. By incorporating a minimum brightness setting, the new Dual Mode Dimmer Module allows the minimum brightness to be adjusted, so that any flicker at the bottom end of the dimming range can be trimmed out. Some LED dimmers can also be quite

complicated to install, especially when changing the settings such as dimming mode and minimum brightness, sometimes requiring the installer to perform a specific switching sequence using the dimmer knob. Scolmore has made this much easier by positioning two small switches on the back of the module.

Schwank launches stylish new patio heater for the hospitality sector Further benefits of

lunaSchwank heaters include: uOffering average energy savings of 62% when compared with conventional patio heating systems. uComfortable heat activated by a single switch and felt almost immediately uHeat distributed uniformly without the separated hot spots associated with mushroom heaters u2stage modulation able to reduce heating temperature by half, cutting energy consumption and adding to customer comfort

ulunaSchwank incorporates a highly effective rain protection hood and Schwank’s unique WindSecure system, which ensures that the heater’s flame is almost completely wind resistant

The lunaSchwank range, which will be sold alongside the wellestablished Schwank terrasSchwank patio heaters, comprises three fully preassembled models measuring 752mm, 936mm and 1120mm in width. All hands on deck: Fujitsu’s AC Systems help heat HMS Belfast

three AUXB18GALH 4way compact cassettes and an ASYA09GACH wallmount from Fujitsu Air Conditioning (UK). These new indoor units have been installed


onto the existing AirstageTM JIIS twopipe heat pump VRF system, which is also from Fujitsu, in the lower deck sleeping quarters. The equipment proved to be so successful that a second, identical JIIS system was recently installed adjacent to the first. The new air conditioning units have been installed in an open exposed arrangement,

istoric London tourist attraction HMS Belfast has had its air conditioning system upgraded, with the addition of

ensuring all the cassette units are suspended in the positions of the original models. The original infrared controls have also been replaced by touchscreen versions, which are hardwired to each indoor unit. The controls are set up in a master/slave arrangement, ensuring the two pipe heat pump VRF system can run either in ‘all heating’ or ‘all cooling’ mode. Fujitsu’s AUXB18GALH 4way compact

cassette units offer cooling capacities of 5.6kW and heating up to 6.3kW. Elsewhere, the company’s ASYA09GACH wallmounted AC unit boasts 2.8kW of cooling and a heating capacity of up to 3.2kW.


For more information about Fujitsu, please visit:

he problems of flickering and poor dimming range are welldocumented issues for installers when it comes to LED dimmers.

Station, with the new model now boasting proximity fob entry for up to 10,000 users. Designed for easy installation in multiple apartments, the Aperta Multiway Video Door Station is an IP55 rated metal multiway outdoor station complete with the colour video camera and built in keypad for apartment calling, code unlocking and proximity reading. Proximity entry is becoming increasingly popular and is invaluable for managing sites in a quick and efficient way, and an alternative to the issue of lock release codes, which can be easily forgotten or passed on. The Aperta door entry system supports up to 32 apartments in one system, requiring only 2 wires throughout, with all outdoor stations and monitors powered by a single power supply. The builtin keypad allows for apartment


Advertorial BSEE

ESP introduces new door station with proximity reader

SP has introduced a new version of its Aperta Multiway Video Door

calling, proximity and code unlocking. It features a high resolution colour camera and LED caller illumination. The door station is complete

with a touch screen panel and is compatible with all Aperta 2 Wire Bus range accessories, including a flush bracket in order to recess the unit. For further information contact

ESP on 01527 515150, email or visit: A new captain takes the helm at Evinox

Managing Director. Terry originally joined Evinox in 2010 and through his most recent role as Operations Director has been pivotal to much of the company’s recent success. Terry said of his new position


“I’m delighted and flattered to be appointed as Managing Director at Evinox. This is an exciting time for the business, with planning regulations and government policy continuing to support the deployment of district and communal heating, the market continues to thrive and evolve. Evinox has seen a strong growth in sales over the past 12 months, and with product innovation and development at the forefront of the company strategy this is only set to increase.” The strong growth in sales

reported, can be clearly demonstrated by the calibre of clients and projects that Evinox are working with. Evinox is already in the process of


EHAU has created a new nononsense

brochure to introduce its innovative Thermally Activated Building Structures (TABS) technology to architects and specifiers looking for an environmentally friendly heating and cooling system solution. TABS is a unique

innovation which uses the large thermal mass of concrete in a building’s structure to adjust the environment inside the building throughout the day. It does this by running heated or chilled water through a network of PEXa pipes embedded within the concrete slabs. While the groundbreaking system has been used extensively in Europe and South Africa, it is not yet widely known in the UK. The brochure includes an

introduction to TABS, an explanation of how the radiant heating and cooling works and suggested applications. There is also a breakdown of the key benefits of TABS, such as its low operating costs, quick and easy installation and reduced maintenance requirements.

delivering over 1700 heating and cooling interface units for projects in Canary Wharf and over 1000 units for the same client on a prestigious project on the South Bank in central London. At the same time, the company has also been successful in securing orders for over 700 heat interface units on the latest phase of the London City Island development in Greenwich. For further information about

our integrated communal and district heating solutions, please contact us by emailing or visit: REHAU launches new brochure for TABS

vinox is thrilled to announce that Terry Mahoney has taken the helm as its new

The handy guide features case

studies from across the UK, where TABS has been successfully used, and advice on the different types of installation possible. These are; insite concrete slabs, precast concrete planks and pre fabricated mesh. The brochure also details

REHAU’s compression joint system, which is used to join the lengths of PEXa pipework together before it is encased in concrete. To date 750 million joints have been manufactured. For a copy of the new TABS

brochure please email or download the brochure at: BUILDING SERVICES & ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEER JUNE 2018 41

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