and convenience stores has been available in the UK since March of this year. TFS Solutions are among the first of the UK


distributors to be stocking the new CO2 condensing units. Andy Reed – Commercial Director of TF Solutions commented: “We are excited to be able to add the new environmentally friendly CO2


Panasonic launches CO2 anasonic natural CO2


condensing unit for commercial refrigeration aimed at small supermarkets

condensing unit for commercial refrigeration in the UK and evaporators. The new units

to go with these units, such as K65 pipe and fittings, the CO2

offer a stable, natural and reliable solution that can help save on energy bills.” Having developed the CO2

condensing units condensing units

from Panasonic to our product range to further extend our offering to our UK client base in the commercial refrigeration sector. Furthermore, we can also supply all complimentary products

over time and building up essential knowledge of the end user challenges, Panasonic’s solution helps to overcome some of the major hurdles that small retail outlets encounter with previous solutions. The Panasonic units offer a stable and reliable system that helps to maximise energy efficiency with a low carbon footprint. For more information, please visit:

The heat is on with the new Martindale DT series thermometers

reliable temperature measurements wherever you are working. The DT173 single input and DT175 dual input K Type digital thermometers are new additions to Martindale Electric’s comprehensive thermometry range for contact and noncontact measurements and thermography. Built for ease of use and performance, the new series of handheld digital thermometers from Martindale Electric provides users with a range of enhanced features to meet the latest demands for temperature measurement in industrial, commercial and public premises. Supplied with bead thermocouples as standard the new thermometers are also compatible


new Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

aimed at M&E professionals, facilities managers and architects, has been launched by Viega. The CPD explores modern press connection technology in relation to effectively delivering potable water to new and existing buildings. Clean drinking water and water classed

as potable is a requirement for maintaining the health of building occupants. In the UK, system designs must comply with the minimum requirements set out by British Standards, Building Regulations (Building Standards in Scotland), the Water Supply Regulations 1999 and the Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations 2000. As well as giving an overview of what is

rom HVAC servicing to Legionella testing, two new models make it easy to take

with the full range of Martindale K Type probes including air, penetration, clamp and surface probes, ensuring simple measurement solutions for every application. The two new high performance

digital thermometers are supplied in a

tough holster with builtin stand. The backlit display has large digits for easy viewing in all environments.

The Martindale DT175 is a dual input digital thermometer which allows users to take readings from two type K thermocouples at the same time, for example the input and output of heating equipment and other systems. For more information, please contact Martindale Electric on 01923 441717 or visit:

www. www.martindale New modern press connection CPD from Viega

meant by potable water and the framework around it, the CPD looks at various elements, which can be a contributor to contamination such as storage and assembly in addition to

pipe material and connection systems. The presentation then looks at press connection technology and its advantages for use with potablewater supply pipework. Scott James, Director at Viega comments,

“This CPD gives a great insight into potable water and the regulations governing it while exploring the key factors that influence the successful supply of potable water to buildings. As a manufacturer of press connection technology including Profipress and Sanpress, we can give a great insight into how this technology can help.” To find out more about Viega’s CPDs visit:

Mikrofill supplies Broadway golf club


Sime’s unique integrated heat pump and boiler brings Revolution to renewables sector!

and heat pump in a single cased product. Using an ErP A++ 30 kW Murelle boiler and completely sealed 4kW output heat pump, Sime is targeting its Murelle Revolution 30 at new build, social housing and the retrofit renewables markets. Available from the beginning of April 2018, the Murelle Revolution 30 is a single compact unit, and can be installed by any registered Gas Safe installer in a single installation process, without requiring an additional Fgas registered installer to be present. The unique Murelle Revolution 30 should be installed inside and hung on the wall like a conventional boiler. The Murelle Revolution provides heat and hot water, achieving an average seasonal heating performance of 134%, granting A++ energy efficiency, according to the ErP Ecodesign Regulation. Sime General Manager Massimo Bizzotto states; “Sime is


ime has launched its Murelle Revolution 30, the first completely integrated boiler

renowned for its investment in technology and our Murelle Revolution 30 is global first, and one of the most technically advanced products on the UK market. We have already seen the Murelle Revolution 30 successfully piloted in Italy and in Spain and we are in discussions with leading UK construction and heating clients about how the Murelle Revolution 30 will fit with their own renewable projects. The Sime Revolution is here!” dormakaba releases product E

stablished in 1895 on an escarpment with wonderful views across the Vale of Evesham to the Malvern Hills & Black Mountains,

Broadway is one of the finest members’ golf clubs in the Cotswolds. Following a dilapidation survey by Evesham Mechanical Services Ltd it was concluded that the existing ASHPs were to be replaced with condensing boilers and associated equipment. Mikrofill supplied two Ethos 70kW stainless steel wall mounted boilers c/w integral shunt pumps. The boilers, with a collective turndown ratio of 20 > 1 serve an existing zoned radiator system aswell as a primary supply to HWS cylinders. The installation was unvented by way of a new

pressurisation package that included a Mikrofill 3 filling device/fluid risk category 4 backflow preventer, a 200 litre expansion vessel and a service drain valve. The system design and installation was carried out by long standing local contractor Evesham Mechanical Services Ltd. For more information on these and other

Mikrofill products please contact the sales team on 03452 606020 or visit: SWEP design software now with BIM Level 2 S

WEP is the first heat exchanger manufacturer to create BIM Level 2 models for its marketleading compact and high capacity Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger (BPHE) range. Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a key component of the

government construction strategy, where it aims to deliver significant efficiencies to the government estate. But BIM is also being widely adopted in the private sector by clients who see the benefits of a common information platform for projects through the life of the building, structure or facility. Christer Frennfelt, SWEP country manager for the UK, said: “BIM in

SWEP design software SSP G7 means that SWEP can meet the needs of design engineers, contractors and design engineers, by providing 3D BIM models with project and asset information, documentation and related data. This enables designers to import the models and data directly into

their designs for HVAC or Heat Network systems.” The resulting benefits are:

uReduction in CAPEX, delivery and operational costs uReduced risk uImproved carbon performance uPredictable planning SWEP’s design software SSP G7

is available for downloading from SWEP website and BIM is available in Revit® which supports a wide range of industry standards and file formats.calculationsoftware/ UAE Oil & Gas Storage chooses Denso Steelcoat tank base protection

PGIC is a prominent tank storage operator whose activities in Fujairah, United Arab Emirates, include the storing of crude oil, fuel oil, and all types of oil products and gas. Denso Steelcoat Tank Base Protection System


was recently applied on all BPGIC's tanks in their new Fujairah storage facilities terminal. The approval was based on the successful record of this Denso system used by other tank farm operators in the UAE. After hand power tool cleaning and the

application of Denso HiTack Primer, Densyl Mastic was used to fill all voids before the areas were wrapped with a layer of Denso HiTack

Tape. Denso Primer D was then applied to a masked area before a layer of Denso Ultraseal RT Tape was applied. Finally the surface was overcoated with Denso Acrylic topcoat to form a lasting waterproof and flexible seal. The external base area of steel storage tanks

are susceptible to corrosion problems. The Steelcoat Tank Base Protection System seals the vulnerable area while remaining flexible enough to move with the tank when it gets filled and emptied, while also providing a tough, highly weatherresistant outer armouring. 34 BUILDING SERVICES & ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEER JUNE 2018

brochure designed specifically for the education sector


eading manufacturer of access and security solutions, dormakaba has an extensive

range of products suitable for almost every application scenario. The company’s new brochure

helpfully collates all products suitable for the education sector as well as relevant smart and integrated solutions into one practical overview. The brochure includes: Entrances, Electronic Access Control, Mechanical Key Systems, Door Hardware and Accommodation. Education projects, particularly

universities, often feature high traffic areas as staff, students and visitors frequently move around the site. This can lead to difficulty in securing external doors effectively. As such, the brochure focuses on dormakaba’s integrated access and security solutions, which allow for easy access onto campus whilst maintaining a high

level of security. “We pride ourselves on

providing customers with a combination of both product and industry knowledge, alongside a strong commitment to service and support. We hope both existing and new customers find this new brochure a valuable resource for upcoming education projects.” To get your copy of the new

Education sector brochure from dormakaba, contact to receive your copy or download for free at: Mikrofill replant at Dobbies

situated just off the A616 between Balborough and Clowne. The naturally large gardening area is further complimented by a substantial aquatics department with a wonderful array of fish and pets.


During the autumn of 2016 the demise of the existing direct fired HWS generator hastened the requirement for an upgrade of the HWS system serving multiple outlets around the building. Long established mechanical contractor ‘Total Heat Systems Ltd’ of Sheffield carried out the design and installation incorporating an Ethos 70kW condensing boiler and a 300L ‘Extreme Loading System’ from Mikrofill. Mikrofill’s hot water loading

uApplying Denso Tank Base Protecon system at Fujairah.

systems have been developed specifically to meet the demands of modern commercial buildings. The Extreme is a domestic hot water generator that combines the advantages of both an instantaneous hot water heater and a storage system. The

obbies in Chesterfield is within easy reach of the Derbyshire countryside,

efficiency of the Ethos 70kW boiler is maximised whilst providing indirect LPHW to the cylinder as the Extreme is designed to operate at a t of 30°C. Based on a prioritised input of 70kW at 80°C the Extreme 300 will produce in excess of 1500 l/hr and 500 litres in a 10 minute peak period at 60°C. For more information on these and other Mikrofill products please contact the sales dept on 03452 606020 or visit: VISIT OUR WEBSITE:

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