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Water booster pump sets are not the first thought on everyone’s mind when they walk into a new shopping centre, view a new high rise apartment or go into hospital. However they play a vital role in allowing life to flourish in these structures by pumping water to where it’s needed, when it’s needed.


PUMPS BSEE Right pump, right place

ater booster pump sets increase the pressure of the cold/hot water services to provide water within a building, where the existing incoming mains or feed tank is not capable.


A well selected and sized water booster set will not only serve the building and its occupants, without anyone wondering how the water just appears out of the tap but will also do this continually, without it costing the earth financially or environmentally.

As experts on water demand patterns and recommended pumping rates, Aquatech Pressmain offers comprehensive and flexible solutions to even the most difficult water boosting and pumping problems.

As with everything in life there are several options and it’s a case of selecting the right product for your application.

Aquatech Pressmain sets incorporate efficient inverter driven variable speed pumps, which continually vary the motor speed to match the changing flow demand pattern, whilst maintaining a constant system duty pressure. This mode of operation of adjusting the pump’s motor speed to the building’s flow requirements reduces the power consumption dramatically, in comparison to fixed speed motor control.

Domesc pump sets

Our ESL package booster sets are ideally suited for private houses, where water is needed for multiple bathrooms and leisure facilities, especially when these are in use simultaneously. Fully automatic in their operation they can be supplied as a complete package with various water storage tank

options with the correct air gap arrangements to comply with today’s water regulations

Light commercial pump sets

Small wall mounted pump sets are available; our Aquabreak AB5 is predominantly used to provide back flow prevention to fluid category 5. For example, in a bin store at an apartment complex or as a wash down set. The Aquabreak is a complete, all-in-one unit, single outlet booster set incorporating a single pump, pressure sensor, controller, control vessel, non-return valve and a 5 litre nominal break tank fitted with a 1/2” solenoid valve and strainer. The electronic controller ensures that the pump starts automatically when water is consumed and stops automatically when consumption ceases.

Commercial pump sets

Our main range of advanced, vertical multistage, water booster sets are predominantly used to supply water to office blocks, factories, data centres, hospitals, hotels, apartments and universities. They all feature energy efficient variable speed motors to EuP IE5 grade, as well as automatic cascade control, for all available pumps. Together with electronic low water cut-out for pump dry running protection, which will auto re- start upon the water being restored accordingly.

Pump sets for crical water supply

For medical facilities and data centres we offer water booster sets with dual control packages and power supplies. This type of configuration is

becoming more pertinent especially where critical services are situated.

Combined water booster and sprinkler system pump sets

For fire safety, combined water booster and sprinkler systems for high rise apartments are available. We have designed a combined water booster and sprinkler set built in line with BS9251:2014.

Bespoke products

This starts with an informal chat and impartial advice, a site visit to see and discuss the requirements, then selecting the right equipment or designing a bespoke system to meet the needs of your project.

Maintenance agreements and emergency call out

We can also assist in minimising installation issues and advise on maintenance requirements including helping you to understand the thorough examination of pressure vessels and written schemes of examination. Our team of engineers covers the UK and we can also provide a maintenance agreement, giving you access to 24/7 emergency call-out.

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