With market research suggesng that the BMS (Building Management System) market will reach £14.2bn by 2023, it’s an ideal opportunity for the electrical industry to capitalise, writes leading cables technology specialist, FS Cables.

or security, they all work to achieve the same goal. Efficient lighting control in a BMS system is just one way of reducing energy and saving costs. Lighting can be automatically adjusted, depending on natural light detected or the number of occupants. The FSC range of lighting control cables cover most popular systems including Crestron, Simmtronic, KNX, Control 4, Thorn, Mode, Honeywell and many more. These are available in Low Smoke Halogen Free (LSHF), meaning they give off minimal smoke and toxic fumes, and are CPR classified. This is ideal for installation in public buildings such as schools, hospitals or airports, as well as high-rise offices or residential buildings where evacuation may be difficult in a fire.


As a comparison, LSHF cables give off less than 0.5% hydrogen chloride gas when burnt, compared with around 28% from traditional PVC or LSF.

FS Cables keep massive stocks of LSHF cables for most applications, which are always LSHF throughout. While it is important to recognise the part cabling plays in the spread of fire, it certainly doesn’t end there. So often designers overlook other factors that need to be addressed, such as airflow. This is critical if there is a steady supply of fresh air/oxygen to support the flame or even create a chimney effect in a riser.

Choose cable that is appropriate for the application and complies with current regulations. The Construction Products Regulation (CPR), covered by BS EN 50575, directly affects cables designed for permanent installation within domestic, residential and commercial buildings – in fact any civil structure. BS EN 50575 enables designers, specifiers and

TPDPT8 Air Differential Pressure Sensors From Titan Products Ltd.

High Accuracy & No Long Term Drift +/- Range selection options

Multi-range options from 0-25Pa to 0-500Pa

LCD display and IP65 options

uBMS is installed anywhere from hospitals, oces and prisons to shopping centres and highend residenal.

installers to consider the contribution that cables make to the spread of fire.

Cables are a particular concern as they run between rooms and floors, above ceilings and are often made from flammable materials. They can also be a source of ignition if badly installed, damaged or faulty. Cabling for BMS systems will have to comply with BS EN 50575 and it will be up to the specifier to select the suitable product. For more information about how CPR affects cables, visit

Zero calibration

No long term drift

Better than 0.2% accuracy near zero

No temperature drift

Recent high-profile tragedies, such as the Grenfell Tower fire, shine a spotlight on fire safety and ways that it could be improved. Ensuring adequate fire safety starts with specifying and installing appropriate building materials. High performance fire survival cables, such as the Draka Firetuf data range, provide an excellent solution for connecting BMS with fire systems. The Firetuf fibre, data and coaxial ranges are designed to carry on functioning in the event of a fire and provide vital signals to voice alarm, CCTV and allow systems to be shut down in an orderly fashion.

Fire barriers and fire curtains are being increasingly used in areas that are difficult to evacuate, requiring control through both BMS and fire systems. Meeting specific fire resistance requirements, some cables are also available with LU approval.

IP65 Option Display Option

With no long term or temperature drift and a better than 0.2% accuracy near zero pressure, the all new TPDPT8 Air Differential Pressure Sensors are Titan Products’ most stable and accurate Differential Air Pressure Sensors to date.

Smart BACnet & Modbus Sensors Coming Soon

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BMS can also be used to increase productivity and performance. Heating, cooling and ventilation can be automatically controlled or manually adjusted using an interface to set the optimum climate and an oxygen-rich environment.

Control cables, in particular the Niltox LF-319 and its dual- screened sister cable Niltox LF-329, are used to provide power and control to heating and ventilation control systems. Available in a range of conductor sizes and in either number or colour coded, from 2 to 25 cores, the Niltox LF-319 and LF-329 feature a LSHF insulation and sheath for installation in public buildings.

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‘ Recent high

profile tragedies, such as the Grenfell Tower fire, shine a spotlight on fire safety and ways that it could be improved. Ensuring adequate fire safety starts with specifying and installing appropriate building materials. 10 BUILDING SERVICES & ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEER JUNE 2018 VISIT OUR WEBSITE: uBMS cables for popular systems including KNX, Trend and Honeywell.

ost modern buildings now incorporate some form of BMS, primarily focusing on energy efficiency and saving costs. Whether that’s through proximity sensor lighting, climate control, door entry


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