According to a recent report, press fit technologies are seeing parcular growth in the UK pipes and fings market. As specifiers turn to new and innovave methods of construcon, Antony Corbe, Product Manager for Geberit, explores the reasons behind this growing trend and why press fit systems are gaining such tracon.

earlier this year highlighted the growth of press-fit systems over the last two years, signalling a move away from flame-free jointing. So, with the industry clearly adopting smarter and leaner processes, why press-fit? What are the reasons behind the shift and is it really worth businesses switching from more traditional ways of working?

T Pressing for the right method

Let’s first look at what these traditional methods mean in practice. Older jointing methods, such as soldering, can be difficult to implement – site conditions or safety regulations can render hot works simply impractical for the job in hand. Press-fit, on the other hand, offers a much safer alternative to conventional pipework connection methods. Indeed, this was noted by AMA’s researchers who claimed that “increasing health and safety legislation and the lack of traditional skills of soldering and welding pipework” was partly to explain for the move towards flame-free jointing.

This ever-growing legislation is not to be underestimated; no requirement for hot works means no need for flammable gases and, therefore, no need for a hot work permit. Safety isn’t the only important factor to explain this shift. With no hot works and no cooling down period, pressing solutions such as Geberit Mapress can also offer real efficiency, something

he evidence speaks for itself – there is a real shift in the pipes and fittings sector. AMA research1


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that was also noted by AMA’s researchers. According to BSRIA, press fit systems can take 30 per cent less time to install than their traditional counterparts; this can, on average, help reduce the cost of jobs by approximately 27 per cent compared to other traditional methods such as screwed or threaded systems.

Pressing solutions can also offer peace of mind both during and post installation. Protection end caps prevent debris and dirt from getting into the system. Any connections not pressed during installation can be visibly detected during testing. All these features not only offer added reassurance but, just as importantly, can also avoid the need for costly call backs. When compared to push fit systems which use a rubber seal and grab ring, press fitting offers more inherent strength compared to the plastic push fit alternative. A push fit system with a mechanical joint can also make the pipe susceptible to a certain amount of movement.

The boom line

So, what does all this mean for businesses? It’s simple. Always looking out for more effective working practices can help improve efficiency. Time is, after all, a precious commodity and it is only natural that working smarter can increase profit. With product development constantly evolving, not to mention manufacturers taking on board learnings from the European market, efficiencies and enhancements can be achieved by selecting the right materials.

With multiple benefits, it’s no surprise that press fit systems are seeing a surge in growth. Not only is

uWith no hot works and no cooling down period, pressing soluons such as Geberit Mapress can also oer real eciency.

the solution clean and easy to use, it also delivers reliable sealing, reduced risk and improved health and safety. It’s reassuring to see businesses keeping an open mind and keen eye out for newer ways of working.

For information on Geberit Mapress, visit our website (see below).

1 2018 Pipes & Fittings Market Report



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