Bell Flow was approached by a customer with a second home in the Hebrides, which was visited sporadically. They wanted to monitor water usage remotely and set alarms to alert them of any unusual peaks in the flow – indicang a potenally burst pipe or water leak.

In response to a Hebrides-based customer who wanted to monitor water usage remotely, Bell Flow offered a water meter and GSM data logging solution.

Considering the relatively high possibility of freezing temperatures and frozen pipes, Bell Flow offered a Badger RCDL Meter with a pulsed output. The RCDL, which is the most popular domestic water meter in the USA, does not suffer frost damage if the water within the chamber freezes, like other types of meter might.

The water within the RCDL can freeze and the meter will cease working but when the water thaws again, the meter will continue accurate operation once more.

Along with this model of pulsed meter, the customer was also offered the

Aqualink GSM Datalogger. The pulse output from the water meter would go into the Aqualink – which is fitted with a SIM card. The flow data is then captured by the Aqualink and sent to an on-line portal with a secure customer log in.

This ensures that the customer can view his water usage anywhere that has internet access. The Aqualink also has the ability to set alarms, enabling the customer to set a warning alert by SMS for excessively high water usage.

For more information on the Aqualink GSM datalogger or the Badger RCDL meter send an email to or visit:

uBell Flow’s Badger RCDL Meter and Aqualink GSM Datalogger. Lighng Controls Ltd wins contract for Herbal House

Herbal House is a 115,000sq ft office development, originally built for the Daily Mirror in 1928. It has been sensitively redesigned and refurbished with an emphasis on

maintaining original materials, features and character. Herbal House will now be the UK offices of the online greeting card company, Moon Pig.

The Lighting Controls Ltd network will comprise presence detectors, scene set plates and area controllers on each of the floors, along with the new 10-channel lighting

uThe lighng controls network at Herbal House will include presence detectors, scene set plates and area controllers, plus a 10channel lighng control module.

control module, allowing the contractor to pre-wire off-site ready for 2nd fix luminaire installation.

Also, Lighting Controls Ltd’s new Area Controller includes new test features, which allow the network to be checked before the system is

commissioned. In other words, the integrity of the installation can be established when the network wiring is completed and the lighting system fully working, so that the lighting is functional before a CAT B fit out but without commissioning costs.

Luceco and Rawfield Electrical Contractors based in Hull, have recently completed the supply and installaon of over 400 energy saving LED luminaires at Ark Byron Primary Academy’s new school located at The Vale, London.

Energysaving Luceco LEDs for London Primary Academy

The new Ark Byron Primary Academy building was funded by the Education Funding Agency (EFA) and pupils attended their new school for the first time in February. Simon Beeston, Director at Rawfield, said: “Ark Byron School was a great project to work on alongside Eco Modular Buildings. The school and all associated with it were extremely happy with the finish of the building and the lighting scheme worked perfectly. We would recommend Luceco Lighting products as the service and overall product is second to none.”

LED 600 x 600 LuxPanels were installed throughout the building serving applications including classrooms, assembly and recreational areas, corridors, and library. LuxPanel requires no maintenance over its lifetime with more than 50,000 hours of operational life, as does the IP65 Climate LED luminaire used in the plant and storage areas.

Climate Extra has a market leading efficacy of 140 Llm/cW with increased performance for improved energy efficiency. Platinum downlight luminaires – offering potential running cost savings of up to 80% over traditional lamped fittings – were installed in various areas including WCs. Providing 50,000 hours of maintenance free life, Platinum has an impressive efficacy of 135 Llm/cW.

Versatile IP65 rated LED Atlas luminaires were used on stairwells internally and externally with a modern decorative trim to match the architectural lines of the building, the perfect contemporary finish for this impressive new learning environment. For more information call 01952 238 100, email or visit:

Advertorial BSEE Remote water monitoring and management in the Hebrides

Celebrang its industrial past, Herbal House is now in the centre of London’s hightech hub and Lighng Controls Ltd has been contracted to provide the lighng controls network.

uLuceco’s LED 600 x 600 LuxPanels, IP65 Climate and Atlas LED luminaires and Planum downlights were installed at the new Ark Byron Primary Academy.

Viega’s ingenious soluons for Ingenuity House

uMegapress and Profipress fings include Viega’s SC Contur technology, proven to deliver a 100% posive leak if the fing is inadvertently unpressed.


Viega’s Megapress system allowed fast and efficient installation of the thick walled steel tube used for the heating system at Ingenuity House, while the copper pipework for hot and cold water systems also features Viega’s Profipress fittings. The 12,000sq m Ingenuity House, is a showcase of Interserve’s capabilities. Products and systems used in the construction and management of the building demonstrate best practice and the high quality standards applied to every project. The new building, which has a BREEAM ‘Excellent’ rating, brings together 1,200+ Interserve employees from four West Midlands offices. Interserve’s Kelvin Wyke explained: “Press connecting pipework has been a part of our approach for a number of years and we were familiar with Viega’s products from previous contracts in the area. Megapress allowed us to install the thick walled steel heating and chilled water system pipework quickly and efficiently.”

Viega’s Megapress delivers the speed and safety of press connection technology for applications that use thick walled steel tube. The range comprises over 60 fittings including those certified for gas installations and can be used on tubes up to two inches in diameter. It also avoids the need to use heavy threading equipment and lubricating oils for a safer and cleaner installation. The simple to use pressing tool means that even difficult installations such as overhead pipework can be completed safely and effectively.

Kelvin Wyke continued: “The benefits of a single source of supply for the fittings were clear and the Viega Profipress system met all our requirements for the copper pipework that makes up the hot and cold water system. Viega also provided refresher training on the products to our Ingenuity House installation teams.” BUILDING SERVICES & ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEER JUNE 2018 35

Viega’s innovave press connecon technology has solved a variety of installaon challenges at Ingenuity House, Interserve’s new state of the art regional Hub in Solihull,


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