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uA complete range of airtoair products dedicated to heang and cooling in comfort applicaons.

New residenal R32 Mulsplit air condioning range from Toshiba High eciency, exceponal comfort and installaon flexibility

Toshiba is proud to announce its new environmentally friendly and higheciency R32 Mulsplit system for residenal airtoair cooling and heang.

and budget flexibility, the low GWP Toshiba R32 Multisplit system is aimed at larger house installations where just one easily concealed low-noise outdoor unit can service up to five rooms. Toshiba is offering one of the widest Multisplit R32 refrigerant-based ranges for the European residential market. When comparing with R410A systems, its refrigerant charge reduction of up to 30% enables a 77% reduction in tons equivalent CO2 emissions. Most importantly, R32 provides a truly convincing proposition for energy conscious customers who care about the environment.


uSHORAI: improve your quality of life with a stylish and energy ecient indoor unit and discreet design.

At the heart of the new R32 Multisplit system, two highly efficient and low- noise outdoor units cover heating/cooling capacities from 3.3 kW to 10 kW. Equipped with Toshiba’s advanced and well-proven DC twin-rotary compressor and vector- controlled inverter technology, they deliver smooth and precise temperature regulation for maximum room comfort. With best results for SEER of up to 6.90

ith a comprehensive selection of high wall, duct, console and cassette units for complete multi- room functionality

and SCOP to 4.60, these exceptionally low energy consumption outdoor units provide the basis for minimal operating costs compared to other multi-split systems.

Three new high wall R32 compatible models provide entry-tier to high-level operational and comfort features that will match every residential room, no matter what size and function. The affordable and compact MIRAI combines quiet efficiency and high performance in five sizes for use where moderate functionality is required such as bedrooms. The mid-range SHORAI is available in seven sizes to suit small-to-large frequently used rooms where energy efficiency and stylish looks meet the need for low ambient noise and added functionality such as 3D smart airflow and premium indoor air quality. For the most discerning customer, the DAISEIKAI 9 provides the ultimate in comfort and style with all the features of the SHORAI plus best-in-class plasma air filtration, optimised energy consumption, a fireplace mode and a unique outdoor unit noise reduction function that ensures added neighbourhood comfort. All Toshiba’s R32 high wall units have a discrete elegance that will blend and harmonise with contemporary or traditional decors.

For customers who prefer more usable wall space, Toshiba’s floor standing console units are available in three sizes with a bi-flow air delivery, full air filtration and directional floor heating to provide a comfortable and flexible air conditioning solution. For users requiring discreet installation, ducted units in six airflow ratings are just 210 mm in height and include adjustable external static air pressure and optional air filtration.

Completing the indoor unit range, the new system can also be seamlessly combined with Toshiba’s recently announced R32 compatible 4-Way Smart Cassettes. These highly efficient units particularly serve as an alternative multi-split solution for smaller light-commercial projects like single-unit shops and offices. With an elegant and modern low- profile design, three models provide 4-way air diffusion with individual louvre control plus optional occupancy sensors and wireless operation amongst many other advanced features. The new compact cassettes feature a slim chassis design and suit 600 x 600 mm grid ceilings for straightforward commercial installation.

uCOMPACT CASSETTE: the perfect light commercial soluon for advanced air control and discreet design.

For even more application flexibility, all of the indoor units are bi-refrigerant and compatible with both the new R32 and Toshiba’s legacy R410A refrigerant multi-split outdoor units. A special version based on the new R32 Multisplit system, the 2M1O, has been specifically designed for 2-room applications such as small duplex houses or apartments. Its exceptionally neighbourhood friendly operation at only 45dB(A) sound pressure level combines with a wide operating range of -20°C to +46°C – for year-round comfort, maximum efficiency and lowest running costs.

Complementing the innovative and energy-friendly R32 Multisplit range, a selection of wall mounted and wireless remote controllers offer simple-to- advanced management of room set-up and operational convenience. As with all Toshiba air-to-air and other air conditioning products and systems, the new R32 Multisplit has the hallmark of Japanese design and manufacture for exceptional build quality, outstanding durability and highest industry reliability. 38 BUILDING SERVICES & ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEER JUNE 2018 A L E IL T IN G R N IR B S V JUNE 2018 U D IC O & M


As with

all Toshiba airtoair and other air condioning products and systems, the new R32 Mulsplit has the hallmark of Japanese design and manufacture for exceponal build quality, outstanding durability and highest industry reliability.


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