allows every LED segment to be controlled individually, massively increasing the process visualisation capability over existing stack lights. "The flexible mode of the SmartLight is a game changer in two ways. Firstly,

New Flexible mode Smart light B

Hitaltech gives Amelec’s signal splitter a “real chance of success”


hen Amelec, the signal conditioning experts, needed an ultra-slim signal splitter enclosure, they took a closer look at the Hitaltech range. Within the range, Amelec’s David Mundye found an

enclosure suitable for TS35 ‘top-hat’ type Din rail and TS32 ‘G’ rail mounting, and which offered dual mounting within a single mould. It would still require customisation though: “Din rail

hooks needed modifying and there were possible heat dissipation issues,” explains David. “Hitaltech added ventilation slots and we worked

together to marry our internal pcb layout to the enclosure and ensure access to four pcb-mounted calibration potentiometers. “Hitaltech gave us their full support, finding new cost-

efficiencies that have helped us reach a sustainable price,” says David. “They have given our new product a real chance of success.”

Hitaltech u 01253 899910 u

you have full control of the individual LED stages so users are no longer constrained by the number of segments that we decide someone needs," said Russell Smith, Product Manager Industrial Networking and Safety Balluff Ltd. "Secondly, you can define segments to suit the application, using a larger element for personnel who need visual data from a distance and smaller elements for those in the work envelope. That's never been done before. No one can do that on the market." Finer segment control means the lights are no longer confined only to machine

status applications but also facilitates their use for process status and control visualisation to production operatives.

Balluff u 01606 812 777 u

Springtime offer on thermal imaging camera U

Series Infrared Cameras, the TiS20 is said to offer good quality at an affordable price to help industrial, maintenance, and HVAC professionals analyse equipment health at a distance quickly and accurately. The fixed-focus Fluke TiS20 Thermal Imager provides up to 320x240

resolution. It features three pre-sets of IR-Fusion with AutoBlend which, by combining visible and infrared images into one, reveal key details to help the user find potential issues and make documenting problems quick and easy. Replaceable lithium ion smart batteries, with a five-segment LED charge level display, help avoid unexpected power loss. Fluke Connect SmartView Desktop Software, for optimising and analysing thermal images, is also included.

Fluke u 020 7942 0700 u

New ABB handbook helps make industrial temperature measurement easy


BB has released a new in-depth handbook explaining how to maximise temperature

measurement accuracy in industrial applications. Titled ‘Industrial temperature measurement: Basics and practice’, the handbook provides a detailed explanation of the key areas that users need to consider when implementing and operating temperature measurement technology. Available from, the handbook is suitable for both novices and those with more experience in temperature measurement. Written by ABB's temperature experts, the 320-page book is divided into nine main chapters, covering a variety of topics including the principles of temperature measurement; sensor and transmitter options and how to select them; ensuring accuracy through calibration and verification; and the options available for explosive and SIL applications. “As one of the most widely measured parameters in

any industrial application, temperature provides an invaluable indication of what’s happening in a process,” says Steve Gorvett, ABB’s DP Flow and Temperature Product Manager for the UK. “Our new handbook is absolutely essential for any technician, experienced or not, who is looking to better understand the basic principles of temperature measurement and how to select the best solution that

will deliver the highest levels of accuracy and reliability in their application.” ABB's Measurement & Analytics business unit ( is among the world's leading

manufacturers and suppliers of instrumentation and analyzers. With thousands of experts around the world and high-performance technology, ABB's team is dedicated to making measurement easy for its customers. ABB (NYSE: ABB) is a pioneering technology leader in electrification products, robotics and motion, industrial

automation and power grids, serving customers in utilities, industry and transport & infrastructure globally. ABB


Do you use inert gas blanketing within your manufacturing process?

Inert gas blanketing is a process used to protect volatile, combustible or perishable products from undesirable reactions such as oxidation or explosion. The Rapidox 1100 and Rapidox 2100 zirconia oxygen gas analysers can measure oxygen content at the lowest level in parts per million, ensuring that the inert environment is as pure as possible.

There are many benefits in inert gas blanketing such as:

• risk of oxidisation Assists in chemical storage • Protects perishable products • Enhances safety • Reduces contamination • Maintains inert environment • Used in many applications

If you would like further information on Rapidox gas analysers or advice using gas analysis within your process,

Cambridge Sensotec u 01480 462142 u



alluff's new flexible mode SmartLight provides two never-before-seen applications: user defined segments and point-of-use indication. Flexible mode

ntil 30th June 2018, Fluke is offering its TiS20 Thermal Imager at a reduced recommended list price. A model in the Fluke TiS Performance

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