Red Pitaya adds Vector Network Analyser capabilities to low cost credit-card-sized, reconfigurable STEMlab instrument


New Dynasonics TFX-500w Ultrasonic Clamp-on Flow Meter.


he TFX-500w is designed for measuring water flow in industrial applications. It measures water flow bi-

directionally and has a clamp-on design, avoiding the need to cut the pipe. It is well suited to existing projects and there is no loss of pressure because of the non-invasive design of this ultrasonic flow meter. The TFX-500w is capable of measuring flow rate, velocity and water flow with precision and accuracy and comes in sizes ½ inch to 10 inch. Temperature range of -40 to 70 °C. It is capable of measuring flow from 0.38 to 37,000 L/min. Data communications options include the Modbus RTU and BACnet MS/TP. It can also be fully integrated with the Badger Meter Beacon and AquaCUE Advanced Metering Analytics (AMA) cloud-based software suites. The Dynasonics TFX-500w is designed for water systems, wastewater effluent, agricultural irrigation and industrial discharge.

Bell Flow Systems  01280 817304 

ed Pitaya, the company that is pioneering the move to low cost, open- source, reconfigurable instrumentation with its credit-card-sized

STEMlab™ platform, today launched a VNA new bridge module and application that enables STEMLab to function an affordable vector network analyser (VNA), a precision measuring tool that tests the electrical performance of high frequency components in the radio frequency. STEMlab is a test and measurement environment that includes a board, an application marketplace and a source code library. It is designed as a low- cost alternative to many expensive measurement and control instruments. STEMlab can function as an Oscilloscope, Logic Analyser, Signal Generator, Spectrum Analyser and more, also performing other tasks, now including vector network analysis. To run the VNA application users need a STEMlab plus an additional VNA bridge module – both available from Red Pitaya’s web store. VNA is a contributed application that runs on Windows and Linux.

Red Pitaya 

New accelerometer combines low noise with wide range from DC to 2,000Hz

The new Type 8396A triax from Kistler has those characteristics plus excellent linearity and an integral signal amplifier for an analog voltage output all in a miniature, titanium housing weighing only 30 grams. With six ranges from 2g to 200g these new MEMS accelerometers are the answer to most demanding applications from automotive durability testing and road load data and aviation flutter testing to bridge structural monitoring and railway rolling stock testing and monitoring. The new Type 8396A accelerometer uses a MEMS variable capacitance, silicon sensing element to simultaneously measures acceleration and/or low-frequency vibration in three mutually perpendicular axes from DC to 2,000Hz. The integrated signal amplifier provides a wide range of industry standard output signals options to interface with most current DAQ systems.

I Kistler  01256 741550 

f you need a triaxial accelerometer that combines wide frequency range from, DC to 2kHz with exceptionally low noise, the choice has been very limited until now.

New 115A PCB terminal blocks from Hylec

F Printing on the go I

t’s somewhat ironic that despite the ever-increasing connectivity and computing power of today’s phones, tablets, laptops, dedicated mobile data capture devices and portable terminals, the requirement for hard copy printed paper for receipts, quotations, job sheets, reports and certificates often causes the biggest problem for remote workers. However, there is now a huge choice of mobile printers; BVM Limited offers portable thermal printers with paper sizes from two inch wide rolls up to A4 sheets, which, supported by software drivers and apps for virtually all computing devices and operating systems, enable high quality output to be produced irrespective of location or power availability. Portable printers are typically powered by rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries, although in-vehicle printing from a

fixed unit is also becoming an increasingly popular option for oil delivery drivers and others who need to leave professional looking printed documents with customers. Another increasingly important use for mobile hard copy information is in the Fire and Rescue Service, where plans of commercial buildings and large sites can be printed out while the vehicle is en route to the location of the fire.

BVM Ltd 42 MAY 2018 | INSTRUMENTATION  01489 780144 

or consumer, processing and industrial OEM applications, Hylec has added new 115A PCB terminal

blocks to its already extensive range. Enabling secure transmission of signals, data and power to PCBs and featuring a space-saving connection method, Hylec’s range includes rising clamp PCB terminal blocks in single, double and triple-decker styles which save valuable board space. The new PCB terminal blocks include models suitable for high-power applications. Colours include green, black, grey and orange (depending on model). Hylec also manufacture PCB fuse holders and covers

which are available in green and black, on industry- standard 22.6mm pitch. Compact and UL- and VDE- approved, they are superior in quality to most similar devices on the market and available at a competitive price point.

Hylec  01933 234400 


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