range of temperature profiling systems for quality control and optimization of soldering processes. The all-new family of DATAPAQ DP5 data loggers is augmented by the Insight Reflow Tracker professional software which quickly transforms the raw data into actionable information. Reflow soldering process optimization using the Easy Oven Setup recipe calculator is included as standard, as are SPC and trending analysis. These functions enable the operator to get the best out of every SMT production line. The launch furthermore includes two sensor holding frames that save setup time and ensure repeatability: an improved 12-thermocouple pallet for monitoring wave soldering process stability and a new, easy-to-use DATAPAQ Surveyor for reflow processes.


Fluke Process Instruments at SMT Hybrid Packaging 05 – 07 June 2018, Nuremberg, Germany Hall 4, Stand 437

Fluke Process Instruments 


Evatron Protective Boots R

t the SMT Hybrid Packaging trade show in Nuremberg, Germany, Fluke Process Instruments will launch a new

new personal portal for VEGA. Register to see all your VEGA contacts and call or e- mail them direct for advice, prices or arrange visits. 24/7 on-line information centre for IOM, certificates and more, here you can also input your device serial number to get documentation relating directly to your instrument. Define your process requirements and get technology suggestions, then configure your instrument step by step: certification, process connection, housings and electronics. Generate specific 2D or 3D drawings in multiple formats, get a price on your instrument selection and save your instrument selections in folders. Ready for the next step? Place your order direct, see all previous orders and track deliveries. Connect to myVEGA now at


VEGA  01444 870055 

4-20mA signal conditioning unit for temperature sensors introduced by Monitran


onitran have launched a new model in their MTN/8006 range of signal conditioners. The MTN/8006TC temperature signal conditioning unit

converts the voltage output from a temperature sensor to an industry standard current output. The MTN/8006TC accepts a 10mV/degC temperature input in the 0-100degC range and converts it to a 4-20mA output proportional to temperature. The signal can be read by PLCs for example or by Monitran's MTN/5032 condition monitoring system, which can also accept multiple inputs from Monitran's wide range of accelerometers. Available in a universal DIN rail form factor, the unit measures 62.5mm x 63.5mm x 18mm and requires a 24V DC power supply. The 4-20mA signal is much more robust than the output direct from the temperature sensor and is capable of being transmitted over long distances without being degraded by interference from electrical machinery for example.

 01494 816569 

ugged and highly visible when you need strong, robust protection for your enclosure. Available in blue, orange and red, these

protective boots come in 2 styles and 8 sizes making them a perfect fit for many of our handheld enclosures. Held secure in the boot – essential when you need extra protection – the enclosure is easy to remove. Compatible enclosures are available in various sizes, with or without battery compartment, recessed or flush top, and some with removable end panels plus optional sealing gasket to achieve IP65 rating. Enclosures can be modified to your exact requirements with CNC machining, screen printing and EMI/RFI shielding. Cut outs for the protective boot may also be made to your exact specifications. Contact for more information or click the ‘online chat’ icon on our website.

Evatron  01908 325100 

Walk-in shelters for analyzers and other applications F

or analyzer and field equipment protection, Intertec offers shelter building services that are almost unparalleled in their

flexibility. Walk-in shelters of almost unlimited size and shape can be designed and produced using high-integrity composite-GRP materials. Intertec's sophisticated design and building services can even handle the most complex RIE 'remote instrument enclosure' or 'satellite instrument house' applications. The fabrication process is ideal for demanding specifications and challenging environments as composite-GRP materials may be adapted for individual applications; for example, by varying the thickness of insulation cores, or making walls fire- and blast-resistant. Application-specific size, shape and protection can greatly reduce design and lifecycle costs. Among challenges that can be met are shelters for extremely cold or hot climates, lightweight and corrosion-resistant shelters for offshore, skid-mounted packages, and shelters for remote locations without power.

Intertec Instrumentation  0800 756 1102  CONNECTINGINDUSTRY.COM/INSTRUMENTATION

High Accuracy digital temperature sensor


MS Electronics improves temperature measurement accuracy. The Smartec SMT172 is a complete digital

ultra-low power, factory calibrated, high accuracy sensor with pulse width modulated output signal. PWM output sensors offer have high noise immunity and high reference accuracy. They are easy to interface and easy to multiplex. The sensors output duty cycle is proportional to the measured temperature. Accuracy is 0.1 ºC in the range of - 10ºC to 100ºC. Max temperature is 130ºC. When adding a RC network the sensor can also be used as an analogue sensor. Supply voltage range from 2.7 V to 5.5 V. This is the most energy efficient temperature sensor in the world with an average current of < 60uA or 220nA. Small sensor packages or a slim 5mm and 7mm stainless steel probe with 5mm cable are available. To speed up development evaluation boards with USB and I²C Interface are available. Application are found in wearables, scientific, environmental, medical or industrial measurements.

MMS Electronics Ltd  01943 877668 


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