flexible and fully featured internet protocol


ega_Bridge adds flexible and fully

featured internet protocol (IP) connectivity to the well- established Mega_Link family of Telemetry & Control units used to pass two-way instrumentation, measurement and control data between sensors, equipment and industrial processes.

• Telemetry & Control o to Point o Point to Multi-Point o IoT Architecture

• Flexible Communications o ETHERNET, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G

• Sensor & Data Interfaces o Volt-Free Digital I/O o 4 - 20 mA Analogue I/O o RS232/RS485 Serial

• Built-In Security VPN with AES256 • Remote Node Management

Churchill-Controls  01344 750233 


Fast, Reliable Conductivity Measurements for CO2 Removal in Sample Streams

either difficult to put into practice, or may not be cost effective. The METTLER TOLEDO Thornton DCC1000e Degassed Cation Conductivity System includes all three conductivity measurements: specific; to monitor ammonia/amine concentrating, cation; to give an initial indication of contamination, and degassed cation; to provide a clear measurement of corrosive contaminates. The DCC1000e utilises advanced UniCond® conductivity sensors with the most accurate temperature compensation available on the market. When combined with the powerful M800 transmitter, it produces a calculated pH value that is accurate, reliable and compliments traditional pH sensors. All three conductivity measurements plus sample temperature, calculated pH, calculated CO2 and another parameter, such as dissolved oxygen, can be displayed on a single screen with the M800 transmitter for ease of use.

A METTLER TOLEDO  0116 234 5095 

Beha-Amprobe ProInstall-75-UK Multifunction Installation Tester with free Light Check Adapters offer


ntil 30th June 2018, Beha-Amprobe® is offering a complete set of Light Check Adapters free to purchasers of a ProInstall-75-UK Multifunction

Installation Tester. They are available together as a Proinstall-UK Kit (Order No: 4980688) for fast, easy testing. With advanced features, the ProInstall-75 is the perfect installation testing tool for verifying the safety of electrical installations in domestic, commercial, and industrial applications. The five Light-Check Adapters offer safe testing of all standard light points. More information, and where to buy the kits, can be found at The Beha-Amprobe ProInstall-75 Multifunction Installation Tester ensures that

fixed wiring is correctly installed and compliant with IEC 60364, HD 384 requirements and all relevant local standards including BS7671 17th Edition

wiring regulations. It is efficient to use as it allows the user to measure loop impedance without tripping RCDs, eliminating the need to bypass them.

SICK’s OD5000: High-Speed Precision Measurement Made Easy

sensor to provide high- performance measurement at frequencies of up to 80kHz even with fast-moving and rotating objects, and in high- speed production. The sensor also has an outstanding capability for thickness measurement of surface coatings and transparent materials.


Meeting customer demands for improved production

monitoring and quality assessment at high speeds, the SICK OD5000 is a laser sensor that ensures precision measurement and accurate product positioning for difficult-to-detect moving objects or surfaces finishes.

“The SICK OD5000 is the high-precision laser sensor of the SICK OD displacement sensor family,” explains Neil Sandhu, SICK ‘s UK Product Manager for Measurement Systems, “yet it offers excellent value for its performance. “With a choice of light spot dimensions to suit the application, the SICK OD5000 is an expert performer that

easily copes with many production challenges such as reflective, rough or smooth surfaces. It performs well detecting multi-layers of glass or transparent plastics and when transitioning from black to reflective surfaces at high production speeds without adjustment delays.”

The OD5000 is part of SICK’s well-established OD range of laser sensors, developed for high consistency and

linearity in measurement results even at high production speeds. Thanks to the intelligent measurement filters incorporated in the OD5000’s firmware, virtually any object can be reliably measured, ensuring stable measurements with the highest level of repeatability on a wide range of surfaces.

The rapid 80kHz maximum measurement frequency of the SICK OD5000 has been developed to meet customer

expectations for analysis of height data on high speed production lines, especially during full-speed rotation of objects such as cooling fans for electronic goods, and vibrating objects such as brake discs under test to micro- millimetre levels of accuracy.

SICK 40 MAY 2018 | INSTRUMENTATION  01727 831121 

ICK has launched the OD5000 displacement

Intelligent PTCM Series highlight TMD’s advanced EMC capability

microwave and RF products, will be demonstrating its proven capability in the EMC/EMV field. The PTCM Series operate over a frequency range from


DC to 40 GHz with a power output up to 50 kW. Of customisable 6U high rack mounting construction, they are designed to deliver the highest field strengths in the test environment. The user benefits provided by these highly intelligent amplifiers include self-test, fault diagnosis, modular plug and play replaceable printed circuit boards, Ethernet remote control and monitoring, and VSWR reflected power protection. A ‘system-on-chip’ (SOC) controls and synchronises all power conversion circuitry in real time, and all the monitoring, control, data logging and user interface functionality.

Stand 3-411 at EMV 2018

TMD  020 8573 5555 


t EMV 2018, TMD Technologies Limited, a world class, West London based manufacturer of professional

dvances in technology, and the understanding of water chemistry, mean it is now possible to measure values based on inputs from conductivity sensors that are

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