GapGun Pro is part of Third Dimension’s range of non contact, profile measurement systems. GapGun Pro measures gap and flush, radius, edge break, burr, countersink, scratch, weld, seal, angle and more. The measurement system stores data internally as it

measures and automatically connects to WiFi for seamless productivity. Results can be downloaded at any time using integrated wireless link, USB port, docking station or Ethernet. Full colour graphical checkplans show operators how and

where to measure. On-screen compass and colour coding guides positioning relative to the part, whilst sounds and vibrations alert operators of in/out tolerance conditions. GapGun Pro’s evolved, rugged design with shock protection

sensor jacket makes it durable for a wide range of challenging and unique manufacturing environments. GapGun Pro can be specified with multiple field of view

and resolution VChange sensor, to take a wide range of measurements. GapGun Pro RET uses over 4,000 data points per measurement to give real world repeatability of 10μ or maximum feature size of 50mm. GapGun Pro can operate completely standalone for around

four hours with its high capacity internal battery. For a further 6.5 hours autonomous use, simply attach it to its lightweight clip on battery pack.


VIBSCANNER 2 is a new high-speed data collector that increases the efficiency of vibration-based condition monitoring of machines and plants. PRUFTECHNIK has developed and produced the new device according to the motto “keep it smart and simple”. The result is a vibration measurement instrument on the pulse of time – one that makes route data acquisition much more efficient. VIBSCANNER 2 collects all relevant

health information of the machine at the push of a button. Measurement times are up to four times shorter. This makes it possible for employees on site to take care of additional maintenance tasks. Depending on the filter setting,

VIBSCANNER 2 measures parameters, spectra and time waveforms synchronously on three axes. In combination with a triaxial sensor, the high-speed data collector provides even more condition information for each measurement location at the push of a button. This creates an overall image of the machine health without affecting the measuring time. Thanks to the automatic machine recognition using RFID technology, the

user always knows what the next step is. When scanning an RFID tag, the device displays the next measurement location along with the position and direction and ensures that no measurement location is overlooked, mixed up or incorrectly processed. Through the encoded measurement specifications, measurement locations that are fitted with a VIBCODE sensor provide repeatable measurement results that are essential for reliable machine condition checkups. Not forgetting that the automatic RPM determination based on the vibration signal makes the use of an RPM sensor superfluous.


Quality bespoke manufacturing of instrumentation housings D

udley Industries is a company synonymous with high quality

washroom equipment products. Less well known is its role in partnering businesses in other industrial sectors ranging from Construction Fit Out to Instrumentation Manufacture and providing high quality engineering and manufacturing service for bespoke products. An engineering led company which

practices 5S and lean manufacturing techniques, Dudley Industries provides a full manufacturing service encompassing design, development, refinement and manufacture of customer’s standard products and bespoke requirements. Dudley’s aim is to continually improve and exceed customer expectations in terms of performance and cost. This is managed through company practices and procedures that are externally audited and accredited with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and by applying a “right first time” DFM and DFA philosophy. At the heart of the business is a highly experienced team of designers and manufacturing engineers led by the design manager Richard Hooke who has 31 years’ experience in industry. There is a high degree of cross over between design and manufacturing functions and


this multi-disciplinary approach enables the team to take products quickly from concept to full production. Significant investment has been made

in laser cutting and robot finishing equipment. This combines with Dudley’s laser, punch and etching machines which are directly linked to the CAD system along with CNC controlled folding machines and a variety of presses and rolling machines. This computer controlled design and manufacturing process ensures maximum accuracy and flexibility. It also gives Dudley Industries the ability to vary production runs from small batches to full scale runs. Commenting on the kind of work the

company carries out, Hooke says: “We predominantly work in sheet metals of various materials from 0.5mm to 4mm thickness. We have jobs on the go where the customer has designed the product and we are producing to their drawings. However, in that scenario we work with the customer to understand what they want and refine the design to improve the product and costs. We also provide a full service from initial concept sketches to full design drawings and manufacture.” So, while it still manufactures high spec washroom products, working with

Dudley Industries provides a full manufacturing service encompassing design, development, refinement and manufacture of customer’s standard products and bespoke requirements

OEM customers comprises an important and increasing part of its business. Dudley Industries is currently working with major businesses providing bespoke housings for equipment ranging from high end scientific instrumentation for laboratories to printers used in industrial settings. In the past they have also manufactured vending machines, CCTV camera housings, security boxes, medical waste boxes, pest control products, and the list goes on.

Dudley Industries T: 01253 738311


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