Krohne now offers the updated WATERFLUX 3070 flowmeter, which provides precise measurement, no moving parts, and maintenance-free service. The battery-powered electromagnetic flowmeter is suitable for drinking water applications and an ideal solution where power is unavailable. WATERFLUX 3070 is the first battery-powered meter for the drinking water industry with built in flow, pressure, and temperature measurement with one sensor. The addition of pressure and temperature in a single measuring point allows users to be more aware of leaks and use these readings in leak-detection systems.

When UK market-leading garage equipment products and services company GEMCO were looking for a practical, robust and cost effective solution for the calibration of pressure gauges for different applications, they turned to Chamois Metrology to come up with the perfect solution from Additel. Among the many services offered by GEMCO is the

calibration of pressure gauges for different applications, such as tyre pressures, which is a critical measurement for their customers, so they were looking for a practical, robust and cost effective solution for a number of their service fleet vehicles. Chamois Metrology worked with GEMCO to come up with a portable solution from Additel – one of the world’s leading providers of process calibration tools. This GEMCO order included Additel ADT917 pneumatic

pumps, designed for pressures up to 70 bar and Additel ADT927 hydraulic pumps for pressures up to 700 bar, together with ADT681 digital pressure gauges. Chamois Metrology have also been able to provide UKAS calibration certificates and training for the GEMCO technicans. Chamois Metrology are providers of UKAS accredited

calibration services and instrument supply solutions including Additel’s range of pressure calibrators, multifunction, loop and temperature calibrators, and precision digital test gauges and hand pumps. GEMCO is the market-leading supplier of top quality garage equipment products and services to car and commercial vehicle workshops and dealerships throughout the UK.

Chamois Metrology The WATERFLUX 3070 provides real

time data to support water distribution needs, including zone water balance, water abstraction, pressure management, or water billing. Its design includes a unique rectangular sensor shape and an efficient coil construction that optimises the flowing velocity, flow profile, and accuracy in high daytime or low nighttime flowing conditions. The WATERFLUX 3070 is suitable for

monitoring pressure surges and flowing temperature trends using remote telemetry with built in RS485 Modbus RTU communication option for readings, meter status, and alarms. The rugged IP68 polycarbonate remote converter housing comes standard with waterproof connector plugs.



Variohm EuroSensor has expanded its range of pressure sensors with the new and robust EPT7100 series featuring 316 grade stainless steel wetted parts and an integral Packard connector for durability and convenient installation at competitive cost. With a choice of four hermetically sealed pressure ports and five standard pressure range options from 0.01 to 10 bar, the EPT7100 is an excellent choice for gas or liquid pressure measurement for on- and off-highway automotive, HVAC, compressors, industrial hydraulics and more. The new sensor is based on a


PCB’s micro ICP Pressure Sensor, Model 132B38, is suited for wind tunnel applications that require very small test sensors and very high frequency response. This improved design features a centered sensing element which improves accuracy of time of arrival, targeting, sniper/projectile detection systems, and aerodynamic testing in high speed wind tunnels. Model 132B38 measures high frequency pressure phenomena and can resolve short wave length, dynamic pressure pulses. This pressure sensor measures shock

waves above 11kHz and up to 1MHz. With a measurement range of 50psi and a resolution of


0.001psi, it is sensitive enough to measure standing waves associated with boundary-layer transitions and the bow and stern of shock waves created by projectiles. The sensor features a stainless steel housing and a 10-foot integral cable that terminates in a 10-32 coaxial jack.

PCB Piezotronics

well proven piezo-resistive sensing element and latest ASIC circuitry which does not rely on O-ring sealing or silicon oil. This combines with IP67 environmental rating, additional EMI / RFI protection and MIL-STD shock and vibration specifications. Suitable for gauge, absolute and sealed gauge pressure measurement (gauge only on 0.01 pressure range), the EPT7100 series offers a compensated temperature range between -20°C to +85°C where the tolerance band including thermal effects is within ± one per cent of span. Error-free operation is guaranteed for media or environment temperatures between - 40 °C and +125 °C. Accuracy at room temperature is +/- 0.25% BFSL. The output signal is 0.5…4.5VDC from a 5VDC supply. The new sensor is available as a stock delivered item with an M10 x 1 pressure port and a zero to 3.5 bar pressure range. The EPT7100 is also available

specifically configured for use in motorsports as an absolute pressure map sensor. With a pressure range from zero to 3.5 bar, this version includes all of the features of the full range model.

Variohm EuroSensor


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