ROTRONIC Introduces a New Temperature and Humidity / Moisture Handheld




ow available from HBM – a market leader in test and measurement – is the revolutionary new ClipX signal

conditioner, which sets new standards in industrial process control by simply integrating into existing machines and production systems. Designed to optimise production processes, ClipX is a dynamic signal conditioner that not only amplifies signals and transfers them to the control unit, without any interference but also completes preliminary calculations and summaries, to reduce the load on higher level controls. This means that the innovative new ClipX is able to accomplish some of the tasks that would otherwise be taken on by the higher-level controller. Suitable for monitoring and measuring tasks in test

benches, machines and production plants, ClipX can be used as a standalone device or as part of a system of networked devices.

HBM  01525 304980 

OTRONIC is proud to introduce the new HP32 temperature and humidity measurement handheld with interchangeable probe input for all Rotronic

HC2-series probes, full logging & spot-value recording functions and much more. The handheld replaces the HP22 model.

As well as temperature and humidity values, two other moisture parameters such as dew point and g/kg moisture for example can be displayed on the screen simultaneously.

Product features:

• Precision temperature and humidity measurement ranges: -100…200 °C (probe dependent), 0…100 %rh • All moisture values available, two can additionally be shown on the display • Audible and visual alarms (all parameters), freely configurable • Full logging function with real-time clock. Interval from 1s. 64,000 data points memory • Spot-value recording – 8 x 8,000 data points can be saved • Recorded values can be displayed graphically on the HP32 handheld • MIN / MAX and AVG values available on the display • High capacity, rechargeable lithium battery

The HP32 handheld is supplied with HW4-LITE version PC software, a micro USB data cable for PC connection & battery charging, and a soft protective case. Technical datasheet available. The picture shows the HP32 handheld with an interchangeable, HC2A-S standard probe connected. Extension cables are available to extend its capability.

Rotronic  01293 571000 

ABLE’s new state of the art training facility C

entral to ABLE’s new state of the art training facility is a purpose

built rig providing a truly unique process environment for high impact, hands-on instruction across the various measurement and control disciplines and environments.

The facility consists of connected stainless steel vessels and ABLE, in collaboration with leading manufacturers and suppliers, has equipped the rig with instrumentation ranging from the conventional and traditional to the very latest highly advanced, innovative technologies for flow, level, pressure, temperature, density, gas and liquid analysis.

The entire process is managed by Rockwell’s flagship PlantPAx DCS System which uses a common automation platform for seamless integration of all rig sectors and facilitates the mirroring of process plant across the major industries, from the complexity of an offshore platform to the precision of a micro-brewery.

ABLE use the renowned Aegex 10 Intrinsically Safe Tablet to create a fully secure mobile HMI with improved visualisation via Rockwell’s ThinManager Software Platform in a Windows 10 environment. This allows the operator to bring up HMI elements for any of the relevant processes and associated instruments and devices on the rig. One tablet replaces multiple HMIs and full manufacturer specific computers and supplementary infrastructure.

The Aegex device also incorporates an RFID tag reader, which connects to a database that recognises instrument serial numbers and wirelessly links back to the appropriate HMI screen hosting specific information such as tag number, model number, measurement type, calibration date and general maintenance data.

ABLE are currently investigating connectivity solutions to establish some IOT functionality for the training rig, again using the Aegex tablet as the mobile, hazardous area, wireless interface for secure remote connection.


Tension Measurement and Control


TS Systems was recently asked to measure the tension in a 25mm wide tape as it was wound onto a specially

shaped production mandrel, the process also required the applied tension to be varied as the component was wound.

With our many years of experience, we went back to basics;

- Firstly, measure the tension in the tape as close to the production part as possible

- Keep the transducer’s roller diameter to a minimum so as not to damage the tape

- Use a highspeed analogue load cell amplifier, to give real time feedback to the control system

So, after a short commissioning period, the customer’s machine is now winding tape 15% faster than before and with improved product quality. TTS Systems products are UK designed and manufactured. With uses in paper, foil, film, tape, plastics, rubber, in fact any material on a roll or reel that is processed through an automated machine.

Total Tension Solutions Ltd  01233 624422 


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