TUV SUD NEL iNVESTS £1.45m iN oNE of ThE LargEST graViTy TEST SEparaTorS

TUV SUD NEL has invested £1.45million in one of the world’s largest gravity test separators, as part of the build programme for its new Advanced Multiphase Facility (AMF). The new separator will test both multiphase and wet

rENESaS compLETES acqUiSiTioN of iDT

Renesas Electronics has successfully completed the acquisition of Integrated Device Technology (IDT), a leading supplier of analogue mixed-signal products, including sensors, connectivity and wireless power. Together with IDT, Renesas will now deliver an even broader range of leading- edge technology and embedded solutions by combining IDT’s RF, high-performance timing, memory interface, real-time interconnect, optical interconnect, wireless power and smart sensors with Renesas microcontrollers, system-on-chips and power management ICs. This combined portfolio enables the creation of new classes of products and solutions in fast-growing, data-economy applications across different verticals, including industrial, infrastructure and automotive segments, for customers and partners across the globe. To immediately showcase how Renesas and IDT’s complementary product

por tfolios work together to deliver comprehensive solutions, Renesas and IDT developed 15 “Winning Combinations,” compelling Renesas-plus-IDT product combinations that capture and highlight the technological advantages Renesas and IDT provide as a combined company. Examples of Winning Combinations include IDT automotive timing plus Renesas R-Car processor solutions for automotive infotainment applications, an IDT gas sensor plus Renesas MCU for IoT building automation air quality control and other Winning Combinations for base station, wireline and server applications. As a result of the completion of the transaction, IDT became a wholly owned

subsidiary of Renesas. Dr Sailesh Chittipeddi joined Renesas’ executive team as executive vice president and will lead IDT as president and CEO. Renesas is committed to a smooth and swift integration of the two companies and continuation of technical suppor t and future product development for IDT’s industry-leading analogue mixed-signal products. “We are thrilled to welcome some of the industry’s best and brightest talent

into our team to steer the future of innovation together,” said Bunsei Kure, representative director, president and CEO of Renesas. “This acquisition demonstrates our commitment to bringing more complete solutions to our customers around the globe as we strengthen our leadership position in the high-growth, data-driven economy markets of automotive, industrial/IoT and datacenter/communications infrastructure where our advanced data processing and analogue/mixed-signal performance is crucial.” “The product por tfolios of Renesas and IDT are highly complementary. The

combination allows us to bring more innovative and comprehensive por tfolio of products to the market, with a larger global footprint, sales force and distribution network,” added Dr Sailesh Chittipeddi, executive vice president of Renesas and president and CEO of IDT. 6

gas flows (oil, water and gas) and will ensure sufficient retention time, even at the largest flow rates. Weighing 270 tonnes and operating at pressures up to 150 bar, it will enable flow rates within the AMF that are 20 times greater than the performance of any other test facility in the world. This will meet the Oil & Gas industry’s growing demand for flow meter testing that more accurately reflects real-field conditions, to reduce measurement uncer tainty and minimise fiscal inaccuracy.

Infrastructure manager, Muir Por ter, is leading the

installation project and said: “This is a major milestone for us as the test separator is at the hear t of the AMF construction project. The next major phase will be to build the complex steel pipework which forms the test loop and feeds into the test separator, and which will deliver a multiphase flow test facility with a range beyond anything currently available on the market.”

‘‘ This will deliver a multiphase

flow test facility with a range beyond anything currently available on the market.

The £16million AMF is designed to provide a new, best-in- class test facility, and will focus predominantly on the £50-billion-per-annumglobal subsea sector and wet gas business. It will facilitate company-led industrial projects and product development, hands-on industry training and academic research. Creating at least 17 new jobs, the centre will futureproof the delivery of innovative technical services to the oil and gas production market for the next 25 years. Scottish Enterprise has supported the development of the AMF with £4.9 million of research and development funding. Alongside the grant from Scottish Enterprise, TUV SUD NEL’s parent company, TÜV SÜD AG, is investing £11.1 million, which makes the project the largest capital investment to date in the company’s UK business.

’’ April 2019 Instrumentation Monthly

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