TECHNOLOGY IN ACTION ADVERTORIAL Clean sweep of quality audits F

ollowing a rigorous 2-day assessment, TC Facilities Management (TCFM) has passed three external

management systems audits including the new ISO 45001:2018 standard. This and the other new 2015 versions for ISO 9001

and the Environmental audit ISO 14001 were all passed without any non-conformities or observations, emphasising the commitment of TCFM’s senior management to these standards. Brian Mold TCFM’s QHSE manager says: “The successful

transition to the new standard along with the renewal of the established standards clearly demonstrates TCFM’s commitment to quality and safety in all that we do and is a tremendous reassurance to our customers that TCFM remains a business you can trust and a huge accolade to all our staff and their hard work.”

TC Facilities Management (TCFM)  01737 814 016 

University Library has been entitled to claim a copy of every book published in the UK and Ireland for more than 300 years. Today, the University Library collections encompass around nine million books, manuscripts and other physical items. So what happens when the University Library runs out of space to store them all?

Having recently designed and

installed a similar storage solution, SSI Schaefer provided in-depth technical knowledge and design expertise to ensure the required state-of-the-art facility would not only house their important collection in a secure and controlled environment but also provide sufficient storage as it expands over the coming years.

The SSI Schaefer storage solution involved the construction of 24 aisles of high bay narrow aisle shelving with

each aisle being 38 m long with shelving 11m high, providing an overall storage area at the facility of 87,000 m/2 which offers superb storage density.

Over 68,000 dividing shelves were fitted with storage trays located on the shelves 2 or 3 trays deep, providing

over 100,000 locations. In addition SSI supplied 25 high density drawer cabinets providing 600 drawers to store large format maps and documents, located within the shelving at ground level.

Ady Powell, Facilities & Library Storage Facility Manager commented, “Our new storage facility from SSI Schaefer

delivers on all fronts. Huge storage potential, perfect environmental conditions for our rare and unique books, all stored in streamlined, ergonomic shelving which has been designed with the team in mind. Data is available at the touch of a button with a comprehensive warehouse control system to ensure we can pinpoint the exact location of any item, at any time.”

SSI Schaefer Storage Facility Holds 150 Years Of History A

s a Legal Deposit Library since 1710, Cambridge

SSI Schaefer

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Hyster chooses Mercedes-Benz/ MTU engines for Stage V Big Trucks in Europe

Choosing the Right Loading System for Your Business

customers will be powered by Mercedes-Benz/ MTU engines.

H “Our heavy industry and port customers in Europe

who will require a Stage V driveline, can continue to expect highly efficient trucks with low fuel and DEF consumption, benefiting from high productivity levels and fast operations with the power available.” says Jan Willem van den Brand, Director Big Truck Product Strategy & Solutions at Hyster Europe.

Hyster® lift trucks over 8 tonnes, Container

Handlers and Reachstackers will be equipped with the Stage V-compliant Mercedes-Benz/ MTU Series 1000 and 1100 engines. The exact availability varies per series and will be communicated in due course.

The engines have been specially designed for

industrial applications such as material handling and further developed to meet EU Stage V regulations. They are based on commercial vehicle engines from Daimler.

Hyster Europe  01252 810 261 


yster Europe has announced that its forthcoming Stage V compliant Big Truck range for European

Lars Kräft, Vice President Industrial Business at MTU, said: “We are very pleased, that Hyster, one of the leading global brands of materials handling equipment, decided to power its new vehicles with our engines.”

The Mercedes-Benz/ MTU engines will support the

well-known durability of Hyster® Big Trucks. They are proven to deliver reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), great reliability and outstanding performance in tough, heavy-duty applications.

“Mercedes-Benz/ MTU engines have a highly

successful track record in both on-road and off-road applications such as forestry or agriculture. They are also particularly suited to intermittent applications like our business serves,” says van den Brand, explaining that the power ratings range from 129kW to 280kW depending on model.


arehouse management involves a lot of factors that are centred on the optimisation of operations. Part of

developing an effective management system is adopting solutions that help promote convenience and efficiency in the warehouse. This often includes the use of an automatic loading and unloading system that allows for the easy movement of products. No matter the industry your business is in, if your

business deals with the frequent movement of goods, then investing in a loading system should be a priority. In addition to streamlining your operations, this system allows you to maximise the utilisation of your transport vehicles and it reduces the expenses often associated with warehouse and vehicular modifications. As one of the world’s leading experts, Joloda works with

you to find the best automatic loading system that suits your operational needs.

Joloda International Ltd  0151 427 8954 


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