ollowing significant investment in the UK market, Brammer

Buck & Hickman celebrated the opening of a new engineering service centre in Aylesford, Kent on Wednesday, March 13th. The centre offers a specialist workshop, repair and engineering services designed to reduce downtime and increase efficiency for customers nationwide. The day ran from 10:30 am – 3:30

pm with the centre being officially opened at 12:30pm by Brammer Buck & Hickman CEO, Mark Dixon. Live gearbox and motor

refurbishment demonstrations were held throughout the day, along with

a demonstration of Condition Monitoring services including vibration analysis, ultrasonic equipment and laser alignment. The event also showcased Invend

- Brammer Buck and Hickman’s Industrial Vending solution. Demonstrated by Regional Key Account Manager, Matt Newland, customers got the chance to see Invend in action as well as receive in-depth knowledge on how to implement this solution within their premises. Peter Burrows, regional director of

Brammer Buck & Hickman said: “The day has been really successful. We’ve had a large number of people come

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RIKS has welcomed plans to introduce post-graduate programmes, which are

being jointly funded by government and industry, to train the next generation of artificial intelligence (AI) experts. However, there are still formidable barriers to

implementing AI in a way which will really benefit maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) work. David Manning-Ohren, ERIKS’ business development manager, explains why these need to be removed in order for industry to fully reap the benefits offered by AI. “This new joint government-industry package is a positive step in addressing the skills gap at

masters and PhD levels. “However, more needs to be done to enable

the seamless transfer of production data, which will significantly affect the success or failure of AI in industry. But many OEMs, component suppliers and manufacturers remain deeply reluctant to do this over security concerns. ERIKS’ own research shows that 79 per cent of respondents would only share very limited information with their OEM equipment partner, if at all. “AI’s ability to accurately analyse connected

industrial data will help businesses to make informed decisions quickly. Industry therefore



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Rachel Tucker - Editor

inkworth, one of the UK’s leading manufacturer of industrial mixers and blenders, recently

mixed industry with academia, by offering an insight into the manufacturing sector to the next generation of engineers. The firm has further strengthened their link to

Portsmouth University by supporting a visit to their site by fifteen mechanical engineering students. The aim of the visit was to improve the students understanding of a manufacturing company, give a taste of what it’s like to work there and to provide them with the opportunity to see how they could apply their university education to the workplace. Winkworth has supported industrial placements for the last eight years. The recent visit included a talk from managing

director, Grant Jamieson, together with a factory tour by design engineer Luke Gaiger. The party was joined by this year’s industrial placement student, Harrison Richmond, also a mechanical engineering student from Portsmouth University. The tour included a visit to the critical back office functions of planning and production control, as well as the engineering design office. Winkworth’s mixing test centre, where trials are run for


needs to start breaking down the barriers that are going to prevent data sharing. Developing appropriate security solutions, from firewalls to private cloud environments, FOG computing and beyond will address these concerns, but we must also promote the benefits that greater data sharing can bring. “By protecting industry without putting

barriers in the way of delivering greater productivity and improved maintenance practices, we can lay a strong foundation for AI to flourish.”

customers, was also called on. Further into the tour, a presentation delivered by Tim

Simpson, Winkworth’s technical sales director, enlightened the students on manufacturing processes and techniques, whilst outlining the types of products that are produced by Winkworth’s mixers. The day was rounded off by Winkworth’s HR

manager, Jess Holt, delivering a presentation on career decisions within industry. Her presentation highlighted the advantages of working for an SME. Jess particularly urged the students to look beyond a brand name when considering a place of work, instead asking them to consider how their personalities and values align with a company, to ensure the best fit. Jess Holt commented: “We place great importance on

investing time into the next generation of engineers. We want to inform and educate them all on the possibilities of working at a company like ours, in the hope of inspiring students with a career path they may not have considered. It’s also important to educate them on the realities of what a day in the industry is like.” Winkworth mixers are designed and British built at

their Basingstoke site. Their bespoke mixers and industrial blenders are built with 95 years of experience. Their provenance and expertise can provide a solution to any mixing requirement. 

down and the atmosphere in the centre has been great. By inviting customers to experience all the services we offer first hand, we can really connect with them and show them that we really do provide more than just parts.” Four Engineering Centres are now

fully operational, with more to follow over the coming months. These centres allow Brammer Buck & Hickman to provide engineering expertise on a local basis throughout the whole of the UK. Nigel Banks, managing director of

Value-Added Service at Brammer Bick & Hickman, commented: “Brammer Buck & Hickman are well

known for the provision of industrial supplies. The investment in our engineering centres is part of a wider move towards adding value to the customer experience by offering access to comprehensive service to support the maintenance and repair of production machinery.” Brammer Buck & Hickman is a

UK’s leading distributor of maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) products, with a focus on reducing customer’s total acquisition costs and working capital, whilst increasing production efficiency For more information on Brammer

Buck and Hickman visit

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