Böwe Systec acquires majority stake in Red Ledge

• Strengthens its position as a supplier of automated sorting solutions

• Red Ledge brings supply chain software expertise to the Böwe Systec Group


öwe Systec has taken a majority stake in UK software engineering and automation supply chain specialist

Red Ledge, which has joined the Böwe Systec Group* the two companies announced today. Böwe Systec GmbH is part of the Possehl Group, which in its 2017 financial year generated a turnover of around 3.8 billion euros and employed some 12,500 people. Founded in 1996, software company Red Ledge

specialises in Auto-ID solutions. Its barcode, RFID, voice and sensor technologies are used worldwide in post and parcel sorting centres, warehouses and production facilities. Red Ledge’s core expertise includes competitive software platforms such as warehouse management systems (WMS), warehouse control systems (WCS) and pharmaceutical serialisation systems.

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SLIMVAC® offers smarter route to ultra-thin, lightweight thermal insulation

he SLIMVAC® range of ultra-thin vacuum insulated panels from Promat UK utilises next generation

materials technology to deliver the highest levels of thermal insulation in all kinds of applications, without the bulkiness associated with traditional insulating products. With standard thicknesses of between just 20mm

and 40mm, SLIMVAC® panels are ideal for applications where space constraints pose a challenge to delivering on thermal goals. It is an effective insulation for a wide range applications including structures, flat roofs and facades and has excellent potential for insulating white goods, refrigerated transport and temperature controlled packaging, with the benefit of being manufactured by Promat in ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001:2015 factories for consistent quality assurance and supply chain traceability. Already proven in markets throughout the rest of the

world, SLIMVAC® is now available to UK customers. Its composition is the result of Promat’s extensive global R&D programme, which strengthens its position as a market-leader in thermal, fire and acoustic insulation.

Renovotec aquires supply chain mobile technology company Spirit Data Capture

• Expanded company will have a combined turnover of £25 million • Spirit Data Capture is Renovotec’s fourth acquisition since 2013 • “Renovotec now combines the competitive purchasing power of a larger organisation with levels of service and innovation that only an independent supplier can provide” says Renovotec managing director Richard Gilliard

acquired mobile technology specialist Spirit Data Capture Limited “in a move that exploits company synergies” Renovotec and Spirit

R Renovotec

announced today. Renovotec is an established in-warehouse technology leader while Spirit Data Capture is strong in field service technology, including proof of delivery (POD); it has also won major support contracts for smart meter rollouts. The two companies will now unify their supply chain mobility offerings.

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Why is Balance and Scale Calibration Important? M

ettler Toledo has developed a library of knowledge and expertise resources to answer these fundamental questions:

1. What is calibration and why should I calibrate? 2. What are the benefits of balance calibration? 3. How often do I have to calibrate my balance and what are the risks of not calibrating?

4. Which tolerances apply to balance calibration? 5. Is there a difference between calibration and adjustment? 6. My scales are legal for trade, do I still need to calibrate? 7. Why is measurement uncertainty so important? 8. How do I ensure accurate weighing results? 9. Why is it a risk to use non-calibrated Instruments? 10. Why is METTLER TOLEDO – The Right Calibration Partner? 11. What is the correct way to handle test weights? 12. Is routine testing needed between calibration intervals?

Mettler-Toledo Ltd  0116 234 5043 30 MARCH 2019 | FACTORY EQUIPMENT 

enovotec, the UK’s fastest growing independent rugged hardware, software and services provider for supply chain companies has

diaphragm seal-less pump W

Wanner announces new Hydra-Cell heavy duty, high pressure, multi-

anner has launched the Hydra-Cell® T200 Series Medium Pressure, multi-diaphragm pump range, which

in terms of flow rate and pressure are the highest performing pumps in the Hydra-Cell range and the biggest pumps ever produced by the Company. They feature a seal- less design that eliminates leaks, hazards and the expense associated with seals and packing; lowering the cost of ownership and giving a longer service life than competitive pumping technologies. There are two models, currently, in the T200 Series,

rated at 207 bar (3000 psi) and 241 bar (3500 psi) with maximum flows of 387 l/min (102.2 US gpm) and 349 l/min (92.4 US gpm) respectively. The new pumps are ideal for oil and gas production, mining operations, boiler feed and high-pressure cleaning, along with chemical and petrochemical process and transfer applications.

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The product features an opacified fumed silica based core and outer envelope of an ultra-low permeation barrier film, and panels do not contain air. They achieve the same thermal ratings as conventional structural insulation, but in a much thinner format with guaranteed long term, stable performance. Ian Cowley, Regional Director (UK and Scandinavia)

at Promat UK says: “SLIMVAC® is a future-ready insulation solution that gives designers, engineers and clients excellent scope to deliver superior thermal performance in numerous applications. It is no surprise that vacuum insulated panels are gaining in popularity, and now with the launch of SLIMVAC® in the UK, the market can apply this advanced insulation technology with total confidence thanks to the technical and corporate backing of a global market leader.”

Promat UK Ltd  0800 588 4444 

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