Safe, easy & convenient B

lackfast’s room temperature blacking process is both safe, easy and convenient to use. The process has

been developed for safe and reliable use in metal working facilities, so it is no longer necessary for parts to leave the production site for finishing by an outside contractor. Unlike conventional methods of blacking it is

non-hazardous. Blacking of iron and steel provides a corrosion resistant

TouchPath to install WMS system

in global manufacturer Renold’s new China operation

• China will be the fifth WMS in TouchPath’s 12-country, 23-site Renold roll out for the global chain and gear manufacturer

• Integrated ‘TouchWMS’ and ERP systems to manage all factory processes in Renold’s new 40,000 square metre, 300-employee China operation

Renold plc, international supply chain solutions provider TouchPath ( is installing its multi- lingual warehouse management system in Renold’s new 39,600 square metre, 300-employee China manufacturing plant. TouchWMS is already live in four Renold plants worldwide. Renold has a turnover of £183.4* million per annum and employs more than 2,000 people worldwide


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Interroll Ltd

s the latest stage of its 12-country, 23-site ‘TouchWMS’ system rollout for global chain and gear manufacturer

Modular solutions

Based on its successful Modular Conveyor Platform (MCP), Interroll is now introducing a modular platform for driven pallet conveyance onto the market.


he Modular Pallet Conveyor Platform (MPP) system makes use of a number of components, including technical products that have been tried and

tested hundreds of thousands of times by users. The new conveyor platform is an addition to the Interroll Pallet & Carton Flow flow storage system. Reliable and efficient pallet handling is becoming increasingly important in

modern goods flows. In many cases, this hinges primarily on keeping the transport times between goods receipt and goods dispatch, or between storage, production and commissioning facilities in a business to a minimum and ensuring that these transport processes are highly efficient by means of automation—and keeping planning processes streamlined, assembly requirements low and expansion options flexible.

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Salt spray testing keeps a check on corrosion-resistance at William Hughes

cannon of quality control procedures. Salt spray or salt fog testing exposes springs and


other components to a saline fog environment in order to ascertain the corrosion resistance of the material of which they’re made or the surface coating thereof. A controlled saline situation will show how long it takes for a component to accede to rust or other oxides, if indeed it succumbs at all.

Equipment required for the salt spray chamber comprises the holding tank with its salt solution of between

4 – 6% pH and the salt spray cabinet itself where the salt water solution is atomised using pressurised air. William Hughes

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Stone dust extraction: What's the best solution? W

ater-based filtration for stone dust extraction is only generally effective to 10 microns, so HEPA

after filtration is usually required, and HEPA filters don’t like wet atmospheres. In addition, a wet filtration system means handling and disposing of sludge, and a system that can potentially freeze in cold weather. Engineers sometimes recommend extraction arms

but the abrasive nature of stone dust means arms (and ducting) have a short life span, and of course only have a very small effective area – meaning operators must continually move the arm while working. However, there are some key factors in stone dust

which conversely make it easier to handle than some dusts. Stone dust is non-explosive; this alone can make system design simpler, and enable us to consider systems that would not be suitable for many metallic dusts.

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background? And measure the distance, too? The answer to these questions is “yes – if you use the new OGD LongRange from ifm electronic”. Conveying systems these days are more than just box


movers; sorting and collation take many forms and lead to huge complexity, so detection of the goods needs to be more accurate than before, but also there is less space to fit sensors. And there’s nothing more annoying than an inaccessible reflector knocked out of alignment. The remarkable OGD LongRange photoelectric sensor

from ifm electronic addresses the pain with a detection range of 1500mm, with no reflector but with no danger of detecting the background either.

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 Long range, robust and easy

an you really detect such an object from that far away without a reflector? Any colour? Against a shiny

ot on the heels of its fatigue testing facility, William Hughes has added salt spray testing to its

finish without dimensional change. This is attractive for machined parts manufactured to tight tolerances, where plating or painting would not be acceptable. As it is very important that the components are clean and free from grease

before using the blacking process, Blackfast also offers a range of degreasers from solvents to water based and rust removers.

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