All of Palamatic’s equipment is

bespoke to comply with each customer’s requirements, and they provide the service and commissioning for every product they distribute. Their range includes vacuum lifting systems, support gantries, and automatic sack opening machinery. Furthermore, Palamatic supply cGMP hygienic handling systems under their PalPharma Handling Solutions brand, which are ideal for handling products within controlled environments. They distribute to any manufacturing

Palamatic Uni-LITE Flex solves fulfilment centre problem of stacking boxes on pallet up to 2000mm high with one handed operation still leaving a hand free for scanning


t Palamatic we take pride in providing lifting and handling

solutions designed for the operator. When we were approached by a very well known company to solve their fulfilment centre pallet stacking issue, we were delighted to help. The customer’s handling problem was

lifting variable boxes at high speed off a conveyor system and palletising up to 2000mm high. The added challenge was to be able to use just one hand in the lifting operation leaving the other hand free to hold a bar code reader. Vacuum tube lifters have been used

for over 35 years to handle loads in most manufacturing industries but generally these solutions require a two- handed operation. More recently single-handed versions have been developed to solve the end of line production processes in companies who are palletising onto adjustable pallets that change height so the operator can comfortably stack the product as the stack grows. However, this type of adjustable pallet is only effective up to a range of 1000mm stack height. To fulfil the customer’s need to stack

to 2000mm high the single-handed standard Uni-LITE lifter option was unsuitable. Palamatic’s engineers designed a new lifting solution ‘the


Uni-LITE Flex’ that enabled the operator to pick the boxes in a single- handed operation, scan the bar code and to stack the pallet up to 2000mm high. The operators benefit from the ergonomic safety of a lifting solution that eliminates awkward movements and protects backs, hands and wrists. Palamatic’s Uni-LITE Flex solution

combines unique safety features allowing the operator to raise and lower the product while keeping the release of the load under their control. The ergonomic release trigger mechanism is operated with the positive lift-off action ensuring there is no difficulty in detaching the load cleanly and quickly even at heights of 2000mm. Palamatic are pleased to have

fulfilled this ergonomic lifting solution designed for all high-speed parcel distribution centres.

ABOUT THE COMPANY Palamatic was established in 1985 by Stewart and Sue Bennison, who are still shareholders of the company, and their head quarters are based in Chesterfield. They also have American premises in Garner, North Carolina, as well as a global distribution network covering Africa, Europe, Asia, North America, South America, and Australia.

The Uni-LITE Flex enables operators to pick boxes in a single- handed operation, scan the barcode and stack the pallet up to 2000mm high

industry where something needs lifting and transferring from one place to another, with their most frequent customers being involved in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, and woodworking sectors. Palamatic equipment is always designed with the operator in mind. Even a seemingly standard application will be looked at by an engineer to check it will work within the specific constraints of the process it is being used for. In 2017, Palamatic moved into a new

factory, which is 22,000sq/ft. This huge expansion in factory space allowed them to scale up and provide a larger range of handling solutions for their clients. Indeed, they are currently in the

process of introducing two new sub ranges, the Uni-LITE Series and Uni- LITE Flex Series. The differentiator between the two sub-ranges is the strokes they can achieve to ensure the safest ergonomic application for the operator. Uni-LITE is for packing and unpacking applications around waist height and conveyor height. Whilst this range can offer longer strokes, we don’t see it as advisable to go for more than 600-700mm. The Uni-LITE Flex is for packing, unpacking, stacking, and de- palletising, and it has a much broader stroke range. It is also better for larger materials, where the operator prefers not to lean over. As the exhibition period approaches,

Palamatic will be attending numerous trade shows, including ProMat in Chicago showcasing the S-LINE and Uni-LITE series, Interphex in New York where they will be displaying their latest developments in pharmaceutical materials handling. They will also be at Powtech in Nuremburg, and at ProPak South Africa, in Johannesburg, and Farmaforum in Spain.

Palamatic T: +44 (0) 1246 452 054


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