The NEW Mini Pocket Spirit Levels From Hultafors Tools


New additions bring greater

Robot Dexterity N

ew from RARUK Automation are two Robotiq innovations designed to make automated and even

lights out production even easier. The first, Force Copilot, is an intuitive software development for applications that need force torque feedback and the other is the Hand-E gripper specifically developed for collaborative robots. The sensing functions of the new Robotiq Force Copilot

increase flexibility and reliability in machine-tending, assembly, finishing and pick & place applications. A suite of set-up tools allows the user to hand-guide the robot on complex trajectories. The software makes it easy to place objects precisely in

jigs, trays and chucks and facilitates assembly applications through alignment, indexing and insertion functions. Finally, the intuitive interface unlocks finishing applications, with adjustable adaptive compliance and constant force for all robot axes.

RARUK Automation Ltd  01462 670044 

Hultafors Group UK Ltd

ow available in the UK with a modern design, clear-focus vials for levelling work in tight spaces. It’s always been Hultafors Tools' vision to give

professional tradesmen and women the best quality tools for optimal on-site performance. That’s why these NEW Mini Pocket spirit levels have now been added to its range of best in class levelling and marking equipment. The ergonomic design includes a crush-proof vial with a +60% magnifying

effect and luminescent effect for easy reading in light or dark conditions. There’s also a strong protective casing and, what’s more the magnetic

version is ideal for accurate vertical measuring. Both new models look great and, added to all the other products in

the Hultafors’ range, there’s something to suit every conceivable levelling requirement.

Hultafors Group UK Ltd  01484 854788 

Snickers’ NEW Street-Smart Stretch Trousers For Maximum Mobility on Site


hese NEW slim-fit stretch trousers deliver extreme working comfort. Hi-tech fabrics and body-mapping designs in the NEW FlexiWork SoftShell

Trousers from Snickers Workwear ensure maximum working mobility wherever you are. The brand new 4-way stretch comfort fabrics integrated into these Work Trousers deliver enhanced freedom of movement as well as improved ventilation and overall comfort. With great fit and superb value for money, they also have a slimmer

tailored fit for better all-round looks and protection against snagging, plus Armortex Kevlar reinforced stretch fabricin the KneeGuard Pro System for greater flexibility, comfort and durability. So check out these and the other Stretch Garments from Snickers Workwear – the optimal choice for craftsmen and women who need to get every job done comfortably on site.

 01484 854788 

Mark, Track, Trace: Security Marking and Asset Tracking T

urn factory and plant equipment into trackable assets on a networked database. Use Dot Peen and Laser Marking Machines to

permanently engrave equipment with a unique, tamperproof identification mark

• DOT PEEN: precision, dot marking for permanent indentation • LASER MARKING: high contrast marking on almost any material • PORTABLE SYSTEMS: hand-held marking machines with battery power

• ASSET TRACKING SOFTWARE: automatically generate and log a unique ID for every item

• SCANNERS: encode data in 2D codes for quick data entry and checking

Track assets across multiple sites, with simple location and property updating. PRYOR World leading identification tools, designed and manufactured in the UK since 1849

Pryor Marking Technology  01142 766044 

 2·107 for hydrogen, they are suitable for generating high and ultra high vacuum. Due to the high compression ratio, a low residual gas spectrum, which is desirable for certain mass spectrometry applications, is created in the chamber. Due to their advanced rotor designs, HiPace 700 H turbopumps have

an exceptionally high critical backing pressure capability of 22 hPa. This allows the pumps to reach ultra high vacuum, even when operating with high backing pressures that occur in combination with diaphragm pump.

• High compression especially for light gases • Ideal for high vacuum and ultra high vacuum applications

• Intermittent mode offers more than 90% energy savings without loss of performance

Pfeiffer Vacuum  01908 500600  

Pfeiffer Vacuum introduces new HiPace 700 H turbopumps P

feiffer Vacuum is presenting extremely high-compression models with its new HiPace 700 H turbopumps. With a compression ratio of

ESAB’S European tour 2019 focuses on

shaping the future of Welding and Cutting


ver the coming year customers can explore ESAB total solutions in welding and cutting products as the ESAB

Demobus spectacular mobile showroom is enjoying another European tour. This demobus highlights just how ESAB is setting new

standards for shaping the future in welding and cutting as it has updated and put on board even more innovative new products and total welding and cutting solutions for the 2019 tour. ESAB has been involved in many various projects from

Skyscrapers, racing cars, wind turbines, Oil rigs. ESAB do some pretty epic work and none of it would be possible without each and every one of us – the welders, the distributors, the engineers, the tools of the trade.

ESAB Group (UK) Ltd  0800 389 3152 


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