the health and safety manager. Each type of footwear was trialled for

four weeks by people working at the areas permanently, as well as those traversing the site. “Although uvex boots and shoes are

more expensive, we have made considerable savings overall and have improved comfort, morale, and protection from slips trips and falls, and we have reduced worker fatigue. All the footwear is SRC-rated with the best slip resistance you can get. They have lasted much longer than the previous footwear we were supplying.”

Safety and comfort have been greatly improved by the use of uvex 1 and Heckel Macsole FXH at a large UK automotive components manufacturer based in the Midlands, where 95 per cent of its 1,100 employees require safety footwear


he multi-million pound turnover company has been on its present site

for around 130 years and has five manufacturing sites in the UK, plus 125 across the world.

CHALLENGES Employees at the company work in varying conditions including in concrete-floored assembly areas and a very oily press shop. The sealed concrete floors in the

assembly areas, on which the workers stand for eight hours a day, are very hard on the foot, while the press environment is extremely oily and slippery around the presses and other equipment. “We had really struggled previously

with slip-protection in the press area,” explains their health and safety manager. “In a bid to solve this issue we had paid £8,000 for anti-slip matting, but it only lasted a few weeks. Not only was this expensive, but the matting became a trip hazard too.” The company had also been

suffering complete failure of the soles of their old footwear, finding that operatives were going through a pair of boots every six months.


MAKING THE FLOORS SAFER “With the Macsole FXH recommended

by uvex as the most suitable footwear for the press area because of its maximum resistance to oils and exceptional grip, safety is built in to the flexible rubber sole, so there is no need to buy expensive floor matting,” says the health and safety manager. “Safety is ensured wherever you walk.” The helpful and knowledgeable uvex

representative also recommended the light and super-comfortable uvex 1 safety shoe, with its shock-absorbent polyurethane (PU) sole, as the most appropriate footwear for the assembly areas. The uvex 1 is available in both mens and ladies versions, which are built on different lasts because women’s feet are very different from men’s. The company had previously been using

a mix of own-branded shoes and boots, together with a number of well-known footwear brands and a small number of uvex quatro boots. “In all the years I’ve been issuing

footwear, we’ve never had a quality concern with the uvex quatro – it’s the single piece of footwear we have never had problems with – so I contacted uvex to see what else they could offer,” adds

L-R: Heckel Macsole FXH and uvex 1 for both men and women

WEARER FEEDBACK Feedback for both types of shoe was “impeccable”. The wearers spoke highly of them, as they reduced the issues around long-term standing. The uvex 1 was trialled by assembly

technicians, who, “absolutely love them. They couldn’t believe how light they are, and how they felt exactly like a normal trainer, yet gave great protection.” The wearers also could not believe the

difference in slip resistance with the Macsole FXH. “They found them robust, sturdy, and supportive while standing at the press, giving exceptional slip resistance. They noted a significant improvement in grip, particularly at the checker plate area, where the flooring is composed of metal.

NEXT STEPS The company’s health and safety manager will roll out the use of uvex’s footwear as best practice across all UK sites including a new facility being completed that will house another 1000 employees. He will also recommend their use by the company in northern Europe.

UVEX PHEOS EYEWEAR The company also uses uvex’s scratch- and fog-resistant pheos safety spectacles very successfully to provide optimum eye protection. uvex helped them to initiate a care and maintenance regime, installing cleaning stations on the walls to care for the specs and help them to last longer. This will reduce their usage and therefore the company’s costs. “uvex offered us very good advice based on the sustainability of the product,” he says.

uvex T: +44 (0) 1252 731 200


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