many of which are open 24 hours a day, and carried out 25,000 vehicle inspections in 2018. This means I really need an informative yet simple way of keeping track on what’s happening at all our sites – Truckfile gives me that overview but also allows me quickly to drill down into any aspect of our records. “It’s a vital tool in our quest to deliver

the very highest levels of quality control and customer service to operators. Paper recording has been a thing of the past for some time now but with Truckfile we’ve been able to evolve, update and extend our digital record-keeping as time and technology have marched on. It’s definitely the way forward.” Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicle

Leading Mercedes-Benz dealer Rygor Commercials is making ever more use of Truckfile digital workshop and fleet management systems, to help its customers stay compliant and maximise vehicle uptime


ith a network of no fewer than 10 workshop sites spread across a large

swathe of central and southern England, keeping tabs on all the vehicles being worked on by Rygor’s team of technicians is a complex business – and is among the key responsibilities of head of service, quality and compliance, Andy Passco. Like all of the Mercedes-Benz Trucks UK network, Rygor has been using Truckfile for at least 10 years, to maintain and store service records for all customer vehicles it looks after – but the dealer has gone a step further, working with Truckfile’s experts to tailor the system to its precise requirements and produce even more detailed results. The latest Truckfile generation uses

rugged hand-held tablet devices, with which technicians can carry out inspections quickly and easily. Any defects can be recorded – with photographs attached, taken on cameras integrated into the tablets. Inspections sheets are stored automatically and available for reference at the click of a button by both dealer staff and the customer. Passco says: “Truckfile is completely

integrated into our system, to the benefit of both operators and our own team. It’s simple for the workshop


technicians to use and provides a comprehensive, transparent and easily- accessed set of records for everyone who needs to see them. “With the help of the Truckfile team,

we’ve been able to produce our own inspection template with 28 additional fleet checks on top of the standard provision. We’ve also set up a quality control system so that no vehicle can be released until it has been fully checked and signed off in Truckfile – our company policy is that this must happen during the same shift as the completion of any work. “Now, though, we’re also using

Truckfile to record any advisories – these are included in bespoke records in my Compliance area, so we can plan forward for any preventative maintenance, set aside the correct amount of time and ensure any parts required are picked in advance. This helps me to plan the flow of work through our service departments much more efficiently and, of course, is also instrumental in keeping vehicle downtime to an absolute minimum.” He continues: “We operate 10 busy

workshops across the Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicle arm of our business,


The latest Truckfile equipment allows technicians to add photographs to inspection reports, using hand-held tablet devices

dealer group, Rygor Commercials, has branches throughout Berkshire, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Somerset, West London, Warwickshire, Wiltshire and Worcestershire, offering extensive coverage for customers through the M5, M4 and M42 corridors.

The business has expanded and gone

from strength to strength in recent years, launching its flagship Gloucester branch in late 2016 and undertaking a significant refurbishment of its Oxford branch in 2018. With a proven track record, the award-winning Rygor Commercials is proud to be selling and supporting the most prestigious name in commercial vehicles. Andy Passco began his career as an apprentice technician. After joining Rygor as service manager of the Chilcompton branch, he worked his way up through the business and took on his current role – which was newly created at the time – in 2017. Truckfile is the brainchild of Magic

Internet Technologies. Based in Redditch, Worcestershire, the company was formed in 2006 to create an innovative and user-friendly fleet and workshop management system for the commercial vehicle and transport sectors. Following the launch of its Electronic Inspection System – later rebranded as Truckfile – it has worked closely with customers across the UK and Europe to develop its market- leading package of solutions covering the needs of fleet operators and workshops alike.

Truckfile T: 0800 107 2099

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