for pick-to-light applications Innovative operator guidance

‘Touch Facility Evacution and Verification’ System


nternational supply chain solutions provider TouchPath ( is launching ‘Touch Facility

Evacuation and Verification’, a system that uses Active RFID (radio frequency identification) badge-and-reader technology to record and track personnel entering, leaving and using warehouse and logistics, manufacturing or other supply chain facilities. In an emergency the system ensures that all badged employees, contractors and visitors are identified immediately. The same system can be integrated with other applications to reduce the loss of tools, equipment and other physical assets, and to monitor employee time and attendance. The Active RFID badges used by the TouchPath system

can store extensive information on an individual and have a typical battery life of three years. ‘Touch Facility Evacuation and Verification’ uses RFID antennas placed near entrances and exits and other strategic locations to track when badged personnel enter and leave a building.

TouchPath  01422 399530 

Touchpath launches

To aid in installation and assembly Balluff offers a SmartLight Indicator that can be used to visualize and monitor individual production steps. This reduces the error rate and increases productivity. The innovative device can also be used as a reliable operator guidance for indicating deployment sites.


he SmartLight Indicator with IP 65 protection consists of six independent, extremely bright

LED segments which can be operated in various modes: in segment, run light and level mode or for representing the safe states – depending on what needs to be monitored. The IO-Link interface enables convenient user guidance.

The SmartLight Indicator features numerous

additional functions, such as display of the setting direction, cycle times for the work steps, wait times during the work process, or representation of still unfinished production steps. Incorrect picks can also be detected or levels easily read off. The Indicator is available in two versions: with or without photo eye for reliable detection of hand movements using a time-of-flight technique.

Thanks to IO-Link this intelligent device can be installed quickly and cost-efficiently either to the controller or to

PC-based systems. All the operating modes, colors and status are available directly in the process data. Daisy chaining SmartLight Indicators together makes it possible to even further reduce costs and wiring effort and expense. Only an IO-Link port is required.

Balluff GmbH  +49 7158 173-0

Rubix ranked 27th in Sunday Times HSBC Top Track 100

the Sunday Times HSBC Top Track 100. Set to be published this Sunday (7 July), the 19th annual Sunday Times


HSBC Top Track 100 league table ranks Britain’s 100 private companies with the biggest sales. Rubix delivered 2.3bn of sales in 2018, an increase of 4% year-on-year. Group CEO Martin Thomsen, said: “Our sales growth reflects the hard work

and dedication of everyone at Rubix, so I am pleased my colleagues have received this recognition for their efforts. “Whether we are helping to keep the bread baking, put planes in the sky or

make people feel better, customers rely on us to ensure that the wheels of industry are always turning.”

Brammer Buck & Hickman  0870 240 2100

Blackfast Chemicals Special Offer: F

or the month of August we are offering UK Manufacturers 20% off our 20Litre Blacking Line! Includes 20litre tanks, chemicals to fill plus steel frame &

baskets. (excl. VAT and Shipping) If you work in the engineering, tooling, automotive or

manufacturing industries and regularly need metal parts and components blacked - enhancing both appearance as well as tested corrosion resistance - then BLACKFAST’s chemical products are what you have been looking for. Specifically designed for you to use in-house, proving to be both

easy, cost effective as well as safe to use. For more information on our blacking processes and other chemical

products, or should you wish to place an order or arrange an on-site demonstration, please visit our website To take advantage of our August Offer please contact Tina at our

Sales Office on 020 8339 7370 or email using reference FE20%OFF Blackfast Chemicals

 020 8339 7370 28 JULY/AUGUST 2019 | FACTORY EQUIPMENT  

Spiroflow to showcase remote monitoring system at PPMA


ulk materials handling specialist, Spiroflow, will be using the PPMA Total Show to promote their new

innovative monitoring system that remotely provides real time information on the performance of their complete machinery range. The system is known as SAM – Spiroflow Active Monitoring. The aim of the initiative is to automatically monitor

customers’ equipment through sensor-based technology, thereby providing key performance related, safety and operational data. As an ‘upgrade’, SAM is built into the standard electrical panel on Spiroflow’s machinery by an in-house team of skilled electrical engineers and connected remotely via 4G/5G or Wi-fi. Commenting on the new system, Spiroflow’s James

Podevyn, said: “As an industry leader, it is important for us to embrace not only IIoT in all that we do, but also to support the private sector’s move towards industry 4.0.”

To learn more visit them on stand B64 or

Spiroflow Ltd  01200 422525 


ubix, Europe’s largest distributor of industrial products and services – and the Group behind Brammer Buck and Hickman - has been ranked 27th in

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