Control choice for XYZ heavy-duty vertical machining centres X

YZ Machine Tools’ is now offering the latest Heidenhain TNC 620 control as a standard option across machines in its heavy-duty

range of vertical machining centres. Customers ordering the XYZ 660 HD, XYZ 800 HD and XYZ 1100 HD VMCs can now choose between the Siemens or Heidenhain control as standard. “We have provided a Heidenhain control option for many years,

Stertil Dock Products support DHL operations

An installation of 99 loading bays by

Stertil Dock Products supports a revolutionary DHL distribution hub at Manchester Airport City.

in Northampton. Extensive trials proved the performance, effectiveness and reliability of its design. The DHL distribution hub receives around-the-clock


deliveries by a wide range of road transport including vans, trucks, container lorries and double deck trailers. The ‘goods in’ area of the hub features an installation of six loading bays most of which comprise WE 574 collapsible frame dock shelters, XF 3020 dock levellers, Thermadoor sectional insulated doors and wheel guides plus LED dock and traffic lights. However, two of the loading bays, which are designated to accommodate double deck vehicles, incorporate extra height WIS dock shelters featuring revolutionary head curtains.

Stertil UK Ltd  0870 770 0471 

Fulton Ltd

rior to securing the contract, Stertil Dock Products constructed a prototype installation within its premises

but due in part to the complexity and cost found it to be a slow seller across the range. The arrival of the brand new TNC 620, with its touchscreen user interface and latest machine control technology the time is right to offer it as a standard fit on machines within our heavy-duty range,” says Nigel Atherton, Managing Director, XYZ Machine Tools. The Heidenhain TNC 620 is a successor to the iTNC530 control, which is being phased out by Heidenhain after 18 years of sales.

XYZ Machine Tools  01823 674 200 

Fulton’s VSRT helps to improve efficiency at Fillongley’s spring water bottling plant


illongley Spring Water now boasts one of the UK’s most efficient bottling facilities having installed one of Fulton’s VSRT steam the new plant’s washing

line. Commenting for Fillongley, Martin Whitehead says: “We looked at alternatives – including vertical and horizontal firetube boilers – but, with advice from our contractors and installer, a decision to specify one of Fulton’s recently- launched VSRT-30 steam boilers was taken and, overall, the results have exceeded expectations!” Instead of running two boilers for the washing line, a single VSRT boiler is

now being used to achieve an increased target temperature of 60°C for the detergent. The combination of the new line and Fulton’s energy-efficient VSRT also means the company has been able to increase the throughput of the line by 40% – from 1,200 bottles per hour to 2,000 – and Fillongley has reduced its gas consumption by about a third.

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Every October, the Winter Weather Survey is conducted by the Local Government Association to gather information about local councils’ preparations for the coming winter. This never fails to give a fascinating insight into our local authorities' salt storage strategies.


he October 2018 survey revealed that 15% of authorities planned to have more salt in stock for the winter than previous years. 69% of those councils wanted to increase

their resilience, and 31% wanted to reduce the need to restock further into the winter. As a result, councils ordered 1.4 million tonnes of salt ahead of the gritting season; 200,000 more than the stock prepared for the previous year. This makes 2018’s the largest stockpile of salt since national records began. As councils work towards meeting our infrastructure’s ever-increasing needs, Rubb ensures this by providing world-class salt storage facilities, proven to last for over 40 years with minimal to no long-term maintenance.

While some local authorities looked to expand, 79% did not plan to increase their salt

stockpiles in 2018, with 48% stating that they are at their storage capacity’s limit. As our weather becomes more and more unpredictable, it can be difficult to plan ahead with confidence. But when the nation was caught off guard by 2017’s ‘Beast from the East’, it demonstrated that local authorities cannot be complacent when it comes to salt stockpiling.

Preparedness cannot be emphasised enough when considering the national toll a

severe winter can have. 2010’s Whitehall-commissioned Winter Resilience Review found that the economic and social cost of winter weather disruption was around £1 billion.

The 2010 review also strongly encouraged councils to share resources. 2018’s survey

echoed this, reporting that 76% of respondents were planning to share resources, with 55% of those intending to share salt. Warehouse storage space is important now more than ever if councils are meaning to hold more than their required levels. Rubb offers custom solutions for this with our expertly designed storage facilities. As with all of Rubb’s modular structures, they are easy to extend or relocate to support growing needs.

The price of salt is between £30 and £40 per tonne, so with upwards of a million

tonnes being ordered per year it is paramount that this investment is protected. The key to keeping all this salt usable is guaranteeing that it is held under waterproof covers and fully protected from rain. In these ideal conditions it can be kept for several years, if not longer. If a salt pile is left in the open, however, it may only last a couple months. It will gradually become soaked through its exposure to the elements and will reach the point where the gritter can’t even spread it consistently.

For such a vital resource, the best protection is necessary. Rubb structures are better

engineered and built to hold up in environmental and corrosive conditions that often result in the failure of other inadequate structures. This is primarily achieved by the structure's steel framework being hot dip galvanised in post production, to eliminate any chance of corrosion.

With our ever-growing infrastructure and increasingly unpredictable weather, local

authorities are moving to ensure that they can effectively respond to whatever winter brings. An essential part of guaranteeing this is establishing salt warehouse facilities that can be relied upon, in which Rubb is a proud industry leader.

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