pallets with the new high performance ACPaQ, capable of handling up to 500,000 cases per day. In addition to hundreds of product

launches and demonstrations, the IMHX Technology Arena, new for IMHX 2019, will be a key area for visitors interested the use of automation within logistics. This exciting new zone, which is being delivered by AMHSA, a trade association for logistics automation providers, will allow visitors to experience the evolution of picking technology that is enabling the rise of e-commerce. AMHSA secretary, Dave Berridge,

IMHX 2019 is set to be the biggest and most successful event in the long running IMHX series of materials handling exhibitions to date. With a focus on warehouse automation, robotics and cutting-edge supply chain technology, IMHX 2019 is this year’s essential intralogistics event


ver 400 exhibitors are set to attend including leading suppliers of

automated solutions. Toyota, KNAPP, ABB Robotics, Swisslog and OW Robotics will deliver live and dynamic demonstrations of the latest technological developments that are shaping the modern logistics industry. IMHX 2019 exhibition director, Rob

Fisher, comments: “IMHX is always a key diary date for logistics professionals. With the vast array of equipment, solutions and technology on show this year, IMHX 2019 is no exception.” He continues: “Supply chain issues are at the top of every company’s agenda. The relentless rise of e-commerce is forcing retailers, manufacturers and logistics operators to adapt the design of their facilities to keep pace with today’s consumers who demand ever-faster and more efficient delivery of goods. “As a result, traditional storage

warehouses are being transformed into massive technology-enabled high-volume order-fulfilment centres to ensure every square inch of the site is optimised.” Developments in intralogistics systems are advancing more rapidly than ever


before and many of the changes are, not surprisingly, being driven by developments in automation and robotics. This ever-expanding role of AI, automation and robotics within the modern supply chain will be reflected at IMHX 2019. “With over a third of exhibitors

showcasing some form of automation, robotics, autonomous vehicles or new tech, visitors to IMHX will be able to see and feel this cutting-edge technology for themselves. What’s more is the opportunity to get a greater understanding of how it can be implemented and deliver the operational benefits they are looking for,” says Fisher. On Knapp’s stand, visitors will be able to discuss technology such as the OSR Shuttle automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS), technology which not only achieves up to six times the rate of totes in/out than a traditional ASRS, but also requires about 20 per cent less footprint and consumes only some five per cent of the energy of other solutions. Meanwhile on Swisslog’s stand, visitors will be able to see fully automated order picking of mixed case


Registration is now open to attend IMHX 2019 on 24 - 27 September 2019

comments: “AMHSA will be provide an interactive feature that explains picking technological developments and demonstrates how automation brings speed and accuracy to the picking operation. AMHSA experts will be on hand to explain different picking technologies and provide professional advice on all aspects of logistics automation.” Meanwhile, the skills gap remains high

on the agenda at IMHX 2019. The dynamic Skills Zone will provide a unique opportunity for young people to participate in a range of interactive features that demonstrate the diverse career options that logistics offers. It is being delivered in partnership with The Big Bang Near Me, organiser of a programme of UK-wide events designed to encourage students to become interested in science, technology and engineering, and Think Logistics, a sector-led initiative that aims to redefine the image of working in logistics. Visitors and exhibitors alike will also

have access to four days of exciting educational content, completely free of charge. The compelling conference programme at IMHX 2019 will feature a roster of inspiring thought leaders from leading organisations such as Ocado, Coca-Cola, and Jack Wills who are changing the face of logistics. The seminar programme will also offer practical knowledge, strategic insights driven by real-life case studies, and further essential professional career development.

 Registration is now open to attend IMHX 2019 on 24 – 27 September 2019. It is free to attend. Visitors are encouraged to pre-register. To secure your free visitor pass that allows access to all areas of the show on any of the opening dates, visit


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