suppliers of aqua feed, with an enterprising conveying solution at their Westfield site in Scotland. In the supply chain, Cargill's products are bagged into bags on pallets and bulk bags with a single lift point. Bags are 500kg, 1000kg and 1250kg, each having the same footprint. Moving the bulk bags around the production area

Continuous feedback Smart valve position indication from ifm electronic

know whether valves are open or closed. More than that, is the valve opening fully or is it blocked by deposits? Is it closed properly or is the seal wearing? ifm electronic presents a new intelligent sensor for


quarter-turn valves: the MVQ smart valve sensor. Open, closed or somewhere in between, MVQ detects any position of the valve with great accuracy and repeatability. If used as a standard sensor the MVQ will provide three

switched signals for the valve position, but with integrated IO-Link the MVQ really comes into its own, offering far more information about the state of the operation. The fine resolution of just 0.1° gives the operator

accurate information on the conditions inside the valve; tolerances are adjustable, of course, to allow for the kind of medium and the age of the valve, and MVQ can also measure the time taken for the valve to move, indicating the possible need for maintenance. Bright multicoloured LED indication shows the valve status from a distance, too.

ifm electronic Ltd  020 8213 0000 

ontrolling the flow of media is crucial, so the PLC and plant operators are working in the dark if they don’t

Advance conveyor solution creates on-site efficiencies C

onveying specialist, Advance Automated Systems, has recently supplied Cargill, one of the largest global

required multiple lifts and handling, together with excessive forklift traffic in collecting bags from the dispensing hoppers. To rectify the situation, Advance installed a fully automated shuttle system on an Intralox modular belt, powered by Lenze SMART motors, which move along guide rails stopping at multiple out-feed points to position bulk bags onto one of several accumulation lanes. The solution streamlined on-site workflow and improved H&S by reducing traffic movements.

Advance Automated Systems Ltd  01325 328 930 

Hydra-Cell… the pumps for high efficiency T

hanks to their unique, seal-less design, Hydra-Cell® pumps are able to operate at exceptionally high

efficiency levels, claims Wanner International… And higher efficiency translates directly to ‘lower energy costs’. The Hydra-Cell pump drive mechanism is submerged

in a reservoir of oil, which keeps it permanently lubricated and allows power to be transmitted through the drive train with minimal frictional losses. With no dynamic seals in the pumped liquid to further consume energy, industry leading pumping efficiencies as high as 85% minimise Hydra-Cell’s power requirements.

This compares with around 45-50% pumping efficiency for a typical multi-stage centrifugal pump and, as a

result, Hydra-Cell pumps can frequently be fitted with smaller motors than would be needed to meet the same flow and pressure requirements.

Wanner International Ltd  01252 816 847 


reputation for designing air compressor controls without compromise and that add value to manufacturers that incorporate them.

S Its approach to producing robust,

multi-functional control solutions from its Belgium-based facility has seen the business evolve into a multinational firm with a presence in China, USA, France, Turkey and the UK.

“Our aim is to add value to air

compressors around the world by producing control solutions that increase the lifespan and performance of our customers’ air compressor assets, boost productivity, reduce operational costs and decrease carbon footprint,” explains Graham.

Is the launch of AIRMATICS™ an extension of this philosophy?

“Absolutely”, continues Graham. “AIRMATICS™ is a simple cloud-based air compressor monitoring, performance and control solution that provides real time data, analytics and insights at the push of a button and can reduce compressor-related energy consumption by up to 30 per cent. It’s also Industry 4.0 ready, which means that via automation, interconnectivity and data exchange, it provides real-time data about the health and performance of all air compressors – from one standalone compressor to entire networks of compressors, regardless of the compressors’ brand.”

Aside from reducing energy bills by up to 30 per cent and helping plants to minimise

their carbon footprint, AIRMATICS™ also reduces wear and tear of each and every asset by ensuring that performance never exceeds system requirements at any given moment. It also decentralises decision-making by automatically making the best decision for a plant’s air compressor system and reduces time spent manually on issue diagnostics and resolution.

ince opening its doors in 1985, CMC has carved an international

Graham expects this latest offering from CMC to cement the firm’s position as an

industry innovator, a message it took to this year’s industrial technology exhibition, Hannover Messe.

“The reaction so far has been incredible. Companies are responding really well to what

AIRMATICS™ stands for, particularly the fact that it’s brand agnostic and can be used with any compressor of any era. It’s a very exciting time for the company and a period in CMC’s evolution that I expect will lead to significant growth over the next two years.”

It is clear that the business, which is now over three decades old, shows no sign of

slowing down. With a raft of innovative compressed air control, performance and monitoring solutions on the horizon, it looks like we can expect to see more from CMC as manufacturers continue to seek out solutions that deliver high outputs and add value against the backdrop of shrinking budgets.

Compressor & Machine Controls NV  +32 (0) 552 37090 

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